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How To Be a Company the Best People Want to Work For [Infographic]


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Top employees are now harder to find…and retain.
Why are so many employees ready to jump ship and what can be done about it?

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How To Be a Company the Best People Want to Work For [Infographic]

  1. 1. CEOofYour.Life How to be a company Canada’s unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1974. Great news! … Except for employers. Why? Top employees are now harder to find… and retain. THE BEST PEOPLE WANT TO WORK FOR In fact, a recent CBC article says that MOST employees are ready to quit! Of over 1,000 people polled: 37 are actively job-hunting 36 would accept a new role Not enough money ZZZ Boredom Disrespect Lack of opportunities What does this mean? Employees crave growth and leadership; especially millennials. What can a coaching culture offer employees? ANALITICS Millennials want good pay, flexibility, mentorship and growth opportunities, all of which can be cultivated through a Coaching Culture. Coaching drives good people to you, keeps them there and helps take your organization (and its people) to the next level. Ready to bring the power of a coaching culture to your business? Let’s make it happen. All of this means Knowledge on how to align their unique strengths with corporate objectives.A feeling of respect, recognition and inspiration by strong leadership. Empowerment to grow their skills, knowledge and experience. The ability to bring their inner leader forward with confidence. Solutions-focused and effective collaboration. The ability to build stronger relationships with colleagues at all levels. A high motivation to bring their best self to the work that they do. Engagement Retention Productivity Happiness Sources: % % Why are so many employees ready to jump ship? brought to you by: Copyright CEO of Your Life 2019