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Oral Presentation Rubric


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  • Thanks so much for this! Saved me a lot of time.
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Oral Presentation Rubric

  1. 1. Oral Presentation Rubric Name: _____________ Date: ____________ Topic:______________ Hour:_____________ 5 pts 4pts 3pts 2pts 1pts Total/CommentsTopic Complete A lot of Good Little mastery No mastery ofMastery mastery of mastery of Mastery of of topic topic.(Clarity) topic topic topicPosture Excellent Very Good Good Posture and Posture andand tone Posture and Posture and Posture and Tone could be Tone need to Tone Tone Tone better improveCreativity Unique Very Creative Somewhat Needs to be Creative Creative more Creative.Organization Excellent Very Good Good Organization Organization organization organization organization could be needs better improvementBehavior Excellent Very Good Good Behavior Behavior behavior behavior behavior could be needs better improvement Total Points: ____________