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October 16 (102) (Part 4)


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Part 4

Published in: Education
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October 16 (102) (Part 4)

  1. 1.  Say the word “Oh" all together  Say “Oh?”  Say “Oh” angrily  Say an afraid “Oh”  Say a disappointed “Oh”  You just saw a cute puppy. Say “Oh”
  2. 2.  Divide into pairs  Create a one to three minute scene in which something happens but the only word that can be said is "oh" and meaning must be communicated through movement of the body, facial expression, tone of voice, inflection, and volume  Scenes may include a one person asking for a date, to be accepted or rejected by the other; one person robbing the other, with threats and pleas expressed in one syllable; one person accusing the other of some violation of the rules, as if a parent or another authority figure accuses a child, and the child denies the accusation
  3. 3. Othello on Oprah assignment