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Content Marketing Plan - Social Media Example


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This is a brand story that represents the flow of how a feed will display on social media. This content marketing plan uses a mixture of user generated content, third party, branded and influencer visuals from photo & video. A content marketing plan includes a hashtag campaign to cluster the appropriate hashtags to combine with each post. Request for further strategy on content marketing.

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Content Marketing Plan - Social Media Example

  1. 1. MasMaqui - Instagram Grid August 14th - Content Marketing Plan - Melissa DiVietri This is a content marketing plan for the layout on Instagram. Each individual box is an example of what image will be published on social media. The text will directly below the image provided - please note: this is an example plan and will need to credit the authors if we use User Generated Content (UGC). The content below has not been approved for publishing. The flow of this content represents a brand story - a brand story is a visualization of how content will appear in a newsfeed. Images will follow suit in order to tell a story that the user can relate; it is important to consider influencers in this space to reach more consumers without spending a lot in advertising. 💫🌎 DI DESIGNS STUDIO _ SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY 💫🌎
  2. 2. Next Steps: ​To discuss how to source content, create new content and develop a brand story with repurposed and developed content. Please request a consultation on sourcing content to produce for your social media channels; we can discuss how to prepare the content and schedule in advance. Melissa DiVietri - ​​ - ​​ - @missydi 💫🌎 DI DESIGNS STUDIO _ SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY 💫🌎