5 Quotes to Help You Conquer Life


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Self-doubt, clumsy accidents, traffic slowdowns when you're already running late, untimely mistakes at work, constant fatigue... You're not always running at 100% every day. Is today one of those days for you? Take heart, my friend. Here are 5 quotes to help you put life in its place, taken straight from my weekly devotional release, "From a Babe".

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5 Quotes to Help You Conquer Life

  1. 1. 5 Quotes to Help You Conquer Life (A From a Babe Sneak Peek) December 20, 2012Brought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com) All quotes and poems by Mellissa Thomas. Copyright 2012.
  2. 2. Words have value, meaning, and power. Speak life into your despair, or dying marriage, or unsavory job situation, or doomed friendship. All things are under Christs feet (1 Corinthians 15:27) and are subject to Him, so confidently speak His word over your life. - From a Babe, Weeks 17 and 16, respectivelyBrought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com)
  3. 3. Think of anger as a downgrade from the powerful and beautiful person God has changed you into. Dont settle. - From a Babe, Week 23Brought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com)
  4. 4. No matter what hardship life has thrown at you, [or] how much disrespect or abuse youve endured, you dont have to view yourself, your strength, or your worth based on any of it. You are more than your past, you are greater than your circumstances (1 John 4:4), and YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU’RE LOVED. - From a Babe, Week 32 Sgt Jerrod Fields, U.S. Army Paralymic SprinterBrought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com)
  5. 5. Be positive on purpose. Beloved, youll never be able to control your feelings -- those are at the mercy of your hormones; but you can control your thoughts, actions, and words. Your thoughts determine the latter two, and the latter two are what the world (and your enemy) sees. - From a Babe, Week 35Brought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com)
  6. 6. Before doubt or fear smites your teary cheek again, Speak aloud what youve already received,For what you have isfar more powerful thanwhat plagues you now. - “Reminder”, From a Babe, Week 40Brought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com)
  7. 7. Loving these quotes and want more? You can order From a Babe in paperback on Amazon.com or in the Kindle Store. When you start reading it and get a feel for it, please leave a review on Amazon. The world wants to know what you think!Brought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com) All quotes and poems by Mellissa Thomas. Copyright 2012.
  8. 8. Huge thanks to these wonderful photographers for sharing their work on Flickr: Nolan O’Brien jepoirrier Connor Tarter U.S. Army (familymwr) Zyan expertinfantryBrought to you by Mellifluity Inc. (mellifluityinc.wordpress.com)
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