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Savvy blogging.7.9

  1. 1. Marketing You by @melissahourigan
  2. 2. Talking about your interests... easy Talking about yourself... not so
  3. 3. Who is this girl? Representing start-ups and entrepreneurs for 15 years. Leveraged bloggers since 2001 for influence B2B and B2C. Clients: AlwaysOn, ModernMom,,, Pixorial, enGreet, Work Options for Women. Founding partner for MediaOntwitter
  4. 4. Questions Who is your audience? What makes your blog special or unique? What blogs are similar or competitive? Do you belong to a network or community? What is your style, niche, format? What other types of media do you include? Who are you/your team? What are your stats?
  5. 5. About You, About Your Blog
  6. 6. About You Interests History Credentials/ Affiliations Goals with blog Contact info
  7. 7. About the Blog Tag line Your mission statement Diary/Informational/Educational Polls Videos Images Reviews Community/Network
  8. 8. Tools Survey friends Top blogs by category - AllTop Blog rank - Technorati
  9. 9. Sharing and Reach
  10. 10. About Your Audience Demographics - age, sex, income etc. Online stats - blog, fans, followers Influence - volunteering, interests Inbound links - traffic origins Organic - keywords bringing traffic
  11. 11. Sharing Where is information shared? Is your content portable? What categories,tags and keywords? Is your community active? Are you?
  12. 12. Tools Polling - Survey monkey Internet Marketing Advice and Website Grader - Hubspot Site comparison - Compete Analytics - Google Analytics (now shows AdWords) Rank - Technorati Communities/Affinity Groups - BlogFrog Visitor Counter - Statcounter Media Hosting - YouTube, Flickr (add anchor text)
  13. 13. Paid and Earned Media
  14. 14. The shift Marketing dollars are moving away from traditional media toward the internet and other digital advertising. Brand marketers in particular recognize more than ever that connecting with target audiences means more spending for interactive. eMarketer
  15. 15. Fuzzy Territory To charge or not to charge? Disclosure statement Separate descriptions/departments (PR = no ad $) Market to brands, PR, media
  16. 16. Reality of PR “I am out here for you. You don’t know what it’s like to be ME out here for YOU. It is an up-at-dawn, pride- swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about, ok?” Jerry Maguire
  17. 17. Goals Media/PR: Influencer/Speaker Brands: Advertising Brands/PR: Tips, Reviews, Features
  18. 18. Media Kit Awards and accolades Industry conference attendance Consistent branding and messaging Graphics, logos, elevator pitch, bio PDF/ Google doc for pricing, options Contact info
  19. 19. Media Kit Advertising options, rates, guidelines Fee and payment options Reviews, contests opportunities List of brands you have worked with Brand, reader testimonials
  20. 20. Thank you... Questions? Twitter: @melissahourigan Email: Everything: