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What I Have Learned Working on the Community Team at Moz - Pubcon Vegas 2014


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Melissa Fach Running Social and Community the Right Way, Pubcon Vegas 2014

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What I Have Learned Working on the Community Team at Moz - Pubcon Vegas 2014

  1. 1. What I Have Learned Working on the Community Team at Moz Melissa Fach @SEOAware
  2. 2. Associate on Community & Editing Team at Moz (I am one of many) B.A. and M.A. – Psychology & Mental Health Community Jedi - AuthorityLabs Owner of SEO Aware, LLC Writer Twitter Addict Volunteer with Big Cats Survived Raising a Teenager @SEOAware About Me
  3. 3. • Manage Social - East Coast Times 7ish – 12:30 • Handling Nightmares (DDoS attacks, tools down) • Answer Questions / Customer Service Issues • Help & Meet Needs • Watch / Collect Data @SEOAware Social Tasks at Moz
  4. 4. My thoughts… You can’t be good at social or community without @SEOAware guiding principles.
  5. 5. My thoughts… You can’t be good at social or community without @SEOAware plans and strategies in place.
  6. 6. Running social accounts before Moz I felt like this!!!
  7. 7. Experience Before Moz. Personal Branding Community Building Not Customer Service @SEOAware
  8. 8. Provide Info & Educate Good Build Fans Good Show Personality Good Defend Meh (can lead to problems) Stand Alone Not my choice, needed the armor! Avoid Problems Excuses are bad @SEOAware My strategy before Moz…
  9. 9. It was not very TAGFEE!
  10. 10. Transparent & Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional @SEOAware What is TAGFEE?
  11. 11. TAGFEE - Guiding Principles for Everything. TAGFEE allows us to run a better community. @SEOAware
  12. 12. Our Community ‘Expects’ TAGFEE-Like Behavior… …from us and even other companies! @SEOAware
  13. 13. Moz’s Social Numbers 324,000 170,000 52,000 5,500 @SEOAware
  14. 14. TAGFEE changed my thinking & gave me power!
  15. 15. No more excuses - Honesty is freeing No more defending (no need with transparency) No more avoiding problems - because problems are okay I was encouraged to be generous – no guilt I am never alone My New Powers!!!
  16. 16. With TAGFEE, or similar values, your staff can be: • Honest – lying always come back on people and companies • Real – personalities are okay • Generous – this is a first for me and it feels good • Happy – Humor is good for employees and communities • Empathetic – Not all businesses care about empathy • Freaking Awesome – Tell them they are & tell them they can be, watch them bloom @SEOAware Empower Your Community Team!
  17. 17. How do you want your customers and/or community to be treated? What do you want people to think of or feel? What values you do you want your staff to show? @SEOAware Brands Need Core Values.
  18. 18. Time consuming, but worth it! Sarah Bird explains Moz’s process - @SEOAware Brands Need Core Values.
  19. 19. Why Creating Guiding Principles is Critical. Choose team members. Ensures customers satisfaction. Reduces employee confusion & excuses. @SEOAware
  20. 20. Why Creating Guiding Principles is Critical. Brand continuity. Your business may not survive a mistake. Every decision is impacted. @SEOAware
  21. 21. Guiding Principles Help Avoid… Social shares that will haunt you. @SEOAware
  22. 22. Examples @SEOAware
  23. 23. @SEOAware No….
  24. 24. @SEOAware
  25. 25. You can’t be perfect 100% of the time. @SEOAware Mistakes Happen!
  26. 26. @SEOAware
  27. 27. Too many variables you can’t control. Doing everything right isn’t often enough. @SEOAware Avoid Tweeting During Tragedies.
  28. 28. A Good Team
  29. 29. Business Owners, Choosing Your Team. Experience is critical. People that truly care are rare - cherish them. Like-minded individuals with very similar core values. Team that believes in & wants the same things = a strong team. @SEOAware
  30. 30. Need to REALLY care about their fellow team members. Life happens – backup is needed. Support is needed. Willingness to go the extra mile. Must WANT to do right by the brand. @SEOAware Choosing Your Team.
  31. 31. Your Community Team Members Are Your Brand Guardians
  32. 32. Your ‘Guardians’ can and will prevent disasters! This is where strategies come into play!
  33. 33. Strategies and Protocol = Life Saver • Crisis Management • Complaints • Trolls • User Error • Support / Help • Community Support • Questions • Requests • Suggestions • Billing
  34. 34. You need them on that wall!
  35. 35. Team Exercise –> Crisis Management. “If situation ‘A’ happens we will…” “If situation ‘B’ happens we will…” Everyone needs to be on the same page! @SEOAware
  36. 36. YOU have one shot!
  37. 37. You have one shot… Make the person speaking to you comfortable. Say or do NOTHING that could push them away. Your first shot could be your last. Seriously applies to social media management. @SEOAware Therapy 101.
  38. 38. It isn’t about what is best for you… … it is about what is best for them! @SEOAware What is best for the person?
  39. 39. Easy to forget. They DESERVE an appropriate & respectful response! Their feelings are valid. @SEOAware You Are Talking to Humans.
  40. 40. Be understanding & objective. Take nothing personally. Be empathetic. Smile in your heart… @SEOAware You Are Talking to Humans.
  41. 41. Most angry people can be defused quickly…
  42. 42. and turn into this!
  43. 43. How? Validate their feelings!
  44. 44. Some folks just remain angry!
  45. 45. #1 – Stay Calm! • Try to steer it offline – email or DM. • #Respond quickly. • If they refuse remember that you are representing a brand. • Do the best you can & reach out to your team. @SEOAware Angry People Tips.
  46. 46. Remember, you are being watched.
  47. 47. Think HARD Before You Respond. People are documenting! Screenshots Video Articles Discussions The media… @SEOAware
  48. 48. Really?
  49. 49. Remember Transparent & Authentic? It is better to own up & apologize! @SEOAware
  50. 50. This is life (not repeatedly). • Grammar • Joan Rivers share • Forgetting attachments/links Offensive is often not forgotten. @SEOAware Mistakes and Failure.
  51. 51. @SEOAware
  52. 52. Great Opportunity Everyday we can impact someone in a positive way. @SEOAware
  53. 53. Sometimes you just have to rest.
  54. 54. This is a tough job. Emotionally fatiguing. Self-preservation is critical. @SEOAware Take care of yourself!
  55. 55. Represent the brand well. What do I want the person to walk away with? @SEOAware Create Personal Guidelines.
  56. 56. How do I avoid causing harm? How would I want to be treated? How can I make them a brand advocate? @SEOAware Create Personal Guidelines.
  57. 57. Tips for Success Creating guiding principles for your entire team. Empower those that work for you, allow them to do for others. Have strategies and protocols in place for all situations. Think of the people. Handle angry/difficult people carefully. @SEOAware
  58. 58. Tips for Success 2 You are being watched!!! Watch what you say and how you say it. Sometimes it is better to say nothing. Create a supportive team w/similar values. @SEOAware
  59. 59. Remember, lack of personal care could turn you to the dark side.
  60. 60. Melissa Fach @SEOAware Find this presentation at: MelissaFach Come say hello! 
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