Media forms and conventions


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Media forms and conventions

  1. 1. Forms and Conventions of Different Film Genres.<br />Melissa Moon<br />
  2. 2. Action Films<br />Action films use many forms and conventions in order to make the genre recognisable to the audience. This is done by using editing, and effects, mise-en-scene and sound effects. The main techniques used in these types of films specifically is the use of props and character types. <br />Music<br />Action Films such as Transporter don’t often use music in the same way in which other genres of films do. Action films often use music in which is upbeat and of a quick speed to show the action pace as well as how the person involved is feeling.<br />Dialogue<br />The dialogue in this type of film often is used to show the story behind the characters and shows the general personality of those speaking. In the movie ‘The Transporter’ the dialogue is used in order to explain the character and why they are taking part in such a mission as well as the dialogue being used to show what the task is, almost the dialogue is used as a demand. The choice of dialogue allows people to make a connection with those in the film and understand the reason behind the story.<br />Sound Effect<br />Non- Diegetic sound within action films often is music to show the action and the rush of what is either happening or about to happen. However, sound effects are also used in action films for example when there is a fight diegetic sound effect is used to make it sound like the fight is actually happening as well as sound effects of cars, weapons, etc. <br />Mise-en-Scene<br />Lighting within an action film isn’t fully important as it doesn’t really set the scene, however the costume of people in action films are usually smartly dressed as well as often casual. I think this is to show that the person means business and it reflects the genre in a way.<br />
  3. 3. Action Films (Continued)<br />Props<br />In a action there are often weapons or hidden clues used as props, also fake blood is often used in action films just to show how much gore and action there was and to make it as realistic as possible.<br />Locations<br />There are many locations in which a action can be set, however in this genre of film there is often cities or town use to show how busy the area is and how much action is actually happening in terms of the movie and the area shown. In transporter for example the main character is seen travelling on a busy bridge and then driving off onto a train, and this manages to show through the location how it would effect the environment and thickens the plot.<br />Character Types<br />In a action film there is often two sets of characters, those who are good and those who are bad. In the films in which I had researched of this genre ‘The Pacifier’ and ‘The Transporter’ there are main characters in which are men in both films that seem to fight the bad teams and it often involves car as the main lethal weapon, then there is often the opposite male in which is trying to destroy them and the sidekicks behind the bad guy. There is always a hero with a situation where there life is at risk yet they come out on top. <br />Editing Pace<br />The editing pace in a action is mainly high speed depending on what sort of action is occurring. The editing pace in ‘The Transporter’ often speeds up the main character is driving and trying to avoid the characters in which are portrayed as his enemies, yet the editing pace seems to slow down when he meets the woman in which becomes his sidekick and works along side him, making him fall in love with her and protect her. Yet it then begins to speed up with music coming in during car chases and bombs being used to try destroy him.<br />Conclusion<br />In conclusion, I think an action film is the least possible genre to create a trailer around due to not having actors in which can do the stunts that are always in action films. Action films often contain car races, fights and many stunts in which can’t be performed as nobody is trained for this. Also the lack of locations would be a problem in order to create a trailer using this genre. <br />
  4. 4. Examples of Action Films<br />Action Films often use Forms and Convention of:<br /><ul><li>Fast editing pace during action packed scenes
  5. 5. Weapons or Cars for Props
  6. 6. Heightened music in terms of action
  7. 7. Locations are often in cities
