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Geigel melanie 4.4

ppp, professional persona project

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Geigel melanie 4.4

  1. 1. HEY YOU ! Photography By Melanie Geig Listen to my story…
  2. 2. My Name Is Melanie… Photography By Melanie Ge
  3. 3. I have a HUGE FAMILY ! Photography By Melanie Geig
  4. 4. My Family is Very Supportive of everything I Photography By Melanie Ge
  5. 5. At 21 years old I went into labor It was the L O N G E S T 15 hours of my Life!Photography By Melanie Geigel
  6. 6. My daughter means… Photography By Melanie Ge …the World to me
  7. 7. Photography By Melanie Geigel
  8. 8. Without her I don’t know what I would be doing Photography By Melanie Ge
  9. 9. I have so Much Fun In life Photography By Melanie Ge
  10. 10. I Have such a busy life I want to be able to provide for my family without the stress and s Photography By Melanie Geig
  11. 11. I Work hard so my family wont have to struggle Success Is Key Photography By Melanie Ge
  12. 12. I am Currentlyworking with some artist
  13. 13. Music is a beautiful thing.. I want to help others with t
  14. 14. is my LIFE
  15. 15. Working hard is important Work Hard.. Play Hard Photography By Melanie Geigel
  16. 16. Relaxing Is just as important Don’t Stress Yourself Out ! Photography By Melanie Geigel
  17. 17. I don’t let anyone bring me down, I do what many said I couldn'
  18. 18. Work your way from the bottom to get to the top
  19. 19. One day I will make it
  20. 20. I will be able to take care of my family with my success
  21. 21. Soon I will have Business’ all over the World !
  22. 22. Family is first, I think of my family every step of the way
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Cup of Coffee a day Keeps the stress away Photography By Melanie Ge
  25. 25. Thankyouforgettingtoknowme Photography By Melanie Geigel