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Evaluation question 3


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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 3<br />By: Melissa Afriyie <br />
  2. 2. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?<br /> Before we started the production of our publicity campaign we did a lot of research into what various target audiences expected of a horror film trailer. I carried out a questionnaire on 30 people in order to find out what they expected a horror film trailer to consist of. The results are shown below:<br />Suspense=10<br />Camera Movement= 3<br />Tempo= 5<br />Scary Characters= 7<br />Use of sound= 5<br />
  3. 3. It made sense to ensure that to create a successful horror teaser trailer I included all these elements into my own production. We also carried out research in form of a short interview in which we asked three people of different ages in order to find out their opinion. (Please click here for link) Having completed my publicity campaign, the opinion of the audience was essential in suggesting whether we had been successful in meeting their needs and wants. To research into audiences perspectives on our finished campaign, we created a facebook group for our film Midnight Massacre 2. This encouraged many people to join our group and view the trailer, the film magazine and also the poster. <br /> Facebook in my opinion was a good way to gain audience feedback and also publicise our campaign as it is easily available and may be accessed by many people around the world, increasing the popularity and also brand awareness of our product. <br />
  4. 4. Below are images of our facebook page for Midnight Massacre 2.<br />To the left is an image of our facebook group page in which we created in order to gain audience feedback.<br />To the right is an image of showing our film poster and a comment left by a peer.<br />
  5. 5. We also created a twitter account in order to gain some audience feedback on our campaign. Although twitter is not as popular as facebook, it is an increasingly growing social networking facility in which people can stay interacted with each other through status updates and ‘retweets’. Twitter, like facebook may be accessed from many countries around the world. <br />Creating pages on social networking websites such as facebook and twitter enables us to learn a lot. Through the use of audience leaving comments we are able to see their true opinions of our product whether it be compliments or criticisms. Many comments we received were positive however others had suggestions on ways in which we could have improved our trailer. We took these views into consideration and discussed as a group whether we felt it would be appropriate to change it. Through audience feedback, we were able to gain valid results in the sense that it gave us an insight and true extent of people’s thoughts. <br />On twitter SamamthaGiddens tweeted: @MidnightMassacre2 I think its good as a campaign as a whole but with the film mag I think it should have included more info about the film on the front cover for example actors names or something. December6 18:45pm<br />I disagreed with this as our whole aim on the magazine cover was to maintain the ‘teasing’ element of our campaign and therefore not reveal too much about the film itself on the cover of the magazine. <br />
  6. 6. Our audience feedback may be used as proof to show that our campaign has been successful l in making the genre of our film trailer recognisable. This is evidenced in a questionnaire which I produced asking the same 30 people that had previously taken part in my questionnaire a range of questions which also include a question asking whether they felt my horror trailer was recognisable as a trailer of horror genre. All thirty answered ‘YES’ which infers that my group had completed this task effectively. Below are images which show answers from the questionnaire:<br />
  7. 7. In conclusion I feel that I as an individual and also as a group have learnt a number of things through audience feedback. It has given us a real insight into people opinions of our film publicity campaign and has resulted in us making some slight changes. An example of this is the absence of a tagline on our film poster which was suggested by one of my media teachers. After discussing with my group, we chose to introduce the tagline of ‘The one list you don't want to be on’. This worked well with our concept as a Masquerade is a party in which many people want to attend however as we twisted the word Masquerade and made it into the word MasKarade, to suggest the massacre that was being carried out by the woman in the MASK. This enhanced our end production as it seemed to work well together and gave it a more professional approach. <br />
  8. 8. Our audience feedback has also shown us that not everybody may agree or like the themes, and also forms and conventions we used for publicity campaign. I have learnt that in order to create a successful product, it is essential to acknowledge the negative perspectives and act towards it as it may improve your finished product. <br />Through the results gained via my audience feedback, I have also seen and learnt how useful readily available tools may be to marketing my campaign. For example the use of facebook and twitter meant that a wide range of people from various locations can view and review my publicity campaign encouraging a global fan base towards my publicity campaign. This was beneficial and an advantage in terms of efficiency and time consumption as I did not have to look for them in order to find out their perspectives as facebook , twitter and others social networking websites are available through computers and also mobile phones. <br />
  9. 9. By: Melissa Afriyie <br />