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CURE OM Welcome

Presentation by Sara Selig, MD, MPH. Presented at the 2018 Eyes on a Cure: Patient & Caregiver Symposium, hosted by the Melanoma Research Foundation's CURE OM initiative.

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CURE OM Welcome

  1. 1. Sara M. Selig, MD, MPH Co-Founder & Director, CURE OM Melanoma Research Foundation
  2. 2. CURE OM CO-Founder: Gregg E. Stracks, PsyD 1971-2012
  3. 3. CURE OM •Founded in 2011 • CURE OM (the Community United for Research and Education of Ocular Melanoma) •International patient and family steering committee •International scientific steering committee •Patient education and support •Scientific meetings and research support •Secured over $1,500,000 for research
  4. 4. CURE OM Mission •To support research and accelerate the development of effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for ocular melanoma through innovative strategies including international and interdisciplinary collaborations. To improve the lives of people affected by ocular melanoma by creating systems and programs to provide education and support. To advocate for the ocular melanoma community.
  5. 5. International Patient & Family Steering Committee Fmr Governor Kathleen Blanco *Sam Buirski Robert Cheek *Anne Marie Montijo Chrisi Santana Mark Weinzierl *Kim Roy Alina Itkis In memory: Esther Damaser
  6. 6. International Scientific Steering Committee Co-Chairs Keith T. Flaherty, MD J. William Harbour, MD Members Laurence Desjardins, MD Elizabeth A. Grimm, PhD Hans E. Grossniklaus, MD F. Stephen Hodi, Jr, MD Jacob Pe'er, MD James F. Pingpank, Jr, MD Dirk Schadendorf, MD Stefan Seregard, MD, PhD Carol L. Shields, MD Michael J. Weber, PhD David J. Wilson, MD
  7. 7. Patient/Caregiver Initiatives • CURE OM Educational Program: – Eyes on a Cure: Patient & Caregiver Symposium •Kimmel Cancer Center, Philadelphia, June 2012. •MD Anderson, Houston, March 2013 •UCLA, Los Angeles, March 2014 •Kimmel Cancer Center, Philadelphia, March 2015 •Emory University, Atlanta, March 2015 •Washington, DC March 2017 •Denver, CO Spring 2018 •?? Spring 2019
  8. 8. Eyes On a Cure: Patient & Caregiver Symposium
  9. 9. – CURE OM Educational Webinar Series – Educational materials – Educational and awareness campaigns – Meet and Greets – “Buddy” program – Clinical trials finder – Support groups in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University – Grassroots organizing and fundraising – Galas 9 Patient/Caregiver Initiatives (Ed Program Cont.)
  10. 10. Education and Awareness
  11. 11. Education and Awareness
  12. 12. Wings of Hope Galas
  13. 13. CURE OM Unite! Campaign
  14. 14. CURE OM Teams at Miles for Melanoma Events
  15. 15. Research Initiatives • CURE OM has secured over $1.5 million for research • Uveal Melanoma Specific Peer-Reviewed Research Grants : – Established Investigator Award ($200,000/2 years): • Levi Garraway, MD, PhD • John Sondek, PhD • William Tansey, MD • Andrew Aplin, PhD – Career Development Award ($100,000/2 years): • Richard Carvajal, MD • Jae Hyuk Yoo, PhD • CURE OM scientific meetings • Patient registry • TCGA • Partnerships with NCI, SMR
  16. 16. CURE OM Scientific Meetings
  17. 17. CURE OM Scientific Meetings
  18. 18. CURE OM Scientific Meetings
  19. 19. CURE OM Research Grants
  20. 20. The Cancer Genome Atlas
  21. 21. The Cancer Genome Atlas nci/organization/ccg/blog/2017/cure-om
  22. 22. Where from here? More to come! • Continued development of CURE OM Patient Registry • CURE OM Unite! • Expand #EyeGetDilated • Expansion of support groups • 2018 CURE OM Scientific Meeting • Development of robust advocacy agenda • Increased outreach and education • Increased funding for OM research • Other? Please help provide feedback and ideas!
  23. 23. Thank you!!