  8. 8. Stereotypical ‘Good Guy’ ‘Bad Guy’ scenario</li></li></ul><li>Comedy Films<br />In comedy films there are many forms and conventions used in order to show the genre of the movie. The main forms and conventions used in this type of film is the dialogue and also the characters. The comedy film in which I had researched for this is ‘Kevin and Perry, Go Large’.<br />Music<br />In comedies music is used in order to set the scene and also to exaggerate what is happening in the movie at that time depending on the situation, characters, language and everyday life. <br />Dialogue<br />The dialogue in this type of film often is used to show the general personality of those in the film. In the movie ‘Kevin and Perry, Go Large’ the dialogue is used in order to explain the character and show the stereotype of the sort of character as a teenager. The dialogue is used to show the comical story and explain the plot in a way in which is amusing to the audience. <br />Sound Effect<br />Diegetic sounds in this type of film would be the use of laughter and dialogue in order to clearly portray the comedy correctly and show what is happening in a way in which appeals to the audience. However, sound effects are also used in comedy films for example in ‘Go Large’ when they are in the sea a sound effect is used for when one of the characters runs out of the pool. <br />Mise-en-Scene<br />Lighting within an comedy film isn’t as important as it doesn’t really set the scene, however the costume of people in comedy films are usually casually dressed. I think this is to show that the person is quite natural and also to show that they don’t really see themselves as taking anything seriously. <br />
  9. 9. Comedy Films (Continued)<br />Props<br />In a comedy there are often many props used to fit with the situation in which the comedy is based around, for example in K&P, Go Large there are props such as records, magazines, and everyday items in which could cause situations to be awkward or comical.<br />Locations<br />There are many locations in which a comedy could be set, however in this genre of film they are often set in cities or towns to be realistic. In Kevin and Perry ‘Go Large’ for example they are going on holiday abroad from the typical home and expecting a change. So there would be a variation of locations in this type of film to show a change of environment. <br />Character Types<br />In comedy films there is usually a variation of characters that have different personalities that reflect of each other and give different impressions to the audience in order for them to decide their favourite character. In comedies there is usually one main person in which is the centerof attention and the comedy is based around them in a situation that they do not resolve will, thus making it comical. <br />Editing Pace<br />The editing pace seems to vary a lot in this type of film due to what is happening at the time, whether the movie has reached the seriousness of the situation or seeing the comical side of the situation. For example, in Kevin and Perry Go Large the movie is a comedy about the stereotypes of teenagers and the process of growing up and the editing pace seems to slow down when the two main characters fall out and it is showing the serious emotion, but it then speeds up again when the characters start DJ-ing.<br />Conclusion<br />In conclusion, I think it is possible that a comedy film could work for a trailer because a specific location isn’t really needed but there are other issues such as the dialogue and the sound effects, or general effects. I think what I would need in order to make this work is some characters in which give the impression of comedy and can make it realistic, I feel it may be able to work if it was similar to Kevin and Perry based around teenagers in general and stereotypes. However, the location could be an issue because there isn’t much time and there would be needing a variation of locations. <br />
  10. 10. Examples of Comedy Films<br />In Comedy Films forms and conventions often include:<br /><ul><li>Accidents
  11. 11. Stereotypical views of groups of people
  12. 12. Dialogue to portray stereotypes
  13. 13. Everyday life situations
  14. 14. Heightened Music
  15. 15. Variation of editing paces</li></li></ul><li>Romantic Films<br />For my research on romantic films I have looked at both ‘the notebook’, ‘Cinderella Story’ and ‘the boy girl thing’ as they are two ways in which romance has been show in films, with similar forms and conventions. In all romantic films the main convention is the two characters being drawn to one another as opposites in an everyday situation with a problem needing to be solved. <br />Music<br />Romantic Films often use music as well as non-diegetic sounds in order to build the atmosphere with the audience and the music is usually soft pop music in order to fit the scenes and appeal to the audience, often it is music that is in the charts at that specific time or old hits. Soft music is often used when the two main characters meet and begin to fall in love with non-diegetic music playing when they begin a relationship with music building when conflict occurs leading to a breakup. <br />Dialogue<br />The dialogue in this type of film often is used to show the story behind the characters and shows the general personality of those speaking. In the movie ‘The Last Song’ the dialogue is used in order to explain the characters to each other to get them to bond and develop opinions of one another and at the same time it is allowing the audience to do the same and create a connection, and eventually the dialogue will lead to the characters showing one another how they feel. <br />Sound Effect<br />Non- Diegetic sound within romantic films often is music to show the characters falling in love and showing when the complication is about to happen to make a turn in the story. <br />Mise-en-Scene<br />The lighting in this type of film is often dim lighting in order to create a romantic tense atmosphere between the two characters to show the connection between the ‘mystery man’ and the ‘shy girl’ with music building up to create suspense as the audience knows what is going to happen. However, the costume is often casual as it is not exaggerated and it is a situation in which happens in everyday life so it is made more realistic with this choice of clothing.<br />
