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  1. 1. What is the average salary in the United States for a person with a bachelor’s degree? A. $32,478 B. $46,159 C. $58,613 D. $62,782 E. $70,426 Compared to $31,283 for a high school graduate!
  2. 2.     Please write every question you have about the class on the handout Compare with the person sitting next to you As a pair, compare with another pair Number off to make seven groups
  3. 3. You will have three minutes at each station to answer as many of your questions as you can  Please do not touch the paper! 
  4. 4. See if your group found answers to questions that you didn’t  Think about other questions that popped up  Make a list on one piece of paper per group of unanswered questions  Bring the list to me 
  5. 5. Do you have the answer to any of the questions on the board?  Do you have any questions about the answers that we need to add? 
  6. 6.     This class is unique and we want you to think long and hard about your participation in it You will be challenged and pushed to your limit, but you will have a lot of support Ultimately, the responsibility for learning in this class falls on the student’s shoulders Your goal should be developing as much as possible as a reader and writer, not simply passing
  7. 7.   The class is 3 hours a day, 4 days a week for 16 weeks=183 hours in a classroom For each class hour, you should be committed to 3 hours of time outside class=36 hours a week outside of class    THAT’S A FULL-TIME JOB! Demanding workload Should probably be the only course you are taking
  8. 8.     Should probably be the only course you are taking=EXTREME FOCUS! You will carry a full load (12 units) with this one course The class is 16 WEEKS rather than 3 SEMESTERS! You have the opportunity to move directly into English 101A (transferrable English) after one semester
  9. 9.      Do not do this right now! Read through the syllabus on your own Make sure you understand the difficulty and the level of commitment you will need to have Initial and sign where indicated and bring the agreement back Thursday This is your first homework assignment and it will count as an assignment
  10. 10. You have ten minutes to complete this form so that I can get to know you!
  11. 11. You and your companions have just survived the crash of a small plane. Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed in the crash. It is mid-January, and you are in Northern Canada. The daily temperature is 25 below zero, and the night-time temperature is 40 below zero. There is snow on the ground, and the countryside is wooded with several creeks criss-crossing the area. The nearest town is 20 miles away. You are all dressed in city clothes appropriate for a business meeting.
  12. 12. Your group of survivors managed to salvage the following items: 1. a ball of steel wool 2. a small ax 3. a loaded .45-caliber pistol 4. a can of Crisco shortening 5. newspapers (one per person) 6. cigarette lighter (without fluid) 7. extra shirt and pants for each survivor 8. 20 x 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas 9. a sectional air map made of plastic 10. one quart of 100-proof whiskey 11. a compass 12. family-size chocolate bars (one per person) Your task as a group is to rank the above twelve items in order of importance for your survival. List the uses for each. You have five minutes.
  13. 13.     In a group, agree on the ranking of the items. You MUST come to an agreement as a group. Rank the items and explain your rationale. You have fifteen minutes.
  14. 14. • • • • To award points, look at the ranking numbers on this answer sheet. Award points to each team’s top choices according to the numbers here. For example, the map would earn 12 points, while the steel wool would earn 2 points. Lowest score wins (and survives).
  15. 15.    Please answer the questions honestly Your group will not see your answers! You have ten minutes to complete this part of the activity
  16. 16.       When I give you the test, please leave it face down on your desk until I tell you to begin. You have three minutes to complete the test. The test will be graded and used toward your assignment points. There will be no talking during the test unless you are specifically instructed to do so. Once you finish the test, please turn your paper over on your desk and sit quietly until I give you further instructions. The first students to finish will receive an extra prize.
  17. 17. If you didn’t finish the test, why were you unable to complete it?  Why do you think some people were able to finish?  If you did finish, why do you think you were able to complete it? 
  18. 18.      I am a slow reader. I am not good at English. I am not good at school. I am bad at tests. I am stupid. I am proving myself right!
  19. 19.      I need to understand what is being asked of me. I need to find help. I need to focus on what I am doing and not be distracted by those around me. I need to have confidence in my abilities. I need to realize that failure is perfectly fine, but that not trying does not give me a chance to succeed. I can learn to do this!
  20. 20.      You cannot succeed in this class without help Sometimes asking for help is difficult because we are proud Your assignment in the first two weeks is to ask for help You can ask a peer, an SI leader, an instructor in the LRC, a Writing Mentor, me, or anyone else who is a resource You can ask for help with any aspect of the class and you will have to tell me about your experience next Thursday
  21. 21. We will have a quiz next Thursday!
  22. 22. Get the book and materials Syllabus Agreement Study for the syllabus quiz Read “Brainology”