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V3 covid 19 cruise story


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The Survival Journey from COVID-19 (Diamond Princess Cruise Ship)

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V3 covid 19 cruise story

  1. 1. Survival Journey from Covid-19 (Diamond Princess Cruise Ship) They found COVID 19 virus 17days after emptied ship. We are still fighting hard with COVID-19(3.25.2020) News from FEb. 4, 2020
  2. 2. Hi Naoko, Previously, I sent you information what I did after disembarkation. Below I pieced together my 57 day adventure in Japan and on the Diamond Princess. I left LA for Japan on 1/9. Got together with one cousin on each side of my family and a missionary friend in Machida. My cousin,Noriko, rented an apartment for me in Nishi Ogikubo. Had a great time really seeing Tokyo and Yokohama for the first time. I visited Tokyo once before in 1987 for 3 days. Met Joy and Tomomi in Yokohama the evening of 1/18. Our cruise left Yokohama on 1/20. Journey before quarantine On Diamond Princess Cruise
  3. 3. Journey before COVID-19 Overall, the 15 day cruise was fun. We visited Kagoshima first. Saw Chiranchokori Samurai Village homes. After Kagoshima we went to Hong Kong, Da Nang, Halong Bay, Taiwan and very briefly in Naha, Okinawa.
  4. 4. Just before arriving in Okinawa, we got word about the Hong Kong man that spread corona virus to our ship. We got to Naha about 12:30 p.m. Disembarkation was delayed. First passengers off about 3:00 were those on excursions. Besides immigration, everyone had their temperature taken. We got off the ship about 5:00 p.m. Took a taxi to town and only had time to shop for a few things at Don Quijote and a drug store and have dinner. Our captain told us that he was rushing to Yokohama because of the corona virus. We arrived in Yokohama 2/3 instead of 2/4. We were supposed to fly home 2/4. That day we were told we couldn’t disembark. The ship docked on the starboard side (right). Our cabin was on the port side. We had a beautiful view of Fuji-san, the Bay Bridge, etc. for a little over a week. Japanese people in their boats and about 6 jet skiers with music came to cheer us up.
  5. 5. Feb. 4 and 5, 2020 First email from Mr. Hank Iwamoto On Feb 4, 2020, at 11:48 AM, Hank Iwamoto wrote: Hi All, Here is the update on Joy’s situation on her cruise in Southeast Asia. Japan quarantined the cruise ship the Diamond Princess which Joy and her friend, Paula Miura were passengers. The ship arrived in Yokohama on Monday evening and was immediately quarantined after an elderly passenger man on the ship was found infected with the Coronavirus when he disembarked in Hong Kong. The Diamond Princess will be under quarantine until all 2,500 passengers and 1000 crew members are tested. I am not sure what happens if any other person or persons are found to be infected with the virus. Joy and Paula were scheduled to fly home today, but that’s not going to be happening. Tune in for more information as it becomes available. ——Hank My wife and I are supposed to leave in two weeks to South America, but as I told you, right now, she is stuck on the cruise ship in Yokohama Bay with 3,700 passengers and crewes they will be quarantined for 14 days. If she doesn’t make it home in time, we will have to cancel our trip and maybe I would be able to attend your meeting. I will keep you in touch! ——Hank
  6. 6. Hi All, More updates from Joy. Today there are at least 61 passengers on the Diamond Princess that tested positive for the Coronavirus. The passengers was supposed to stay in the cabins at all times, but today they were allowed to leave their cabins for a hour to a designated area of the ship and they had to wear masks. Joy, Paula and Tomomi decided not to leave their cabin, for safety reasons. They are in a mini suite with a balcony with a view of Mt Fuji, meals delivered to their cabin, two large TVs and a large bathtub, in which they been bathing twice a day. Joy said the Princess Cruise Line is taking good care of them. They want to thank all of the people who were concerned and are grateful for all the prayers that have been extended to them. ——Hank
  7. 7. Feb. 6, 2020
  8. 8. Subject: Re: updates?(Feb. 10) Hi Emiko,Good morning! Yes, it is our ship Diamond Princess. As of today we have 135 tested for Coronavirus. Today is our 7th days of our quarantined in our ship. We have 7 more days to go. We are required to take our temperature twice a day. Our temperature have been very low so we are all doing well. We are also allow to go out of our room one hour a day but we decided to stay in our room for our safety. Princess Cruise have been taken wonderful care of us. I am looking forward to going home very soon! Love, Joy
  9. 9. To All My Family Members and Friends, Update February 19, 2020 End of Quarantine and Disembark Process Based on information provided by the embassies directly to their citizens, they will also require an ADDITIONAL 14 days of quarantine upon arrival in their country of origin. A negative COVID-19 test following this quarantine will be required before being allowed to travel to their final destination According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, the disembark process for those individuals who are not are not taking government reparation flights (Joy, Paula and Tomomi) will start today. The disembark process will be undertaken over several consecutive days, since they will be tested, and the testing and results require 2 to 3 days to complete. A certificate that indicates a negative COVID-19 test result is expected to be granted by the Japanese health authorities to exit the ship. ——Hank
