Women in Wireless Strategy 2011


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Women in Wireless works to develop and empower female leaders in the mobile industry. This strategy defines who we are as an organization and the goals we have set out via our eight amazing committees.

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Women in Wireless Strategy 2011

  1. 1. Strategy Deck 2011
  2. 2. Women in Wireless MissionTo empower and develop female leaders in mobile and digital media. We do this through leadership development, mentoring, inspirational series of panels and webinars, job boards,philanthropic support for relevant charities and networking events.
  3. 3. Our History Women in Wireless was created by a small group of female business leaders who consistently found themselves sharing ideas & strategies amongst a sea of men at tech conferences. They eventually formed a sub-committee called Women in Wireless within the Mobile Marketing Association, that would both support and develop female leaders in the mobile industry. The group attracted such a large membership base that it became its own separate entity in June 2011. Today the group’s membership base is 1,000 strong, consisting of entrepreneurs, senior executives, and those in junior levels that seek our support.
  4. 4. Our Membership Business leaders representing mobile businesses or initiatives in primarily the following areas:  Brands  Publishers/Media Companies  Agencies  Marketing/Ad Tech Providers  Mobile Carriers  Startups/Mobile Applications
  5. 5. Goals Long Term:  THE elite group of top female influencers and decision makers in the industry  THE organization that trains and develops both current and future mobile industry leaders  THE place to learn about what is going on within mobile  THE must join group for women in mobile and digital media Short term (2011):  Establish ourselves as a non-profit entity  Set committee strategies and develop clear, actionable plans
  6. 6. Web: www.womeninwireless.org
  7. 7. The Leadership Team Chair Veronika Sonsev (inSparq) & Charlotte Fors (mBlox) Creative Director Program Manager Angela Wang Melissa Fudor8 committees (Apotheke) Careers Fundraising Philanthropy Katherine Long Mentoring Heather Menery (Velti) Kate Kingberger (CTIA) (Group Commerce) Nicole Rivera & Stacey Sayer (NeoMedia) & Linda Gluszak (Big Luc Ventures) Suni Vaidya (Paddock) Kerri Smith (iProspect) (Greystripe) Panels & Inspiration Communication Local & International Heidi E Lehmann & Outreach Chapters Networking (MoxieQ) Diana Epstein (Jumptap) & Athena Polydorou Kristine Van Dillen Nicole Fabry Polly Lieberman (CTIA) (GEM Strategy) (Amex) (Celtra)
  8. 8. Key Accomplishments in 2011 Networking  3/13 – SXSW Ladies Brunch  3/22 – CTIA Orlando Networking Event  5/5 – Atlanta Networking Event Philanthropy  Networking event - dcMoMo & ongoing support of the Grameen Foundation Careers  Launched LinkedIn job board & on our website Communication  Launched womeninwireless.org  Launched twitter presence Panels and inspiration  Successful Panels: WiW + CTIA (March 22-24) & WiW + Digiday (June 9th) NEW committees: Mentoring, Fundraising, and Int’l and local chapters
  9. 9. The Committees
  10. 10. Our Leadership Team CO-CHAIRS Veronika Sonsev: CEO and Founder of inSparq.com, a social communication company. Prior to inSparq, Veronika was the VP of Business Development at Jumptap. In her 12-year career as a business development and strategy executive for AOL and Jumptap, Veronika has built new business lines, developed strategic partnerships and launched international markets. Charlotte Fors: Vice President of Sales Americas at mBlox Inc. Charlotte has successfully managed sales teams in Europe and the US to exceed revenue targets, create sale strategies and to promote revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Charlotte has a background as a Strategy consultant with a leading management and IT consulting firm. PROGRAM MANAGER: Melissa Fudor: Melissa is currently the Program Manager & Blogger for the Women in Wireless team in New York City. After a year teaching English in Prague, Melissa assisted with the 9Health Fair as an Event Coordinator in Colorado, and also worked with the Communications team at the Greenbelt Foundation in Toronto. She holds a BA in History from York University in Toronto.
  11. 11. CareersCo-CHAIRS: Katherine Long: Account Director at Group Commerce Katherine is the Account Director at Group Commerce. She brings 8 years of mobile experience working at BuyWithMe, Handango, Namco, mBlox, and Boku. Katherine has managed relationships with some of the largest content providers, carriers, and OEMs in the US, South America, and EMEA. Katherine earned an MSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation (Public, Private, and NP Management) from the London School of Economics and a BA from TCU in Political Science. Linda Gluszak: Regional Vice President of Sales at Verve Wireless Linda has worked in sales at Greystripe, Nokia, and Discovery Communications. She studied at the State University of New York College at Oneonta
  12. 12. Careers Committee Mission:  To increase awareness of all job  Leadership Team: opportunities within the wireless  Linda Gluszak, Katherine industry and promote career Porter, Ann Walsh advancement for women in the wireless sector. 2011 Key Goals:  Extended Team Members:  None  Make the WiW LinkedIn job board an industry go-to for all jobs in the wireless sector.  Help Needed:  Drive more traffic to the WiW site through cross promotions (i.e.  None Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites)  Continue to solicit postings from all members of the industry  Launch a referral program for job postings
  13. 13. Communications & OutreachCo-CHAIRS: Athena Polydorou: Director, Wireless Internet Development at CTIA Athena Polydorou has 15 years of experience in the telecom industry and has been Director of Wireless Internet Development at CTIA since September 2004. Athena facilitates strategic cross-carrier and cross-industry collaborations in the areas of mobile content and applications, with special focus on the development of classification and ratings guidelines. Athena earned her Master’s degree in Telecommunications from George Washington University and her Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Maryland at College Park. Diana Epstein: Account Executive, Performance Advertising at Jumptap Diana Epstein is an Account Executive at Jumptap, the largest independent mobile advertising network. She is also a Co-Chair of the Communications & Outreach Committee. Diana handles the social media for Women in Wireless and has run the Twitter initiatives for Green Is, a green events company. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the non-profit New Eyes for the Needy. Diana graduated from Boston University with a BA in Journalism.
