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Lets get social - Berggren & Roventine March 2013


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This was a presentation on utilizing social media for radio personalities at ClearChannel - March 2013, co-presented with Mykl Roventine.

1. Let’s get social
a. introductions (us - slides/them)
b. what social media are you using? (facebook? twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? MySpace? Other?)
c. Goals?
d. What’s working well, what’s not?

2. Engagement
a. likes don’t tell the whole story
b. definition of engagement - listening, responding, talking & talking back
c. examples of listeners being advocates

3. Balance your presence - it’s not all about you. No, really, it’s not.
a – your own content
b – share/retweet other people’s content
c – respond to others notes/ tweets
d - engage listeners - ask poll questions your listeners ask you (best ___ in town)

4. Tactics
a. Effective ways to write a FB post - tips on tagging, schedules, algorithms
b. Effect ways to write a tweet – tips, tags, responding to angry listeners
c. Pre-schedule during the show, respond to people, use hashtag for events

5. Tools
a. Tools such as hootsuite & tweetdeck
b. Listening tools (Google Alerts, monitoring @, Twitter searches)

6. Discussion

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