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Evaluation Question 5


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How did you attract target audience?

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Evaluation Question 5

  2. 2. What did we do to address our audience? ◦ In our film we wanted to create intrigue in the audience. ◦ One way we tried to achieve this is by adding the news report in half way through the sentence of the scene before. We did this to show that the news was important and to put emphasis on the report which sets the scene. ◦ Also during the news report we cut out parts and replace them with static to imply the danger in the world. We made sure that the key information was still in but that there was just enough to understand the plot and nothing more to make the film have a restricted narrative. ◦ We also used a focus pull to indicate that the main character had been unconscious or asleep. This raises questions in the audience such as “what happened to her?” and “why is she alone by a lake?”
  3. 3. Do you think you have reached your target audience? ◦ I believe that we have reached our target audience. ◦ I believe this as when we sent out questionnaires to our target audience we received very positive feedback ◦ We asked 11 questions in total with 9 questions being required to answer
  4. 4. Demographic layout of responses ◦ As our target audience is young adults we asked multiple teenagers about our film ◦ We had responses from seven 16 year olds, five 17 year olds, and three 18 year olds ◦ We also decided that we wouldn’t focus on a specific gender so got results from an equal amount of males and females Age 16 17 18 Gender Female Male Other
  5. 5. Reaction to the clip ◦ When we asked if people understood the plot 100% of answers said yes. ◦ 100% of answers also said yes when asked if they enjoyed the clip. ◦ When asked for reasons for this response we had a variation of reasons from a good plot to interesting editing
  6. 6. Reaction to the clip ◦ The next question on the survey was if any improvements could be made to the clip. ◦ We followed some of the advice such as adding an intro to the news segment to make it fit in. ◦ However some of the problems pointed out were down to the non-professional equipment, such as the audio issues, or the use of armature actors, for example the news reader being “unbelievable”, which could not be helped due to the resources available to us. Although I do agree that they could be improved.
  7. 7. Reaction to the clip ◦ When asked whether they would go to see the full length film 13 people said yes and 3 people said no despite saying they enjoyed the clip. ◦ The main reasons being that they feel the genre is overused and not for them ◦ However the majority would go and see a full length version as the clip piqued their interest Would you go and see the full length version of this film? Yes No
  8. 8. Reaction to the clip ◦ When asked if they would recommend the film to a friend 100% said yes. ◦ Many of the responses stated the genre as the reason. ◦ Other responses also talked about the plot and how it seemed interesting.
  9. 9. What was successful? ◦ I feel that our choice of genre was popular for our target audience as many commented on the fact that they enjoy the genre. ◦ Because of this I also feel as if we were successful in portraying conventions of the genre to attract the audience such as the end of the world theme, and young people being in charge. Other conventions we used are themes of isolation and a restrictive narrative to keep the audience guessing.