  14. 14. Communication & Outreach Committee Mission:  Co-Chairs:  To develop the Women in  Diana Epstein Wireless brand by promoting  Athena Polydorou the collective group and the expertise of its individual members to the industry, the  Extended Team Members: media and investors  Colby Lundberg 2011 Key Goals:  Help Needed:  Launch Digital Diva spotlight  Additional members on team with  Build systems to effectively strong industry relationships distribute content across all preferably within the WIW media channels agency/brand/publisher side.  Create and distribute  Individuals with experience compelling content building an integrated social and marketing presence  Build strong market presence for the WIW brand
  15. 15. Fundraising CommitteeCo-CHAIRS: Heather Menery: Sales Manager, Velti Heather Menery has over five years of mobile marketing and advertising experience and is manager on Velti’s East Coast sales team. She previously worked at Jumptap as a Senior Account Executive and was part of Enpocket/Nokia Interactive’s Ad Operations team launching some of the first mobile campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. Kerri Smith: Senior Innovation Lead, Mobile at iProspect. Kerri Smith joined the iProspect team in 2008 after a rewarding career managing mobile marketing campaigns for Mango Mobile and has carried her passion for the mobile space over to her new role. At iProspect, Kerri has helped to develop Mobile Knowledge Teams in all offices to guide company- wide knowledge of the mobile space and integration of mobile specific SEM and display tactics.
  16. 16. Fundraising Committee Mission  Leadership Team:  To establish valuable long-term  Heather Menery relationships with influential  Kerri Smith partners in the mobile and digital space that will help us achieve funding to further build our group  Extended Team Members: and strengthen our voice in the  Charlotte Hansen industry.  Jessica Wilson  Evelyne Valls 2011 Key Goals:  Identify strong leaders in the space  Help Needed: that align with our organization’s goals and mission.  Additional members on team with strong industry relationships  Establish sponsorship levels for preferably within the agency or brand partners. side.  Develop a quarterly budget for the most effective use of funding.
  17. 17. Local & International ChaptersCo-CHAIR: Kristine van Dillen: VP, Global Accounts for GEM Kristine van Dillen is a VP, Global Accounts for GEM, a mobile marketing company based in New York with offices in Paris, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. Kristine has worked in the mobile industry for over 8 years, watching trends, building mobile commerce apps, testing international handsets, establishing industry best practices, and currently manages global marketing campaigns based on GEM’s technology. Kristine was selected as one of Mobile Marketer’s “Mobile Women to Watch” in 2010.
  18. 18. Local & International Chapters Committee Mission:  Leadership Team:  To enable international and local  Kristine van Dillen, VP Global groups to engage women in the Accounts, GEM wireless ecosystem with the  Needs to be identified mission and activities of Women in Wireless. We do this through leadership, collaboration,  Extended Team Members: knowledge sharing and evangelizing the Women in  Help needed: Wireless brand.  Individuals in U.S. or International 2011 Key Goals: cities who can act as founding members of a local or international  Establish 3-5 U.S. Local chapter. Chapters  New committee members who are  Establish 1-2 International enthusiastic about collaborating Chapters with WiW leadership and industry contacts  Build initial set of WiW Knowledge Sharing materials
  19. 19. MentoringCo-CHAIR: Nicole Rivera: Communications and marketing strategy advisor at Big Luc Ventures Nicole is a Communications and Marketing Strategy Advisor at Big Luc Ventures, working with mobile and emerging media. She previously was the Director of Communications at both Ansible + Velti and Vantrix.
  20. 20. Mentoring Committee Mission:  Leadership Team:  To inspire, educate, connect  Nicole Rivera and promote women of all  TBD levels who are professionally involved in the wireless ecosystem.  Extended Team 2011 Key Goals: Members:  TBD  Create a Mentoring Program based on the needs and wants of the WIW members  Help Needed  Define objectives, roles, success metrics, process and tools for  NYC Pilot Mentoring  Regional Leaders  Create a pilot program that will be  Committee members the prototype for national launch in 2012  Develop inspirational webinar / video series – produce at least one Mentoring event or video in 2011
  21. 21. NetworkingCo-CHAIR: Nicole Fabry: VP, Global Accounts for GEM Nicole is the Senior Manager of Global E-Communications & Mobile Capabilities, AXPi at American Express. Nicole brings 10 years of diverse mobile experience working at Nokia, Flycell, Virgin Mobile USA and Sprint. At Sprint, Nicole increased SMS volumes by 134% by launching innovative new programs and campaigns. She earned an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird and a BA from UC-San Diego in Political Science.
