Seminar 3A: Algorithms for SEO


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Seminar 3A: Algorithms for SEO

  1. 1. Algorithms for SEO
  2. 2. Welcome Plug in Muse Melien Lavoie Phone: (860) 214-9900 Email: Website:
  3. 3. ‘Digital Universe’ - Space Station - Shuttle - Social Media (Process)
  4. 4. Google Relativity (Building Blocks) - Power of Many - Keywords - Backlinks - New Content - Related Info What Can Make Me Important?
  5. 5. Posting Process Driving Online Traffic Use Your Social Media How do I get the most out of my Business Postings? With Your Website To Drive Traffic
  6. 6. Road to Google Ratings
  7. 7. Rules of the Road
  8. 8. Google Sorts Algorithms are the computer processes and formulas that take your questions and turn them into answers. When you use them effectively it can lead to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. 9. Google Sorting Algorithms - Panda - Penguin - Venice - Hummingbird - Zebra Road Signs (Guidelines)
  10. 10. Panda Algorithm Google Added Panda to sort the good from the bad and to get rid of unrelated content spamming out related information in online search queries. ● Credibility ● Engaging ● Popularity ● User Friendly ● No Spam
  11. 11. Penguin Algorithm The Penguin update is specifically aimed at developers violating Google Developers Guidelines by using ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques. ● Keyword Stuffing ● Invisible Text ● Cloaking or ● Redirecting user to another site ● Duplicate Content ● Links from sites with Non-Relevant Content Good Related Local Links
  12. 12. Venice Algorithm Venice is a localized update to help narrow down relevant information to a geographical location. ● Title Tag and Descriptions ● Local Content ● Local Links ● Local Testimonials ● Local Directions ● Micro-sites
  13. 13. Hummingbird Algorithm The development of spoken ‘searches’ using smartphones is changing our keyword phrases and how we find info online. The hummingbird update is aimed at improving search engine results accordingly. ● Focus Content Around User Needs ● Spoken Keyword Phrases ● Answer Foreseen Questions in Content Candy Shop, Suffield CTFind me something sweet in Suffield...
  14. 14. Zebra Algorithm Zebra is intended to clean up eCommerce websites and to rid the internet of low quality online merchants. ● Re-evaluate user experience ● Add user friendly elements: ○ Shopping cart that updates ○ Detailed info with policies ○ Shipping and tracking ○ FAQ Forum ○ Register / Login
  15. 15. NEW Suffield Chamber Website Power of Many (Relativity) Popular (Panda) Unique, Relevant and Clean Content (Penguin) New Content (Relativity) Related Content (Relativity)
  16. 16. Panda Algorithm User Experience: Visual with Branding Sorted Content: Easy to Read Popularity Engaging User Experience: Interactive Credible: Unique Content
  17. 17. Penguin Algorithm Unique and Relevant Page Titles Relevant Content with Complete Visible Sentences Relevant Links Well labeled Images with Keyword Tags Quality Backlinks
  18. 18. Venice Algorithm Google Places Local Map Local Reviews Local Content Local Links Local Title Tag Meta Keywords & Description
  19. 19. Time Management 1. How do I Start? 2. Am I visible online? 3. Am I doing it Right? 4. Where can I get help? 5. Who can teach me? 6. How does it work?
  20. 20. Get Results 1. How do I Start? Plug in Session 2. Am I visible online? SCC Website Orientation 3. Am I doing it Right? Monthly Facebook Groups 4. Where can I get help? Facebook FAQ Group 5. Who can teach me? Seminars, Webinars, Workshops 6. How does it work? Facebook Community Campaign
  21. 21. Strong Community Real Life: An active community is a strong one. Digital World: A connected community is a relevant one.