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SMX Advanced - Auditing PPC Campaigns


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SMX Advanced - Auditing PPC Campaigns

  1. 1. 06 : 06 : 2012 Advanced Diagnostics for PPC
  2. 2. Leaders in B2B SEM TOP 30 AGENCY US• Credentialed by every major search engine• Active in promotion of thought leadership positions at conferences and within publications• BtoB Top 30 Search Agency 2009, 2010, 2011• The 2010 BMA B2 Award of Excellence – SEO (Natural Search) Program, Over 50 Keywords• The 2011 BMA B2 Award of Excellence – PPC (Paid Search) Program, Over $1 Million• Honorable Mention, ClickZ 2010 Connected Marketing Awards, Best Use of Search Marketing 2
  3. 3. Advanced Diagnostics• When You Need to Go Below the Surface… @Mel66
  4. 4. What Crazy Disease Is This, Anyway?• Go beyond clicks and conversions to consider what else may be going on @Mel66
  5. 5. What Crazy Disease Is This, Anyway?• What the PPC engine data doesn’t tell you – Web analytics – WHY the problems are happening – Anything about the website @Mel66
  6. 6. Site analytics• Bounce rate @Mel66
  7. 7. Site analytics• Time on site @Mel66
  8. 8. Site analytics• Pages visited @Mel66
  9. 9. Site analytics• Site search terms @Mel66
  10. 10. Advanced Conversion Diagnostics• Multi-channel attribution @Mel66
  11. 11. Advanced Conversion Diagnostics• Maybe you really ARE getting conversions• Especially important for display & social PPC @Mel66
  12. 12. Advanced Diagnostics• Use those advanced analytics segments! @Mel66
  13. 13. Advanced Diagnostics• Value of a customer and customer lifetime value @Mel66
  14. 14. Second Opinion• Get a Second Opinion. Have a trusted friend or colleague look at the account to look at it with fresh eyes. @Mel66
  15. 15. mackey Melissa Mackey @Mel6615