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MBA 111 Report on Plagiarism

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Gs100 plagiarism

  1. 1. ISSUES & CASES OF PLAGIARISM Meldie C. Generalao
  3. 3. MANUEL "MANNY" V. PANGILINAN’S SECONDHAND SPIELS Businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan tendered his irrevocable resignation as chair of the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) board of trustees after it was found that portions of the commencement speeches that he delivered at the school’s graduation rites in March that year were copied from the speeches of celebrities like J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Conan O’Brien. To be fair, Pangilinan was not directly at fault. His speechwriters were responsible for the plagiarism.
  4. 4.  Pangilinan apologized to the university and to the 2010 graduating class for giving a speech that had been borrowed from certain other graduation speeches.  The AdMU board of trustees initially didn’t want to accept Pangilinan’s resignation. However, they had no choice but to let him go. To this day, everyone’s still wondering who exactly wrote those plagiarized speeches.
  6. 6. SENATOR TITO SOTTO’S SERIAL PLAGIARISM  Senator Tito Sotto’s turno en contra speech on the reproductive health (RH) bill was allegedly copied from an online blog without proper attribution.
  7. 7.  They stuck to their battlecry that they had done nothing wrong even when it was revealed that they had also plagiarized the posts of at least two more bloggers (Peter C. Engelman and Janice Formichella), as well as the late U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy. Throughout it all, Sotto remained unapologetic. Whatever apology he issued didn’t ring true and netizens gave him hell for it.  There were groups who signed petitions to have Sotto removed from the Senate, but their wish wasn’t granted. As Sotto pointed out, plagiarism wasn’t considered a crime. He even implied that everyone else was doing the same thing anyway.
  8. 8. JULY 2010 Atty. MARIANO DEL CASTILLO Supreme Court Associate Justice
  9. 9. ASSOCIATE JUSTICE MARIANO DEL CASTILLO’S REHASHED DECISION  In July 2010, Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo was the subject of an exposé done by Newsbreak. They alleged that numerous parts of Del Castillo’s decision on the case involving World War II comfort women were copied from three materials written by legal experts abroad and that the said authors were not properly attributed. An impeachment complaint was then filed against him over the incident.
  10. 10.  Majority's ruling Ten of the Supreme Court's 15-member bench voted to clear Del Castillo.  AND Accepted Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo's alibi that he did not have "malicious intent to appropriate another's work as his own.”  Though his plagiarism was exposed, Del Castillo was not charged with any crime. He is still one of the associate justices of the Supreme Court.
  11. 11.  In a strongly-worded dissenting opinion made public by the newest member of the Supreme Court, Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has criticized her colleagues and said that the Court would unfortunately be remembered as the Court that made 'malicious intent' an indispensable element of plagiarism and that made computer- keying errors an exculpatory fact in charges of plagiarism, without clarifying whether its ruling applies only to situations of judicial decision-making or to other written intellectual activity.
  12. 12. DECEMBER 2010 ATTY. MARVIC LEONEN  UP College of Law Dean  November 2012, appointed as an associate justice of the Supreme Court  Youngest appointee since 1938. Leonen was then just 49 years old
  13. 13. THE ACCUSATION  Atty. Marvic Leonen was accused of plagiarizing parts of an article he wrote for the Journal of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. A group of lawyers-who called themselves the Philippine Social Justice Foundation (Philjust)-claimed that the article, which was published in 2004, had segments that "used original source material without proper attribution."
  14. 14. THE RESPONSE  A GMA News Online report noted: "Leonen acknowledged that he failed to supply at least two attributions in the article titled ’Weaving Worldviews: Implications of Constitutional Challenges to the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997.’ The materials that Leonen borrowed were from the American law professor Owen Lynch’s dissertation and "friend of the court" brief co-written with Romina Picolotti." At the time, Lynch was a visiting professor at the UP College of Law.  In December 2010, UP College of Law Dean Atty. Marvic Leonen submitted his resignation letter to UP Diliman Chancellor Sergio Cao.
  15. 15. THE AFTERMATH  Leonen’s students and colleagues lauded him for owning up to his supposedly inadvertent plagiarism. He went on to serve as Dean of UP College of Law until June 2011. In November 2012, Leonen was appointed an associate justice of the Supreme Court, the youngest appointee since 1938. Leonen was then just 49 years old.
  17. 17. THE ACCUSATION  : In November 2010, barely a week after the Department of Tourism (DOT) unveiled its "Pilipinas kay ganda (Philippines so beautiful)" campaign, people were enraged by its logo.  Blogger Spanky Hizon Enriquez, pointed out that the logo was similar to the one used in Poland’s tourism campaign. It wasn’t clear who was to blame for the copied logo, as Campaigns and Grey, the advertising agency involved in the project said their role was only "in an advisory capacity."
  18. 18. THE RESPONSE  DOT Undersecretary Vicente "Enteng" Romano III was in charge of the agency’s planning and promotions section. He took full responsibility for the "Pilipinas kay ganda" fiasco and subsequently resigned from his post.
  19. 19. THE AFTERMATH  The "Pilipinas kay ganda" campaign was replaced by the "It’s more fun in the Philippines" campaign, which had its own share of controversy.
  21. 21. THE ACCUSATION  the Department of Tourism (DOT) "It’s more fun in the Philippines" campaign had replaced the battered "Pilipinas kay ganda" campaign. But, it wasn’t long before people were also slamming it for ripping off a 1951 Swiss tourism slogan that read, "It's more fun in Switzerland."
  22. 22. THE RESPONSE  DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. was unfazed by controversy over the slogan or tagline. He said it was "purely coincidental." Instead, he and his team worked to make the campaign viral. For some reason, people were more forgiving with this fun campaign. Or maybe they were still weary from getting enraged over "Pilipinas kay ganda."
  23. 23. THE AFTERMATH  For a time, it fueled a meme frenzy.
  25. 25. THE ACCUSATION  A man named Alberto Loquez Ong Jr. filed an ethics complaint against Cayetano for alleged plagiarism in her speeches.  Ong was pertaining to the plagiarism allegations that were raised before by a blogger named Elisa Sangalang.  Sangalang alleged that Cayetano copied parts of her speech on “The Status of the Philippines in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals” and her privilege speech on the World Environment Day.
  26. 26. THE RESPONSE  Cayetano said in one of her tweets that she respects and practices attributions in her Senate speeches and if at any time, she fails to attribute, she immediately make the necessary corrections and amends.  She likewise said that in the two alleged plagiarism cases against her, her staff just encountered "technical glitches" and the footnotes failed to appear on her website.
  28. 28. THE ACCUSATION  CDO processed meat company was ordered by the trademark agency to stop using its green-and-red "Pista" ham packaging and signage for being confusingly similar to San Miguel Purefoods' "Fiesta" holiday ham.
  29. 29. Purefoods accused CDO of Plagiarism for:  Using the “Pista” brand which sounds like their own brand “Fiesta” for their processed ham.  Using red and green colors in packaging.  Purefoods had maintained that it had been using the Fiesta brand since 1980, way ahead of CDO.
  30. 30. THE RESPONSE  CDO, on the other hand, countered that while it had started marketing its Yuletide ham under the Pista brand only in 2006, the names Fiesta and Pista are not only both generic but are also spelled differently.  Besides, the use of red and green colors in packaging has always been associated with Christmas, and was never trademarked for the exclusive use of Purefoods, CDO said, adding that there are three other brands that market their ham with the word "Fiesta", such as Aro Fiesta Ham, Royal Fiesta and Puregold Fiesta Ham.
  31. 31. THE DECISION  Director-General Ricardo Blancaflor of the Intellectual Property Office released a decision in favor of the Purefoods Company.  What tipped the case in favor of Purefoods, according to Blancaflor, was CDO's having launched in 2009 a "Make Christmas even more special" advertising campaign that was eerily similar to Purefoods' ongoing "Dapat ganito ka-espesyal" campaign.  In addition, CDO has since packaged its ham in paper bags with dimensions and colors that were "confusingly similar" to Purefoods, the head of the trademark agency said.
  32. 32.  Director-General Ricardo Blancaflor of the Intellectual Property Office ordered the seizure of the Pista ham labels, signs, prints, cartons and wrappers.  Blancaflor also fined CDO P100,000 - rejecting as unsubstantiated the claim of Purefoods that it lost at least P27. 6 million in unrealized income because of the copycat packaging - and another P300,000 in lawyer's fees.
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