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BLOGGER MEDIA KIT WORKSHEET<br />Savvy Blogging Summit<br />July 2010<br />As you attract more loyal readers and your Web ...
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Blogger media kit worksheet


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Blogger media kit worksheet

  1. 1. BLOGGER MEDIA KIT WORKSHEET<br />Savvy Blogging Summit<br />July 2010<br />As you attract more loyal readers and your Web stats increase companies, both big and small, will approach you for advertising opportunities and you need to be ready with a media kit when they contact you. Here is a basic template to get you started. You can decide whether or not you publish the entire kit, host it on Google Docs/presentations or have companies request a kit/ PDF.<br />About<br />Tips: here you want to highlight the area of focus for your blog, your achievements and your mission statement. Consider talking about the history of the blog, when it was launched, why it was created and what the main focus is. <br />__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />Our Audience<br />Tips: Here you need to mention your demographics. Demographics help companies match their product with your readers and determine if they want to purchase advertising from you. If you don’t have demographics for your readers, then consider hosting a reader survey using a tool like Survey Monkey. This information is important to potential advertisers. <br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />Consider having the following information available:<br /><ul><li>Family income
  2. 2. Number of children
  3. 3. Educational background
  4. 4. Employment status
  5. 5. Marital status </li></ul>Our Numbers<br />Tips: Here you need to show the analytics for your site. What is your traffic like on a monthly basis? Most likely you are capturing this using Google Analytics already or your blogging platform provides it. Also consider your traction outside of your blog if you leverage other social media sites to promote your blog entries (only include if the numbers or impressive or you are highly active). <br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />Consider having the following information available:<br /><ul><li>Average monthly unique visitors
  6. 6. Average monthly page views
  7. 7. Feed subscriber numbers
  8. 8. Google Page Rank
  9. 9. Technorati Rank
  10. 10. Twitter Followers
  11. 11. Facebook Fans</li></ul>Advertising Options<br />Tips: here make it perfect clear what brands and companies can do on your site. Consider site skins, banner ads, masthead integrations, photo gallery sponsorships, category sponsorships, and custom executions.<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />Consider listing sizes and monthly rates on your site or a link that says, “ask for details”<br />Product Review/ Contest/ Giveaway Guidelines<br />Tips: Write rules for sampling products. Will you ship products back? Will they be donated? Will you post negative reviews if you didn’t enjoy your experience? Describe the reviewers if there is a panel or more than one person testing the products. What is the turnaround time a company can expect between receiving the product and seeing a review appear? How will the company or brand be notified? How are product review submissions sent in? Consider a form so that you can capture all of the information you need without the back and forth with the submitter. Include company details, keyword links, suggested uses and purchasing information. If a product is worth a certain dollar amount, consider throwing in an ad deal. For giveaways, consider a weekly or monthly fee for promoting the contest or giveaway. Make sure that the brand or company understands that they will handle fulfillment and the timing for when the giveaway or prize is sent. <br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />Contact<br />Tips: Consider listing links to social profiles as well as an email address. Another option is to provide a form where you are able to capture exactly the information that you want. You can use Google Forms for this. <br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />Media Resources<br />Tips: Make it easy for the media to pull “assets” that are easily accessible. Have a high-res head shot, logo and screen shots available of your blog.<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />Press and Affiliations<br />Tips: show where you have spoken, awards received and press mentions. Logos can say a lot if you don’t want to list the links. Consider also listing the logos of previous sponsors, advertisers etc.<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />