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Unleash Your Inner Tiger in Content Marketing

  1. About Me @SEOAware
  2. To Be a Tiger You Must… 1. Be Cunning 2. Be Smart 3. Be Aggressive 4. Know When You Can’t Win 5. Bring it With Your Personality!
  3. Cunning: Competitive Research Competitive research is critical if you are hoping to have a shot at beating your competitors with content marketing! Knowledge about your competitors is power. -------------------------------------------------- TOOL!: Check recent presence online:
  4. Tools to Be “Cunning” (Compare you vs. them with the tool data) • SEOmoz - Open Site Explorer, Followerwonk, Fresh Web, Rank Checking, Keyword Difficulty • Authority Labs - Rank tracking - by city and zip code! • Raven Tools - Site Auditor, Research Central, Competitor Manager, Site Performance • Majestic SEO - Site Comparator, Site Explorer • SpyFu - Adwords / PPC
  5. ***Critical What terminology is your audience using? Collect this data. • Research – Google Trends, Google AdWords Tool, SEOmoz Freshweb • Analytics • Social Research – Hashtags • Reviews ( SO MUCH DATA) More on this
  6. Be Smart: Create Attainable Goals You cannot start content marketing without goals and some way to determine if you have met your goals. Goals are what give your content direction. You should have multiple, defined goals.
  7. Be Smart: Things to Think About (Before Hand) What internal obstacles do you have to overcome? (Who do you need to convince or educate? Do you have the budget? Have a social presence?) Can you achieve your goal? How will you do that? (What steps do you need to take now to increase odds of success?)
  8. Be Smart: Things to Think About (Before Hand) How will you use social? Research, planning & strategy. Your Team? Do you need an internal team or do you need to outsource or both? How will you measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies?
  9. Be Smart: Know Your Audience Know your audience(s). Not knowing what they need or want can lead to disaster.
  10. Be Smart: Get to Know Your Audience(s) Research your audience! Social: Engage / discuss in a friendly manner (DON’T sell!) Surveys Polls Create contests Read comments on blogs, videos and social shares ( Engage with your offline audience too. Use this data.
  11. Be Smart: Create Trust
  12. Be Smart: Who You Are Matters Inform without selling.! • Why would I want / need your product or service? (Break this down for each product or service, WITHOUT SELLING) • Why should I trust, like or remember you? • Why are you different or better than your competitor? • What can you offer me?
  13. Be Aggressive: Even Big Businesses are Doing It! Many businesses still do not understand the importance of content marketing, but it is time to get started and be aggressive!
  14. Aggressive Doesn’t Mean Confrontational
  15. Be Aggressive: Change the Company Mindset You have to change the thinking of those around you. Educate everyone in your company, not just the decision makers. If everyone understands the “why” you have a better shot at changing things. Show them how to integrate your online and offline strategies.
  16. Be Aggressive & Be Creative Use a combination of content marketing methods and measure their individual & combined effectiveness. • What works? • What doesn’t? • What has to happen to reach “audience A” and what has to be different for “audience B”? Test, measure, retest!!! Failure or a lack of success is not bad; it is a learning opportunity. Keep trying until you find what works!
  17. Be Aggressive: Some Content Options Study – what are the best options for your business? Articles/Blogs – Quality, interesting, educational, should create a need. Guides – Create something your audience can use & want to share. Images/Illustrations – Impactful, unforgettable, shareable! Infographics – You need a quality design with valuable information! Video – Should be interesting, not too long, give the viewer something & have quality visual and sound. White Papers/Case Studies – Useful, educational, no obvious selling.
  18. Know When You Can’t Win Sometimes you can’t have exactly what you want, but you CAN have a modification of it. Example: Sarasota Real Estate vs. Sarasota Waterfront Homes Think beyond your industry buzz words. Focus on the keywords your customer would know and use.
  19. Personality: Tigers Have it In Spades Most people say tigers all look a like. Some would say the same about most businesses.
  20. Personality: Show it Quickly • Offer something interesting quickly! • The initial “draw” pulls them in…create trust. • Become unforgettable! • Be real. (see tiger design) • Separate yourself! • Don’t be boring!!!!! This is Thor
  21. Tips for Getting Started Focus on immediate & long-term ROI. Be diverse; offer more than just copy. Create a following on social by building relationships with the audience. (What do they like? You have to give to your audience!)
  22. Tips for Getting Started Give to your audience; what do they need to know? Blog, blog some more and guest blog on quality sites!!!!!!!!! Quality, UNIQUE writing is a must! Don’t be cheap! You get what you pay for! Quality content marketing efforts should be a long-term investment. **Engagement is not about sales pitches. Educate and give; don’t sell.
  23. Tips for Getting Started: Example Create what people need or want. Explain EVERYTHING and educate in an easy and attractive way.
  24. Lastly…You Can Do This! Branding, exposure & meeting needs should be goals. Be Smart! Discover your audience(s)! Engage! Be creative! Don’t quit! Remember failing is just an opportunity!
  25. Melissa Fach @SEOAware Link to Presentation Fach Email #SaveTheTigers Clarence

Editor's Notes

  1. Tigers don’t just see and attack. They sit back and they watch and learn all that they can before going after what they want.
  2. Be cunning and learn everything you can before you start. You must watch and learn their strategies. Where do they win? Where do they fail?How do they rank in search engines?How many people link to them? ( are they ranking for? What do you want to rank for? Do they have a strong presence online? (
  3. There are many tools available online that will allow you to collect data on your Competitors:
  4. Eliminate industry buzzwords and focus on what your audiences will be searching for.
  5. What is the point of your content marketing? Is it to increase brand awareness? Sell a specific product or service? Examples: Reach & engage with 30 single working mothers.15% more hotel reservations using April’s coupon code.Engage audience and collect 10 common questions to answer on our blog
  6. Things every business should think about before creating content marketing strategies:1- Who do you need to convince or educate in your company? Do you have the budget?2- Is goal achievable? Take steps now to make sure it is.
  7. Do you have a team in place that you can trust to do the job right and on time?
  8. What will attract or offend your audience. You should know this.
  9. Get to know them so you can appeal to them with the right type of content marketing! What entertains them? What are they looking for? How old are they? What can’t they live without? Locations? What makes them trust? What do they need? Want? What makes them share? Which social platforms do they use? Etc…
  10. Who are you and what are you about? What type of educational information can you provide to me to make me trust or choose you? Focus on interesting, educational info that creates trust  This influences sales!!!!Make who you are abundantly clear to your targeted audience(s)…Trust is a critical part of investing in a company or product.
  11. You have to create trust so you need to educate your audience on who you are. Who are you?What do you do?
  12. Tell your boss (or yourself if you are the boss) that your company can no longer wait to get in the content marketing game! Tell them this is your opportunity to reach your audience, create trust, meet their needs and convert!
  13. Tigers are smart enough to know (most of the time) when they cannot win and when the losses may be too great. They know when to walk away. They learn after the first failure.
  14. Each one of these cats initially looks the same, but as you look closer they are all different. I can also tell you that their personalities alone make it easy for us to know them from a distance.What is going to make you recognizable or memorable? Content marketing can allow you to separate yourself from your competitors. Become unforgettable.
  15. People are in a rush! They are working and popping in and out of social and if you want to grab their attention you must do it quickly! Own your quirks. Your uniqueness will make you stand out. Use what you love to make yourself more human when engaging online. Separate yourself from your competitors
  16. You want to invest in marketing that is going to last.