Lean UX in Startups - Agile Experience Design Meetup


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Agile Experience Design Meetup in NYC - July 2014

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  • Great ideas on integrating the whole team under the umbrella of UX. It treats UX as the set tools and methods for a way-of-thinking that it is.

    I've never had a problem involving tech folks in UX. But creatives are another story: they can be resistant if it means they need to rethink their tools or methods. Try telling a 30-year veteran of print-media writer that she's 'doing it all wrong.'

    In mature organizations, 'politics' are often rule--progressive ways-of-thinking will meet resistance not because they're incorrect, but because they violate some written or unwritten law.

    Startups are not places for people resistant to change. They don't have a lot of laws. They are well-suited to this kind of cross-discipline involvement in UX. Those of us in mature organizations who struggle daily to involve all the disciplines can only envy this--and keep flying the UX banner.
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Lean UX in Startups - Agile Experience Design Meetup

  1. 1. Lean UX in Startups Melissa Perri | @lissijean Agile Experience Design Meetup
  2. 2. @lissijean
  3. 3. day 1 day 40 + @lissijean
  4. 4. What problem are we solving for our users? @lissijean
  5. 5. LEAN UX? @lissijean
  6. 6. Lean UX Manifesto • Early customer validation over releasing products with unknown end-user value. • Collaborative design over designing the next “cool” feature. • Measuring KPIs over undefined success metrics. • Applying appropriate tools over following a rigid plan. • Nimble Design over heavy wireframes, comps, or specs. @lissijean
  7. 7. Perfect for Startups? @lissijean
  8. 8. DO @lissijean
  9. 9. Don’t focus on outputs… @lissijean
  10. 10. Don’t focus on deliverables Focus on outcomes. Focus on outcomes. @lissijean
  11. 11. Learning @lissijean
  12. 12. Continuous customer input. one @lissijean
  13. 13. Lean UX is not bad UX. Building a good user experience isn’t cheap. You can’t refuse to spend money on research and design and then say you’re being lean. You’re not. You’re being stupid. Laura Klein @lissijean
  14. 14. Talk to your customers about their problems and your solutions. @lissijean
  15. 15. Schedule in face time with customers. @lissijean
  16. 16. Make experimentation a habit. two @lissijean
  17. 17. “We should test that.” @lissijean
  18. 18. What do we need to learn? @lissijean
  19. 19. What is the minimum amount I can build to learn? MVP @lissijean
  20. 20. @lissijean
  21. 21. Design collaboratively to solve user’s problems. three @lissijean
  22. 22. + Developers are left out of traditional design process.
  23. 23. PM Developer DeveloperUX @lissijean
  24. 24. Involve the whole team in User Research. @lissijean
  25. 25. Design Studios @lissijean
  26. 26. Create a shared understanding.
  27. 27. What’s this look like in practice? @lissijean
  28. 28. Increase Sales from Existing Users KPI GOAL @lissijean
  29. 29. PM & UX Developer DeveloperStakeholder @lissijean
  30. 30. Will users sign up for subscriptions? @lissijean
  31. 31. @lissijean @lissijean
  32. 32. @lissijean Subscription @lissijean
  33. 33. Good design solves a problem. @lissijean
  34. 34. Thanks for listening. ! I consult on this stuff at ProdUX Labs and rant about it at melissaperri.com ! I live on the twitters @lissijean. ! You can email me at melissa@produxlabs.com