Using Twitter (and other social media tools) for Networking


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Twitter is a wonderful tool that can be utilized for networking. Learn how to connect, engage and conduct specified searches using Twitter applications and tools. Facebook and LinkedIn are also covered briefly in this presentation.

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  • Hashtag tools:What The Trend: shows trending hashtags/meaning) (shows use over time)Tagalus (definition of hashtags, though not always defined)
  • Personalize your profileWould you follow/talk to you if you read what you wrote?Make it realNo salesGreetings yes, auto DMs, noQuality no quantitydon’t worry about the number of followers; follow those back who are meaningful to your circle and your purposeRespondWhen someone asks a question or directs a statement toward you, answer itThis means you must monitor, check-in and pay attentionSchedule follow-upsTweetups, meetups, conferencesGet out from behind the screen and meet face-to-faceRandom acts of kindness* Send a friendly hello, see what they’ve been up to, etc.
  • Women outpace men on Facebook (it’s closer on Twitter, but still more women users)78% of consumers trust peer recommendations; where do they go to share that info? SOCIAL MEDIAWe don’t have to search for news anymore; it finds usThe majority of people (76%) say they’ve never “unliked” a brand on Facebook
  • Spot Industry it doesn’t get much attention, the Skills & Expertise search function on LinkedIn can help bloggers and business owners stay up to date on trends that may be happening in their market. For example, by doing a search for [SEO], you can see who LinkedIn views as relevant to this niche, but you can also find interesting demographic and growth information located in the graph on the right side of the screen. You can see how quickly the area is growing compared to related fields, the average age of someone in that field, and how large it is. As a blogger, this helps me find noteworthy topics to blog about, but for business owners, this may alert you to changes in the market or new areas you may want to look into
  • Using Twitter (and other social media tools) for Networking

    1. 1. Using Twitter (and other social media tools) for Networking Presented by: Melissa Harrison Principal, Allée @alleecreative Think. Create. Communicate.
    2. 2. About Melissa • Business owner • Mother of four • Certified fitness instructor • Reader/learner • Avid social media user (both personal andPhoto credit: HJS Photo Gallery business) Think. Create. Communicate.
    3. 3. Concentration for today: Twitter! Other areas we’ll touch on: Think. Create. Communicate.
    4. 4. “Social media is like a cocktail partywhere you’re meeting people.Ultimately, you want them to takeyou home and share you with theirfriends.” -Leo Dimilo, Internet Marketer Think. Create. Communicate.
    5. 5. My top three social media networks and why/how I use them: Personal relationships and local news News and industry events, professional contacts, media research Everyone uses them differently. Business leads, jobs, employees Find out what’s important and what works best for you. Think. Create. Communicate.
    6. 6. Why should we consider networking through social media?•To reach your audience in other ways (fish where fish are)• To reach a goal (fundraising, membership, revenue)• To learn about new topics/events/opportunities• To job search• To offer expertise/information/support to others• To find vendors, consultants or other services• To have fun! Think. Create. Communicate.
    7. 7. Let’s check out the source! Think. Create. Communicate.
    8. 8. Twitter toolsClients Hashtags • Hootsuite • What The Trend • CoTweet • Twubs • TweetDeck • Hashtags.orgFollowing/Follower • TagalusManagement Twitter chat platforms • Tweetspinner • TweetChat • Tweepi SEOLists • Twylah • Influencers • Topic/Subject • Location • Media Think. Create. Communicate.
    9. 9. Think of Twitter as a Networking Event• Personalization• Greetings yes; auto DMs no• Quality not quantity• Respond• Schedule follow-ups• Random acts of kindness Think. Create. Communicate.
    10. 10. Fun resource: Cheryl Lawson @partyaficionado w-to-use-twitter-infographic/ Think. Create. Communicate.
    11. 11. Where do I look? How do I start?• Search for bloggers connected to • Check out Twitterviews or conduct your cause, industry or one of your own (@JoelECarlson) organization • Listen in or participate in Twitter• Use your contacts to help curate chats about topics that interest you information, use topics for your (many times you can find them by blog, learn about hot topics searching hashtags and key words)• Retweet content regularly (make • Recommend your networks and sure you read it, first!) contacts to others Think. Create. Communicate.
    12. 12. Where do I look? How do I start?• Use @replies/mentions or • Consider hashtags (#) your DMs; figure out how friends and use them in your potential connections prefer searches and tweets to communicate • Track trends and key words• Don’t spam by using• Use • Integrate your efforts by advanced for location-based tweeting links to posts on searches, key words, etc. Facebook or your blog (sparingly) to show where• Keep tabs on competition else you hang out in the social space Think. Create. Communicate.
    13. 13. Facebook • Great opportunity for personal networking • Easy to share pictures, links, surveys, gather comments/responses all in one place • Search capability (though filters/privacy play a role)Sources:Hitwise, Buddy Media, Constant Contact and Nielsen’s State of the Media SM Report Q3 2011 Think. Create. Communicate.
    14. 14. Let’s check out the source! Think. Create. Communicate.
    15. 15. LinkedInPurpose Ways to use• More focused than Twitter • Market research (questions on your status or utilizing LinkedIn or Facebook Q&A)• Business connections • Spot Industry Trends (Skills & Expertise search function)• Vendors, industry • Join #LinkedInChat (Tuesday connections nights on Twitter), moderated by VivekaVonrosen of Smart Blonde Media • Ask connections to submit a review (and review others!) • Connect to potential mentors • Share your knowledge to strategic audiences/groups Think. Create. Communicate.
    16. 16. Let’s check out the source! Think. Create. Communicate.
    17. 17. Successes and Failures#Yay! #FailCongratulating, thanking, Taking credit formentioning something that isn’t yoursRT/passing info that may No follow-back,not pertain to you but reciprocation or responseswould be helpful to your What are somefriends/fans/followers examples you can share? Think. Create. Communicate.
    18. 18. Rome wasn’t built in a day.• Develop a routine• Don’t expect results over night• You get out of it what you put in to it Think. Create. Communicate.
    19. 19. Resources and ArticlesCheck the Think. Create. Communicate.
    20. 20. Thank you! Melissa Harrison Email: Twitter: @alleecreative Phone: 612.946.7144 Think. Create. Communicate.