  10. 10. Tres Amigas -Phyllis Murakawa A serendipity ocean cruise, Sunshine, waves and suntan lotion, An unwanted foe appears. Pandemonium, too many People, Lockup, silence and fear, Worry. Patience, silence And wait, Waiting and waiting, Horrific outbreaks. Sickness and death. Waiting for release, Wonderment. City life from the window, Fresh air and fresh coffee Alas, normal life A sip of tea in a China cup, Scones and cakes and much delights, A lovely gift from the Princess. Royal libations abound, Comforts of a Queen, Again, remembered by the Princess. To be continued........
  11. 11. For Valentines’ Day we received gifts from Princess and Japanese businesses.
  12. 12. 2020年2月6日から17日におけるクルーズ船乗員乗客の 発症日別COVID-19確定症例報告数(n = 151) Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases with reported onset dates, by onset date, aboard Diamond Princess, 6 – 17 February 2020 (n=151) From National Institute of Infectious Disease
  13. 13. 2020年1月19日から2月2日におけるクルーズ船乗員乗客の常設 診療所訪問日別発熱患者数(n = 79) Febrile Patients, by date of clinic visit, Diamond Princess clinic, 19 Jan - 2 Feb 2020 (n=79)
  14. 14. Picture taken from Cruise ship by Ms. Paula Miura
  15. 15. Princess fed us too much food. More than we could ever eat. We barely finished breakfast and lunch already arrived. We were given menus for lunch and dinner to pick our main course. We were able to disembark on 2/20. Princess paid for 2 nights, all expenses paid at Palace Hotel in Tokyo. I could see the Imperial Palace grounds from my room. From the Palace Hotel, we went to Shinjuju Washington Hotel Main for the balance of our stay. We had a great view of the start of the Tokyo Marathon. We flew home 3/6.
  16. 16. Update numbers on 3.23.2019
  17. 17. Message from Ms. Miiura after coming back to US 3.25.2020 US Government interfered 2 days before 14 day quarantine was over and any lab tests were received. At that point, only those 70 years old and over and their cabin mates were tested. There were 3 of us (Joy, Tomomi, me) in a mini-suite with balcony. We were tested 1/15 by the Japanese Self Defense Force because Joy is 70+. We planned to decline evacuation on 2 US chartered jets. Mingling with > 350 untested (or some lab tested waiting for result) Americans on charter flight was dangerous. Also, 230 Chinese from Wuhan were quarantined at Travis. Taking the chartered jets to USAFBs would have required another minimum 14 day quarantine. We had a good chance of being infected. Also, Tomomi wasn’t allowed to go with us because she is a Japanese citizen with a green card. Those taking the charters had to wait over 5 1/2 hours on buses in the parking lot (2/16) outside our cabin. No toilet, water or food in the bus or charter. One bus had to pull up to the port terminal for a restroom break.
  18. 18. The US Government tried to threaten Americans.....”If you refuse to go on charter, you will not be allowed to return after quarantine even after receiving negative lab results.” We were prepared to stay an additional 14+ days in a Japanese hotel. An American doctor in hazmat suit came to our door at midnight (2/17) to make sure we weren't leaving the ship. I told him that we weren't leaving because we didn't want to be exposed to the virus. Most were Americans that were not lab tested. He said "Smart move", thumbs up. Verified that we made the right decision. Later we got word that 14 Americans on the charter to USA had corona virus. Japanese Government rushed lab test results to US before Americans boarded the charters. They exposed everyone on the buses and charters. US took CV positive Americans anyway. Only a sheet separated the sick from healthy. More Americans caught CV because of some idiots making stupid decisions. The 10 buses with curtains closed finally left on 1/17 about 1:45 a.m. Reminded me of when our families was evacuated from California during WWII. Curtains were closed. US chartered 2 Russian planes with no windows. They were taken to 3 US AFBs for a minimum of 14 days. Time resets with each new CV.
  19. 19. Hi Naoko, I’m fine now. Came back mentally and physically exhausted. Never dreamed I’d be gone 57 days. It was quite an ordeal. Came back to 10 large bags of mail to go through. To be honest, if I were rich, I’d go back to Tokyo until the craziness here dies down. Japan is so clean. There is no hoarding. Stores and supermarkets are fully stocked. Restaurants are open. Once I got off the ship, I averaged 15,000 steps or over most days. Even though some museums, Tokyo Disney, etc, were closed, there were so many other places to see. Enjoyed the Tora-san Museum, Nihon Minka-en, Ueno Park & Zoo, Kappabashi Kitchenware Town, etc. Everyday, I would go somewhere different. Loved being out in the fresh air. Earlier message from Ms. Miura 3.25.2020
  20. 20. Pictures taken by Ms. Paula Miura
  21. 21. • Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Iwamoto, Ms. Miura for sharing your journey in the cruise ship and Japan.(Email, pictures) • Dear friends and families, we are still fighting with COVID-19, please stay healthy and happy. The Terasaki Nibei Foundation Naoko Okada(Coordinator) 3.26.2020