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London venues (2)


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London venues (2)

  1. 1.  Located in Marshgate Lane in Stratford The third largest stadium in England It is a "unique 80,000 seat stadium It will be the centrepiece for the 2012 Games, hosting the opening and closing ceremonies.
  2. 2.  One of the most popular sports and also the biggest at the Olympic Stadium Involve: running, jumping, throwing and racewalking Are among the oldest of all sports and their roots are prehistoric. Dates: Friday, 3 August – Sunday, 12 August
  3. 3.  Are built to house all participating athletes and the staff There will be 3,300 apartments Designer,Pierre de Coubertin An inspirational view over the Park
  4. 4.  Located next to the Velodrome in the north of the Olympic Park Hosts the BMX Cycling competition It is a 400-meter circle
  5. 5.  Began to take off in the late 1960s in California Inspiration for the pedal-powered version BMX is the newest Olympic Cycling discipline. Dates: Wednesday 8 – Friday 10 August
  6. 6.  The largest of London’s Royal Parks Has been open to the public since 1637 Will host the Marathon Swimming and Triathlon events
  7. 7.  Triathlon races combine swimming, cycling and running The swim will take place in the Serpentine Lake Will consist of a 1,500m swim, a 40km bike ride and a 10km Dates: Saturday, 4 August and Tuesday, 7 August
  8. 8.  Location in north-west London Is one of the biggest of the six stadiums Will host the gold medal events in both the Mens and Womens competitions
  9. 9.  Aim is to score more goals than the opposition It was introduced as a medal sport at the 1908 Olympic Games. 2 medal events: one men’s teams and one for women Dates: Wednesday, 25 July – Saturday, 11 August
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