Family tree maker essentials


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Family tree maker essentials

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableFamily Tree Maker Essentials Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 3.4 out of 5 Product Feature q Family-history software--quickly and easily start your family tree q Enhance family tree with charts, reports, photos, audio, video, and more q Sync desktop and online trees together with TreeSync q View timelines and interactive maps; create keepsakes, charts, and reports q Free 1-month membership to included q Read moreProduct DescriptionWhether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting your search, Family Tree Maker gives you moreexciting ways to discover your family history than any other Genealogy software. Rich storytelling tools enableyou to add photos, documents and videos right to your tree. Read moreProduct Description Family Tree Maker Essentials 2012 At a Glance... • Discover your family history and preserve it for generations to come • Includes one month of access* to, the worlds largest online family history resource--locate ancestors in over 5 billion immigration, marriage, military, census records and more • Sync desktop and online trees together with TreeSync, then keep your tree up-to-date from wherever you are • Enhance family tree with charts, reports, photos, audio, video, and more • View family history timelines and interactive maps • Quick Start Guide--learn to develop your family tree and personalize it quickly and easily
  2. 2. Family Tree Maker Essentials 2012Discover Your Family StoryFamily Tree Maker 2012 Essentials makes it easy to discover your family history. With a one-monthmembership to included, youll have FREE access to 5 billion U.S. historical records, photos, newsstories and other family trees. Collaborate with the largest, most active family history community in the world.Whats New in Family Tree Maker 2012 Essentials?q NEW: Get started quickly with an enhanced, easy-to-use interfaceq NEW: Build your tree more easily with upgraded help topics and video tutorialsq NEW: Print more informative family trees by including generation labels & text boxesq NEW: Easily sync your desktop tree with your treeq NEW: Update and share your tree from any Internet connection with TreeSyncq NEW: View combined families, including step families & adoptees, at a glanceWe Make It Easy For You Start your family tree by entering what you know Hints may appear next to family members after searches billions of historical records automatically Share with friends and family using TreeSync Create Smart Stories automatically with improved content generation and editing options Create and print many types of charts and reportsView larger.Follow the HintsEasily sync desktop and online Ancestry.comtrees.Just enter what you know into your family tree. Hints (green leaf icons) will soon appear, linking you tohistorical records and other family trees that might hold answers about your ancestors.
  3. 3. TreeSync• Sync desktop and online trees• Keep your tree up-to-date wherever you areBuild your tree using Family Tree Maker and upload it to Whether youre working online or onyour desktop, you can always keep your trees in sync with just the click of a button. (Even update your treeusing our FREE iPhone and iPad app!**) Share your tree with other family members and choose who can viewand update it.Relationship Calculator can display multiplerelationships for an individual. View larger.Relationship CalculatorThe Relationship Calculator has the ability to display multiple relationships for an individual. The firstrelationship displayed is the closest relationship. You can also display a path that shows how individuals arerelated.Easily create Smart Stories by dragging textand photos to the page--the storyautomatically updates. View larger.Smart StoriesWrite Smart Stories in two easy steps using improved page designs and templates. Just drag and drop factsfrom your tree to the Smart Stories page. Each time you edit your tree, stories update automatically.Print keepsake family books, calendars andmore. View larger.
  4. 4. Create and ShareWith Family Tree Maker, you can preserve your family legacy and share your unique heritage.• Create charts and reports in a variety of new formats• Make slideshows from the images in your tree• Print keepsake family books, calendars and more from professionally designed templates• Share family trees online with family and friends• Collaborate with family members on your tree or on theirsView and share charts and reports (improved).Charts & Reports (Improved)View and share your tree from different perspectives--by location, migration path, family name, birthdays andmore.Helpful Extras IncludedThis version of Family Tree Maker includes helpful extras. If you need help, view the NEW videotutorials, reference the Quick Start Guide or call the live U.S.-based customer support.One-Month of Free Access to Ancestry.comAccess over 5 billion U.S. records on the largest family history website.Family Tree Make Quick Start GuideLearn Family Tree Makers most popular features with quick lessons that make research fast and fun.* U.S. membership term begins upon Family Tree Maker registration and activation of Ancestry.comsubscription. A valid credit card is required to begin your membership though you wont be billedunless you let your subscription automatically renew when the free one month has ended.**Requires software download from iTunes.Read moreYou May Also LikeQuicksheet Citing Databases & ImagesThe Official Guide to Ancestry.comFamily Tree Maker for Mac 2RootsMagic 6 Family Tree Genealogy Software / Book BundleThe Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried-and-True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors