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Improving Your Website's UX - WordCamp Raleigh 2016


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These are slides for a short lecture and panel by Ladies that UX Durham at WordCamp Raleigh 2016.

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Improving Your Website's UX - WordCamp Raleigh 2016

  1. 1. Improving Your Website’s UX: Your Questions Answered Julie Grundy, Melissa Eggleston, Marjorie Sample D U R H A M
  2. 2. What is User Experience? User experience is the way a person feels about using a product, system or service. “User experience is a discipline focused on designing the end-to-end experience of a certain product.” - Rui Barroca, Product Designer
  3. 3. - Courtesy of Rui Barroca, Product Designer
  4. 4. UX Design User Experience Design (UXD or UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. -
  5. 5. Why does UX matter? - Fast Company Design article sense-the-business-case-for-investing-in-ui-design
  6. 6. - Google Research, want-most-from-mobile-sites-today/
  7. 7. - Walker Report,
  8. 8. But if you find UX confusing, you’re in the club!
  9. 9. UX Job Titles Different job titles: •  UX Designer •  Information Architect •  Experience Designer •  Interaction Designer •  UX Strategist •  Creative Director •  UI Designer •  UX Researcher •  Product Designer •  UX Specialist Great resource: navigate-the-ocean-of-ux-job-titles In the future... who knows?
  10. 10. User Research UX without user research is not UX. - Nielsen Norman Group
  11. 11. - Courtesy of Chris Kobar
  12. 12. - Courtesy of Chris Kobar Research is involved in every phase except for “build & deploy.”
  13. 13. Get rid of your gut - Photo courtesy of Tim Mathews
  14. 14. Project Examples with UX
  15. 15. Using Usability Tests to Influence Design
  16. 16. A Good Starter Book
  17. 17. Your turn: ask us anything! D U R H A M