  22. 22. Networking Committee Mission:  Leadership Team:  To provide quality, engaging networking  Nicole Fabry events that bring together women in wireless as well as women interested in wireless and technology to foster  Extended Team Members: communication, friendship, and potential business opportunities.  Kiplyn Primus - Whoop  Amy Thomas - Amdocs  Maria Pacheco - Consultant 2011 Key Goals:  Amanda Mills – AOL  Secure event sponsorships in advance  Create marketing presentation to entice  Jennifer Moreanz – Motricity potential sponsors  Amanda Whichard – Mblox  Organize events around potential “themes”  Cooking, how to take professional photos, etc.  Help Needed:  Create section on Facebook page /  Need to get women interested in Linkedin for event pictures committee on bi-weekly calls  Partner with Philanthropy / Mentoring on various events  Look to create International WiW Networking events centered around major conferences to start
  23. 23. Panels & InspirationCo-CHAIRS: Polly Lieberman: East Coast Sales at Celtra, Inc Polly is the Vice President of Sales at Celtra. A self proclaimed serial employee of serial entrepreneurs, Polly has more than ten years of experience in business development and revenue strategy for early stage start-ups. Recognized as a “Women to Watch” by Mobile Marketer, Polly has held senior positions at mobile start- ups in Rich Media (Celtra) Social Messaging GOGII), LBS (Local Response – formerly buzzd) and Marketing Services (Kikucall). Heidi E. Lehmann: Founder, CEO at MoxieQ Heidi Lehmann is the Co-founder & CEO of MoxieQ, a platform for emerging “Queer Eye” TasteMakers targeting women. MoxieQ has partnerships with most all of the US Carriers in addition to Bravo TV.Prior to MoxieQ, Heidi was co-founder and VP Strategic Alliances for Third Screen Media, a mobile ad network & ad platform that was acquired by AOL in 2007. During her Third Screen tenure, Heidi served on the MMA Board of Directors for two years & was Co-Chair of the Mobile Advertising Committee that produced the first industry sanctioned set of mobile advertising standards.
  24. 24. Panels & Inspiration Committee Mission  Leadership Team:  To provide visibility and a platform  Heidi Lehmann for speaking, education, and  Polly Lieberman professional engagement for women of all levels within the wireless and broader digital  Extended Team: ecosystem  Maria Ocampo  Jami Lawrence 2011 Key Goals:  Stephanie Abell  Establish a replicatable format to  Mary Park have a presence at key industry  Stephanie Vautravers events  Develop the largest database of women leaders in digital  Help Needed:  Raise awareness of women in  Database submissions digital  Panel Ideas  Develop 1:1 Inspirational Webinar  Women Focused Topics Series (stretch goal)  Relevant w/ Women Executives Featured  Admin and event logistics
  25. 25. PhilanthropyCo-CHAIRS: Kate Kingberger: Director of Industry Development at CTIA Kate is currently the Director of Industry Development at CTIA. Her focus areas at CTIA are currently Mobile Financial Services, Location Based Services and Innovation. Kate earned her MBA from University of Chicago in Strategy and Marketing; her undergrad is in investment Finance from DePaul University. Stacey Sayer: Product Marketing Manager, NeoMedia Technologies Stacey Sayer is Product Marketing Manager for NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. Prior to joining NeoMedia, she headed global member services for the Mobile Marketing Association and worked with numerous non-profit organizations throughout the US and Asia. Stacey earned her BA in both History and Communication from the University of Colorado. Suneela Vaidya: CEO & Founder, Savvy Enterprises Suneela Aras Vaidya is the CEO and Founder of Savvy Enterprises, a mobile technology consultancy. Suneela has a BA in English and Journalism from the University of Richmond. She actively volunteers with the Grameen Foundation, Critical Exposure and her alma mater.
  26. 26. Philanthropy Committee Mission:  Extended Team Members:  Build and sustain ties between the wireless and non  Amanda Vitta profit industries, through cause awareness, fundraising,  Genevieve Finck technology support and promulgating corporate  Natalie Quilici responsibility.  Donna Kavanaugh  Gloria Ristaino 2011 Key Goals:  Gay Gabrilska  Quarterly events  Kseniya Andryushyna  Collect 5000 phones for Grameen Foundation’s Recycle  Rani Wemel to Eradicate Poverty Program  Thi Linh Wenau  Creation of Mobile Philanthropy White Paper  Nivedita Ojha  Explore corporate giving partnerships  Melissa Rogers  Tarrah Little Help Needed: always open to new and active members  Amy Coveny Leadership Team:  Helen Levy-Myers  Suni Vaidya  Karla Rahimi  Sanyoogita Shamsunder  Kate Kingberger  Mia Locsin  Stacey Sayer