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OM Support Group Details


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Details and guidelines for the virtual ocular melanoma support group hosted by TJU social workers and the MRF.

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OM Support Group Details

  1. 1. Ocular Melanoma Support Group Welcome to the group! May 11, 2016 1pm EST
  2. 2. Group Leaders Greg Garber, MSW, LCSW Thomas Jefferson University Alison Petok, MSW, LCSW, MPH Thomas Jefferson University Britainy Stephens, MSW, LSW Thomas Jefferson University
  3. 3. Group Details • 1 hour (1-2pm EST) monthly for 6 months • First Wednesday of the month (June 1st) • • • Meet as one group then divide into breakout groups (primary/metastatic)
  4. 4. Online Support Group Ground Rules 1. All online support groups are closed to non-registered members to ensure confidentiality. All information discussed in the online support group will be kept confidential. Participants acknowledge they are not permitted to discuss or repeat any information discussed within the support group with others. 2. Participants agree to not print off any correspondence from the online support group. 3. At the end of each support group, all correspondence will be deleted from the website. 4. Participants acknowledge that any inappropriate language or topics will not be permitted. 5. Moderators/facilitators of the online support group reserve the right to remove the user if that user employs any message or topic that is deemed inappropriate or uses unsuitable language. 6. All participants agree to respect other participants’ opinions and discussions. 7. Participants agree to not provide medical advice to other participants as this forum is not a substitution for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Participants are encouraged to seek consultation from a qualified healthcare professional. 8. Participants agree to not discuss other group members who are not present. 9. Sharing is encouraged but not required. Participants have the right to ask questions and the right to refuse to answer. 10. Participants agree to accept members as they are and avoid making judgments.
  5. 5. Discussion Guide • Introductions (1-2 mins) • Format/structure of group • Technical questions • What are your goals? • Education/Support?