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9 frame analysis katy perry


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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9 frame analysis katy perry

  1. 1. 9 Frame analysis<br />34 seconds-This first shot is a long shot showing many characters and is at the very start of the video and sets the scene and the narrative that Katy Perry is getting married but her fiancé is having second thoughts which links the narrative with the lyrics as the first line she says is “You change your mind like a girl changes cloths.” The costume and background fit with the narrative well and also relate to the actual song by the bridesmaids and ushers dancing to the beat of the music as well as Katy lip syncing at this point. <br />54 seconds-A close up of Katy Perry is then used here in this shot showing her continuing to lip sync. Her hand movement here is literal to lyrics here as she says “you always speak” at this point. Her facial expression is of anger and the close up could be to highlight this. Her main intention of the video may be to highlight the extreme of a bride-zilla so she needs to act in an extreme way like she is now and throughout the video. This is a hyped up scenario as done in many pop videos which can relate to the audience but is exaggerated to attract them to the video.<br />1.20 seconds-Following the hyped up scenario to attract the viewers Katy chases her<br />fiancé after he runs away and leaves her at the altar. The video is <br />Americanised as in this shot it shows a man dressed in a hotdog <br />costume which will only be familiar to those from America and targets <br />its specific audience by doing so. The narrative and music link together<br />again here as her fiancé falls into the hotdog man at a point where the<br />music changes. <br />0170815<br />2.13 seconds-This shot is a medium shot of Katy which shows she is still wearing the same outfit but it has been ruined by the running and trauma she has been through so her hair has fallen and her makeup has all smudged. The look on her face in this shot is exaggerated to show the hyped up scenario and her feelings of anger towards her fiancé. The background is very dark which could be to represents her feelings in the shot. <br />016002002.12 seconds-In this long shot Katy is joined by a group of dancers which is a typical convention of a pop video. The girls are all dressed to fit the narrative and genre by wearing ripped and cut wedding dresses similar to the one Katy is wearing. They are almost like a gang working with Katy to show that they are a force to be reckoned with and are strong willed about their opinion unlike her husband who is indecisive. Their originality is not of which what a typical bride would wear which could be to highlight the reality of the bride-zilla attitude they are trying to show.<br />2.33 seconds-This shot is from an interesting angle of being a birds eye view shot which shows the gang circling Katy and her fiancé. This could be to represent that the group are running circles around him and he is defeated. The group is still doing a dance routine together which still links it to the pop genre. The shadows of the bats are shown possibly to show they are closing in on him as at this point they have finally caught him after trying to catch him. <br />2.57 seconds-This shot is a close up of Katy on her fiancés mobile phone which could be to further represent that he has no escape from her after what he did to her and she is in his head and on his mind within anything he does. The lyrics and video are directly linked here as at this point she says “someone call the doctor” and using a phone symbol whilst on his phone which all show the link towards the lyrics. This verse is arguably the most hysterical which is shown through her make up and hair being at its worst and her actions being over exaggerated. <br />.<br />3.15 seconds-In this shot an outfit change is shown and Katy is shown looking no longer hysterical and with a different dance group. This could possibly to mess with her fiancés head and confuse him as well as we as an audience. The title of the song is “hot and cold” and the fact at one point of the video she is hysterical and another point she is perfectly fine could be to demonstrate the title and the lyrics of being bipolar. <br />4.04 seconds-In this final shot Katy is seen from a low angle which is from the view of her fiancé who has been knocked down to the floor. The bizarre qualities of this shot could be to give the perception that he is delusional seeing the zebra and it is revealed later that he was in fact daydreaming about the whole thing and is still back at the altar with the priest waiting for his answer. The rainbow in the background could possibly be in the shot to show the bipolar tendencies as in order to make a rainbow there needs to be both rain and sunlight which are both at opposite ends of the spectrum. <br />