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April 22 (English Express)


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April 22 (English Express)

  1. 1. What is the longest animal on the planet? a) Blue Whale b) Bootlace Worm c) Reticulated Python d) California Condor e) Masai Giraffe
  2. 2. Free write—write without picking up your pen or pencil until I say stop. Do not worry about grammar, spelling, or sounding silly. Start with the prompt and go where your mind takes you. Prompt:  How much do you care what people think about you? How willing are you to stand up against a crowd even if you will be all alone and ridiculed? 4:003:303:002:302:001:301:00:30:00
  3. 3.  I am going to show you an image  WITHOUT TALKING or looking at your neighbor, write immediately what you would do in this situation  Remember, you only get one first reaction, so please do not look around  Write directly on your paper what you would do
  4. 4. You are in a crowded office building. Quite a few people are waiting with you in the lobby for an elevator. You are in the middle of the pack, but you will definitely get on the next elevator. The doors open and you see… You are here!
  5. 5. Now you are all by yourself waiting for the elevator. The doors open and you see…
  6. 6. Link
  7. 7. Link
  8. 8. Link
  9. 9. A.Sentence both people B. Let both people go free
  10. 10. A.Sentence three people B. Let three people go free
  11. 11. A.Sentence one hundred people B. Let one hundred people go free
  12. 12. Link
  13. 13.  Introduction paragraph  I. You, The Potential Helper, Must Notice an Event Is Occurring  The chapter is about personal responsibility
  14. 14.  Narrative from Slater’s perspective  Discussion of a particular case  Discussion of Darley and Latane’s experiments  She jumps back and forth
  15. 15.  Read and annotate “Darley and Latane’s Training Manual”  You must have at least one thing annotated per page  Expect a reading quiz  Bring your second rough draft and mentor sheet for Essay #4  Post to the discussion by Thursday at 11:55 p.m.; respond to at least two students by Sunday at 11:55 p.m.