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Geo23.1102 winter2015 session3


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Session 3

Published in: Education
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Geo23.1102 winter2015 session3

  1. 1. Session 3: Globalization; and Population Geographies 1) Hand out: Participant observation assignment 2) Guest: Zack Gross from Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) 3) Population geography (Chapter 4: 4.1): How do we think about populations and how is this “geographical”? 4) Population geography (Chapter 4: 4.2): Why do populations grow or decline in particular places? New York, NY January 23, 2015 Fouberg, E. H., Murphy, A. B., De Blij, H. J. and C. J. Nash (2012). Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture. John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd., Mississauga.
  2. 2. Section 4.1 - How do we think about populations and his is this “geographical”?
  3. 3. Section 4.2 - Why do populations group or decline in particular places?