Robert Dilts - Leadership seminar June 2013


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A 2 day seminar with one of the world's leading authorities on leadership and entrepreneurship. Discover the difference that makes the difference.

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Robert Dilts - Leadership seminar June 2013

  1. 1. R O B E R TD I L T S &P I L A RG O D I N OLeadershipDeveloping World Class Visionary Leaders.22nd & 23rd June 2013
  2. 2. A unique and powerful two dayseminar with one of the worldsleading authorities on leadershipand Europes leading light inTransformative Leadership Coaching.Leaders who want to grow.Individuals interested in finding what makesthem successful.Business professionals who want to get thebest out of themselves.Coaches, consultants, trainers, heads ofcompanies, managers.Professionals in human resources.All those interested in the human dimensionof leadership.Who is this seminar for?LeadershipDeveloping World ClassVisionary Leaders.Extraordinary results are achieved by individualsand organisations when leaders develop anauthentic, visionary style.These leaders create anatmosphere of trust, engagement and self beliefresulting in a workplace where individuals wantto grow and give their very best to themselves,their team and their organisation.During this content rich, two day seminar, Robert& Pilar will use some of the key tools from SuccessFactor Modelling™ and from Leadership Alchemy™ to guide you through processes that will enableyou to explore, awaken, discern, and select theelements that will determine your very ownindividual leadership experience.Book your call 01793 511180
  3. 3. Leadership Alchemy™Alchemy, the ability to turn base metal into gold isa powerful metaphor for the transformativeprocess successful leaders go through, to achievethe platform of authentic and inspirationalleadership.Leadership Alchemy™ stems from three leadershipstyles, Directive, Mentoring and Coaching, a newmodel of leadership that encourages maturity,awareness and further depth of vision, thusgenerating leaders that understand "the power ofinfluence "versus "the influence of power".Success Factor Modelling™Success Factor Modelling™ (SFM™) enablesindividuals and organisations to identify andtransfer critical success factors in the form ofboth business practices and behaviouralskills.By examining successful projects andinitiatives and observing the behaviour ofhigh performing individuals and teams, SFM™ helps people and organisations toquantify the factors that have created theirsuccess and to identify the trends necessaryto extend that legacy into the future.This powerful two day seminar is for you if you want to:Understand how authentic leadership ismanifestedLearn why strategy is no longer enoughLearn the most common shortcomings ofleadershipDiscover how to express a vision, influenceothers to achieve results, encourage teamcooperation, and be an exampleModel successful behaviours and processesof successTake your career to the next levelDevelop key actions and qualities ofworld-class leadersBecome an excellent Executive or LeadershipCoachAnd so much more …Bringing these two concepts together and drawing from a combination of current research onleadership, the programme will present models that integrate time-tested skills and principles ofleadership from well-established companies with the latest innovations and developments modelledfrom progressive leaders in the new economy. It presents solutions and ideas derived from leadershippractices of successful multi-national companies and synthesise them with new patterns anddevelopments.
  4. 4. A developer and highly acclaimed authority inthe field of Leadership, Creativity,Communication andTeam Development, he haspublished over 20 books, including titles such as:Visionary Leadership Skills (1996), AlphaLeadership (2002), From Coach to Awakener(2003),Tools for Dreamers (1991), Skills for theFuture (1993).Co-founder of Dilts Strategy Group, Robert has aglobal reputation as leading behavioural skillstrainer and business consultant since the 1970s.Robert is one of the original developers ofNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and was adeveloper of the Success Factor Modellingprocess. Robert teaches and lectures all over theworld.01793 www.ukcpd.net3-5 Wood Street, Swindon, SN1 4ANAn international leadership coach with over7,000 hours of coaching practice whoseconsistently successful results have establishedher as one of the pre-eminent individuals in herprofession. Her book "The Business Alchemist" ispublished by Hay House.Pilar was one of the first coaches in Europe tobecome a Master Certified Coach by theInternational Coaching Federation (ICF).Pilars clients include major corporations, such asDiageo, Kraft, PepsiCo, ING, Heineken, Accenture,Danone,Vesuvius,The European UnionInstitutions and various NGOs. She works atsenior executive level and specialises inTransformative Leadership and ExecutiveTeamPerformance.Robert DiltsOne of the worldsleading authorities onLeadership.Pilar GodinoOne of Europes leadinglights inTransformativeLeadership.Venue: Marriott Hotel, Pipers Way, Swindon, SN3 1SHDate: 22nd & 23rd June 2013