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10 Sales Meeting Ideas


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Sales Meeting Ideas for the New Home Builder Sales Manager. Stale doughnuts, day old coffee. Where are the sales? Where are the contracts? Hopefully, this is not how you inspire your team! Your objective in a sales meeting is to educate, motivate and involve. Visit for free articles and information about our training services for the New Home Builder Industry.

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10 Sales Meeting Ideas

  1. 1. 10 Sales Meeting Ideas For New Homebuilder Sales Managers
  2. 2. Sales Manager’s objective in Meetings is to… <ul><li>Educate </li></ul><ul><li>Motivate </li></ul><ul><li>Involve </li></ul>
  3. 3. Running out of ideas? Here are 10 creative activities to spice up your meetings.
  4. 4. Idea #1 Have each Sales Rep report on a selling situation outside real estate (car lot, furniture store, etc.) Write a detailed report on the sales process and how they felt as a prospect.
  5. 5. Idea #2 Have each Sales Rep take the last 60 days of registration cards and write as much information they remember about each prospect: kids’ names, employment, etc.
  6. 6. Idea #3 Have each Sales Rep do a book report on a sales book.
  7. 7. Idea #4 Have each Sales Rep watch Home Shopping Network and report on the numerous selling techniques used.
  8. 8. Idea #5 Develop a 2-3 sentence spiel on your builder. Have team memorize it and bring it up early in the presentation as a way to differentiate your builder.
  9. 9. Idea #6 Play feature/benefit grab bag. Put office items or toys in a bag and have each SR demonstrate the BENEFITS of the item to the group.
  10. 10. Idea #7 Have each Sales Rep write down negative comments they hear most while selling. Have them turn this negative as a benefit to use in future presentations.
  11. 11. Idea #8 Have a Sales Rep discuss a difficult customer or situation and how they turned things around.
  12. 12. Idea #9 Have your team meet in an available home that is not moving. Have team brainstorm all the positives and how it can be marketed more effectively.
  13. 13. Idea #10 Using a floor plan from their community, have each Sales Rep write down 5 benefits of each room and 3-5 questions they would ask to get the customer involved.
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