Religion and spiritual diversity by melissa latulippe


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  • Source:Webster Dictionary Source: Webster Dictionary 
  • First Point:The creation and development of the New England Region (MA, RI, NH, and CT), Middle Region (NY and NJ), the Chesapeake Region (VA and MD) and the Southern Region (N.C., S.C., and GA) had been formed.Second Point: They acquired booming supply of agriculture, meat, dairy, “orchard products”, fish, fur, and timberFourth Point: Due to the Diversity of people (colonist, immigrants, and slaves) different religious types have evolved which illustrates the incident Two slave girls were playing with an older female slave who taught the girls African Voodoo tales. The girls later became seized with fits, and soon other strangely as well. Searching for an explanation, the town’s leaders accused the female slave and two other women of practicing witchcraft. Soon, the village elders accused several others of being witches too.” (Schultz 60)HIST Volume 1 Kevin Schultz page 60Fifth Point:As Progression took place in the 1700’s (Expansion in Intellectual and Cultural life) brought forth the “Great Awakening.” America’s first large scale religious revival. The “Great Awakening” was a change from the Forefathers Puritans’ beliefs, which was a result of the general unhappiness at the time of the American People with Social and Economic Developments
  • Know yourself- How diverse are you or how much interaction have you had with people whom have diverse backgrounds such as racial, religious, education, or cultural backgrounds?Prepare yourself and your employees- How skilled are you and your employees at listening, communicating, negotiating, and resolving conflicts?Provide Support-Are their support groupsGuide Behavior-Consistently and positively reinforce behaviors that foster tolerance and the effective use of diversityAdd Value-You can add value to your organization by working effectively with subordinates, peers, customers, and suppliers with diverse backgroundsForge a Strategic Link- Establish reasons for Diversity TrainingDon’t Settle for “off the shelf” programsBe wise about training methods-Awareness and skill building are not the sameDocument, Document, and Document- Document the benefits of Diversity Training so it is held to the same standards as other programs. If the training is effective it will show upon in the company’s employee demographics and strategy. (Snell 346)Have an affirmative action plan that is annually evaluated, checking the numbers in your company, and labor market you recruit from, having an active diversity committee and full time staff person dedicated to diversity can make a firm’s diversity training programs more effective. (Snell 346)Conform to the Uniform GuidelinesCreate an Environment where people can talk
  • Religion and spiritual diversity by melissa latulippe

    1. 1. Religion and Spiritual Diversity by Melissa Latulippe<br />
    2. 2. Table of Contents<br />
    3. 3. What is Religion?<br /> <br />The Service or Worship of God or the supernatural<br />Commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance;<br />A personal set of institutionalized system of religious faith or observance;<br />A cause , principle, or system of beliefs held to ardor and faith<br /> <br />What is Spirituality?<br /> <br />Sensitivity or attachment to religious values;<br />The quality or state of being spiritual<br />
    4. 4. The Top Twenty Religious Sects in the United States<br /><br />
    5. 5. Laws That Protect the Religious Sects<br />“Freedom to exercise religious choice is guaranteed under the based U.S. Constitution.” “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act also prohibits discrimination based on religion in employment decisions, though it permits employer exemptions. The act defines religion to “include all aspects of religious observance and practice as well belief.” <br />“Title VII does not require employers to grant complete religious freedom in employment situations. Employers need only make a reasonable accommodation for current employee’s or job applicant’s religious observance or practice without incurring under hardship in the conduct of the business.” <br />“Managers or supervisors may have to accommodate an employee’s religion in the specific areas of:<br /><ul><li> Holidays
    6. 6. Observances (scheduling)
    7. 7. Personal Appearance (wearing beards, veils, or turbans
    8. 8. Religious conduct on the job (missionary work among other</li></ul> employees)<br />
    9. 9. New England’s Religion <br />History<br />United States Religion <br />Today<br />
    10. 10. In which way does the 1600 to 1700’s Correlate with Today and Religion?<br />If you compare the past with the present a similar circumstance moved People closer to their religions and how they perceive life. Both Eras the people had sought out answers to Spirituality and Religion due to Economic and Social Conditions. The past has repeated itself in this course of time in comparison of the religion perspective.<br />
    11. 11. How can we accommodate Religious Practice in the Work Place?<br />
    12. 12. Companies Whom Make It Work<br />2002 San Francisco 49ers: Garrison Hearst vs. Lindsey McLean<br />Honeywell has Diversity training within a weeklong advanced management program and as part of its sales training program<br />Ford-(FIN) Ford Interfaith Network (formed after September 11th, 2001) at the request of Christian Employees<br />TOP TEN DIVERSITY COMPANIES<br /> FOR RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION<br />Sodexo<br />Ernst & Young<br />American Express<br />Bank of America<br />Price Waterhouse Coopers<br />AT&T<br />Johnson & Johnson<br />Merck & Company<br />Target Corp<br />Novartis Pharmaceutical Companies<br />Information was supplied by DiversityInc<br />
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