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Handling Objections


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In this presentation, Melinda Brody reviews the steps to effectively handle objections. Handling Objections is one portion of her 5 Star Selling Training Program designed specifically for the New Home Building Industry. Visit for free articles and information about our training services including mystery shops, seminars and training products for the New Home Builder Industry.

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Handling Objections

  1. 1. Handling Objections
  2. 2. Steps to Handle Objections 1. Listen
  3. 3. Steps to Handle Objections 2. Empathize
  4. 4. Steps to Handle Objections 3. Ask Questions
  5. 5. Steps to Handle Objections 4. Answer the Objection
  6. 6. Steps to Handle Objections 5. Isolate the Objection
  7. 7. Steps to Handle Objections 6. Go to Close
  8. 8. To view actual sales representatives caught handling objections correctly, purchase our Best of the Best DVD Series.
  9. 9. To order product, seminars or video mystery shopping visit us at or call 407-294-7614