  16. 16. Romantic Films (Continued)<br />Props<br />In a romance there are often everyday props used, if any, just to make the setting and plot more realistic. For example, in ‘A Cinderella Story’ a rose and mobile phone were used as the main props in which the story was built around because he was looking for the girl who dropped her phone, whom he loved.<br />Locations<br />There are many locations in which a romance can be set, for example if it is a teen-romance then is would most likely be set in a location such as a high school whereas if it was for an older audience it may be set in a city or on a beach like ‘Along Came Polly’ (romantic comedy). The location is important in order to create a connection between the character, plot and the audience. <br />Character Types<br />In a romantic film the characters are mainly a male and a female in which didn’t know each other before and leads to them falling in love. Often the characters are shy and hiding away from their feelings but the characters become close and leads to the characters developing. <br />Editing Pace<br />The editing pace in a romance often varies depending on the way in which the characters are feeling and their thoughts. The editing pace in boy girl thing often slows down when one character is falling in love with the other and then it begins to increase once again to show that the character can not control their feelings and emotions and the pace is racing like their thoughts and heart. In the boy girl thing the editing pace seemed to increase as the two characters were torn apart due to their social status to show the sadness of the characters. <br />Conclusion<br />In conclusion, I think a romance is the most possible genre to create a trailer around due to a specific location not being needed as it happens in everyday life, and also the props would be easier to get in the time provided. I think that it would be easier for me to do this genre as it is a typical situation that everyone experiences and it would be more natural with a more wide variety of choices to be made in terms of location, times, characters and also the music in which can be used. Also I enjoy watching romantic films so I could create a trailer for this type of genre.<br />
  17. 17. Examples of Romantic films<br />In Romantic Films forms and conventions often include:<br /><ul><li>Love Scenes
  18. 18. Stereotypical Characters
  19. 19. Pain or Betrayal, Complications
  20. 20. Fast editing at the end of the movie, along with music heightening
  21. 21. Kissing
  22. 22. Dim Lighting
  23. 23. Romantic Locations, typical locations – High School, Holiday, etc.</li></li></ul><li>Thriller/Horror Films<br />Thriller/Horror films often open with scenes in which get the audience asking questions and keep them in suspense by using techniques such as music building up in pace and sound, also the locations often give the impression of the type of film. I had researched a film called ‘The silence of the lambs’ and ‘Psycho’ with them both being thrillers they had similar forms and conventions in which can be recognised. <br />Music<br />The music in thriller / horror films often starts slow and begins to build up in pace and this gives a dramatic effect. In psycho it often uses slow orchestra music in order to build suspicion and then turns into fast paced music to show the more dramatic scenes.<br />Dialogue<br />The dialogue in a thriller / horror is often used to show the type of person in which the character is and it tells the story in order to get the audience to relate to the characters, so that there is more of an effect when all of the action kicks in.<br />Sound effects<br />Diegetic sounds can include basic sounds in thrillers / horror such as a gun shot, or screams in order to build curiosity of the audience. Also sound effects can include footsteps, which show that some action is approaching and something is about to happen. <br />Mise-en-Scene<br />Lighting in a thriller / horror is quite important as having a dark setting increases the atmosphere and intensity whereas a setting with more light does not create the same atmosphere and is less effective as a thriller. The costumes in a thriller normally are just casual clothing as they are not expecting it whereas the murderer often where’s a disguise or darker clothes. I had researched ‘When a stranger calls’ in order to compare to other thrillers, and they all use similar forms of mise-en-scene, especially the casual clothing so that the audience don’t suspect one person straight away. <br />
