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NC State Safety Moment Spill Kits Spring 2015


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NC State Chemistry Department Safety Moment about Spill Kit Contents

Published in: Science
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NC State Safety Moment Spill Kits Spring 2015

  1. 1. Spill Kits
  2. 2. • HDPE bucket (needed for strong corrosives) • Mini polypropylene dustpan and broom • Hazardous Waste Labels • Additional PPE: • goggles • forearm-covering gloves • shoe covers • Polypropylene bags & zip ties
  3. 3. Solvents and Thiols - Activated carbon Acid - Sodium Bicarbonate NOTE: Do not neutralize heavy metal-containing or oxidizing acids Base - Citric Acid NOTE: Best b/c endothermic w/ visible endpoint Mercury - Zinc powder or mercury sponge Reactives - Vermiculite or Sand General - Universal polypropylene sorbent pads NOTE: May degrade with strong corrosives NaHCO3
  4. 4. Biohazard- • Agent-specific disinfectant • Biohazard waste bags Radioactive - • Radioactive waste bags • Barrier tape • Specialized detergent such as RadCon • Wipe testing kit • Scouring powder and scrub brush Hydrofluoric Acid - • Calcium Carbonate or specialized product such as Spilfyter’s Kolorsafe Kolor-Lock NOTE: Conc. must be <40% to prevent fuming HF
  5. 5.  Evaluate Spill Kit size  Replace missing or expired contents  Verify all members know locations  Verify all members know when and how to use the kits