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March 18 (English Express)


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Published in: Education
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March 18 (English Express)

  1. 1. Which city is furthest west? A.Reno B. Las Vegas C. Los Angeles D.Porterville E. San Diego
  2. 2.  Are we responsible for our habits?  At what point in the habit are we responsible?  If our habit is part of an addiction, do we have control over it? (If not, who do we hold responsible?) 8:007:307:006:306:005:305:004:304:003:303:002:302:001:301:00:30:00
  3. 3. Link
  4. 4. A. Yes B. No
  5. 5. Link
  6. 6. A. Yes B. No
  7. 7.  Read The Power of Habit chapter 9  Write a summary of the chapter and submit it to Moodle (due Thursday by 7:30 a.m.)  Grading the feedback (3 papers)  Participate in the weekly discussion (post due Thursday and replies due Sunday)