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NC State Chem Dept Safety Moment Sterilization Safety Spring 2016


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NC State Chemistry Department Safety Moment about Spreading Liquid Bacteria Cultures on Agar-Media Plates

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NC State Chem Dept Safety Moment Sterilization Safety Spring 2016

  1. 1. Reducing Fire Risks in Sterilization Procedures
  2. 2. While plating bacteria onto a petri dish using ethanol and a Bunsen burner, a researcher’s bare arms and t-shirt caught fire as a result of spilling the ethanol. Flames were reported to be up to 0.6 m high. Other combustibles caught fire, as well. The researcher put out the flames on himself and cooled his burns using the safety shower. A colleague put out the other combustibles with a fire extinguisher. The researcher was transported to the hospital and treated for 1st and 2nd degree burns. from “Lesson Learned - Ethanol Fire Burns Researcher” Photo of lab bench with burned ice bucket and burned chair
  3. 3. Consider alternate sterilization procedures. Keep stock bottle and dipping container ≥ 30cm from burner. Slowly turn spreader in flame to prevent burning drops from falling. ≥ 30 cm EtOH Shielded Electric Incinerator Glass Beads Disposable Spreaders
  4. 4. Recap EtOH stock bottle and dipping container btwn uses. Use a capped stock bottle w/ a lower center of gravity. Use only the minimum needed in dipping container. ≤ 10mL of EtOH
  5. 5. Keep safety shower and path to it clear of materials. Eyewash Safety Shower Min Dist’s Required of Clear Space Around Safety Showers 48” 30” Navy Blue fire resistant Royal Blue, Nomex MAX flame resistance Wear flame resistant or retardant lab coat.
  6. 6. SOP for Spreading Bacteria Cultures