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Study Visit 2009


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Published in: Career, Technology, Design
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Study Visit 2009

  1. 1.  Biomedic research institute and post graduate teaching.  Founded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 1961.  Located in Oeiras, distanced 20 km of Lisbon.  Aproximetely 250 scientists and post degree students live there.
  2. 2.  Personnaly I liked this institute, it was very interesting, although it’s not something I would do in future, I loved the oppurtunity. They welcomed us very well.
  3. 3. Literary walk
  4. 4. •Sintra turistic train
  5. 5. Theatre of Trindade
  6. 6.  Inicially, the theatre was interesting maybe due to the fact that i was curious to see some actors representing, also to understand a litlle the book. As the play moved on. I became less interested, waiting for something more dynamic. However, it was funny.
  7. 7. The production of ammonium to make fertilizers with azote is, in the current time, the only process that fixes the atmospheric azote in a way that it can be absorbed by vegetables. Ammonium is produced in Portugal since 1951, being electrolitic the way that was used in the first
  8. 8.  Cold industry;  Tobaco industry;  Clothes industry;  Grafic arts;  Water treatment;  Organic and oil industry;
  9. 9.  That was the part of the visit that least interest gave me. Maybe because of the engineer in the begining or because of the factory that was stopped… However, it still satisfied our curiosity!
  10. 10.  The exhibition was inaugurated on 12 February 2009, the date of the bicentenary of birth of Charles Darwin.  The Evolution of Darwin also celebrates the 150 years of publication of the book founder of Evolutionary Theory, The Origin of Species.  The square meters of gallery for temporary exhibitions of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will serve to show how evolution has become the organizing principle of our understanding of nature: the state of natural sciences at the end of the eighteenth century to biology and medicine contemporary - The Evolution Darwin's work as a whole interactive able to attract audience of all ages.
  11. 11.  This was one of the parts I liked most, everything seemed magic! The fact that we studied Darwin before in the Biology class made me ever more curious about it! It was great!!!
  12. 12.  Well, in this station nothing impressed me maybe because it was the last day and the responsible man to ore us to total uninterest. But that huge area of panels had really good interest.
  13. 13.  Throw the all visit I had a lot of fun, there werw great oportunities, I improved some friend shiss, I cried, I song, I danced, I slept a lot  After all I loved all the places I visit and this experiences we can´t let go. I thank the teachers who came with us because without them this could never be possible. They were relentless! Thank you for everything!!! 
  14. 14.  The fashion is composed of diverse styles influenced for some aspects. To each station, the estilistics innovate, establishing the trends that will serve of base for the collection. Now, much people think that to dress all the parts and to use the accessories that are in passarelas he is synonymous to be in fashion.  Generally, the people confuse fashion with style. Different of the fashion, that is a species of standard that somebody, in the case the estilistics, establish for the remaining portion of the people, the style are something of each one. It is the form to dress that in it makes them well that composes our style. The fashion passes, the style remains, comes inside of is.  Each one of us acquires the proper style with passing of the years. Those exist that are more basic, that dresses a t-shirt, jeans, a tennis and go ballad. Or requintados, as some women who literally never go down of the jump. At last, it does not import the way as each one is dressed, only that this makes to it well.  Being this my motto:  “Style is something that if conquest to the few and each one must have its, imposing its personal characteristics who to want to see, independent of critical or compliments, after all, taste is not argued”.