  24. 24. Thriller/Horror Films (Continued)<br />Props<br />In a thriller / horror movie props are often used in order to go with the story and show the clear build up to the conclusion, in the movie when a stranger calls props included pieces of clothing, whereas in other movies they include murder weapons or some form of clues in order to build the plot and draw the audience in. <br />Locations<br />Locations of a thriller / horror often include busy cities or dark forests. The location of a thriller all depends on what the theme is. For example, if it is a thriller based around crime it often is set in cities such as phonebooth, whereas if it is a thriller based around murder or torture it is in an abandoned place or dark forest such as Eden Lake or hostel.<br />Character Types<br />Often the characters in a thriller / horror base around a serial killer on the loose and a vulnerable target. There is often a variety of character types in thriller movies but the character in which is the murderer is usually a strong male figure (Halloween, Silence of the Lambs) whereas the victim is a vulnerable female figure or a mixture of genres and ages. The characters in which are the victims often create a link to the audience in order to make it more effective as a movie. <br />Editing Pace<br />The editing pace of a thriller / horror movie is normally fast when the actions is taking place, for example in Halloween when Mike Myers was murdering his sister in the opening scene. However, the pace seems to slow down when the characters are trying to make decisions. <br />Conclusion<br />I think that it may be possible for me to make a trailer for a thriller but it would have to be set partly at night in order to get the correct atmosphere. However, I am not planning on making a thriller trailer because the locations are restricted and it may not be fully safe in order to use props such as knives, needles etc as part of a crime scene in a movie. The characters and music however would not have been an issue in order to make a trailer but the dialogue would have been difficult to form around the type of movie in the length of time available. <br />
  25. 25. Examples of Thriller Films<br />Thriller Films often contain the following forms and conventions:<br /><ul><li>Blood
  26. 26. Dark Light
  27. 27. Weapons
  28. 28. Scenes of being trapped, murdered or followed
  29. 29. Fighting Scenes
  30. 30. Stereotypical characters – Victim, Murderer, Stalker, Psycho, etc.
  31. 31. Masks, Hidden Identity
  32. 32. Slow Pace if trapped, Fast Pace if escaping / Action
  33. 33. Location of Forests, abandoned houses, etc.</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />In conclusion I would prefer to make base my media products around the romantic-comedy, or general romance genre because I feel it would be the only genre in which could be made realistic due to the restrictions of both locations, professional equipment and also the length of time available. The reason in which a romantic movie would be my first choice is because I think falling in love happens to everyone at some point so it could really appeal to more people. I could reproduce a romantic movie quite easily using the locations available along with all of the other forms and conventions. I think this could work for me as it would be easy to act out as the actors can imagine themselves in the situation and therefore it would make the romance and chemistry look realistic. If I choose this genre I would want to reproduce a story like ‘A Cinderella Story’ because it’s a typically story in which could appeal to the audience. In terms of music, it could be gathered on the internet, or perhaps made on garage band as a soft melody building up. I think it could work using all of the different forms of conventions in the same way in which a normally romance uses, but in order to make it realistic I have to pick actors in which can relate to a romantic situation with boulders in the way of the romance.<br />However, it would be possible that a comedy movie could be made in a realistic manner as they don’t seem to use set locations which is the main form and convention that is restricted for me. Given the circumstances I think it would be possible to get people in which can make the comical situation realistic, along with all the technology to make a good trailer that looks professional. I think it could work for me in terms of the music, props, sound effects, and perhaps dialogue. The music in a comedy film is usually well known music, or upbeat music in which would be easy for me to gather from the internet or make on garage band in order to make it like realistic music for a trailer along with sound effects not really being used that much in the trailer. However, in order to make a comedy some dialogue is needed to make it comical, and I will base the dialogue around the movie ‘The Bad Teacher’ or ‘Kevin and Perry, Go Large’ just in order to make what that characters are saying realistic.<br />The other genres couldn’t really be made in a realistic manner due to lack of locations and time management. <br />