Kickstarter || Next Generation


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A submission to the No Right Brain Left Behind Challenge in 2011.

On behalf of the K12 group at Perkins+Will.

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Kickstarter || Next Generation

  1. 1. a quick burn idea. Melanie Kahl
  2. 2. the situation:There are passionate kids that are consistently disengaged during school day,but find time and inspiration to create on the weekend and during the summers.All too often a shortage of adult support, accountability, tools, and cash preventtheir great ideas and passions from being fully realized.If project-based learning isnʼt being implemented in the classroom, it needs to beempowered in the cloud. Ideally, with the help of a crowd.We take our inspiration from Kickstarter. After funding a few projects andwatching its progress in the last several months, there seems to be no end to itspossibilities. So, why not bring it to the education world? He saw a cool websiteEvan’s school was He wanted to make a He needed some tools and was completelytypical. And despite art custom skateboards with and a little bit of help inspired, but a bitand shop classes, there his partner in crime, with the construction intimidated. He neededseemed to be no room for Darren, based on his and business plan. some help...his real passion project. personal heroes.
  3. 3. the tool: “ Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. ”
  4. 4. the game changer: next generation This proposed platform aimed at the 13-19 set uses the existing kickstarter infrastructure but adds on several additional features to empower students. be an expert: this feature allows people to not only “back” projects monetarily, but also with skill and insight. These skill-based mentorships are rewarding to all parties. give resources: whether by lack of proper tools or materials, youth are often held back by not having the right stuff to get the job done. In addition to insight and funding, backers can agree to check off in-kind supplies and “loans” from project wish lists. connect to class: while all backers receive projects, updates, and collateral, the school community remains largely uninvolved. Until now. KS:ng projects require that participants present their product to a class, club, and/or community group and post reflections to truly close out their project. kickambassador: those with successful projects and recommendations can apply to be a program ambassador to spread the KS:ng ethos, plan initiatives with the KS team, and represent KS:ng for press opportunities.
  5. 5. thanks to the noun project.A project we backed that supplied the visuallanguage for this presentation. Their mission isto share, celebrate, and enhance the worldʼsvisual language. Melanie Kahl