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How Occulus measures and tracks opportunities through the pipeline

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  • Points on the right should have some sort of header. i.,e, Turn Suspects into Customers by…
  • Be careful with this broad brush statement… some CRM’s enable a pipeline/opportuinites… they just don’t analyze why or how.
  • Great chart for thinkers and directors– ineffective for socializers and relaters
  • Empty data without sources
  • Would not impress me unless I knew who said these things… could be you.
  • Occulus Positioning V3 3

    1. 1. Why are Weather Networks the most popular (non; Search, Social Media, Gov‟t) websites in North America? You can‟t change the weather!Occulus Inc. 1
    2. 2. However………. what you can change is how you react to the information provided and how you manage your activities. As Peter Drucker said………Occulus Inc. 2
    3. 3. “You can‟t manage what you can‟t measure.”Occulus Inc. 3
    4. 4. CSO Insights In their 2012 „Optimizing Win Rates‟ research report on 1,500+ companies, CSO Insight‟s found that on average, of the deals that were Forecast to WIN, the net results were: • WON 46% • LOST 30% • NO DECISION 24% www.CSOInsights.comOcculus Inc. 4
    5. 5. The Aberdeen Group In their 2012 Report, „Lead-to-Win 2012‟, The Aberdeen Group found that of the companies in the research, that; •29% said they did not have sufficient visibility into and control of the sales pipeline •48% said they didn‟t convert enough leads into sales www.Aberdeen.comOcculus Inc. 5
    6. 6. The Bottom Line Sales Reps Are spending over 50% of their time pursuing deals that; 1. Are not real (No Decision = 24%), or 2. They won‟t win (LOST = 30%) Sales Management 1. Does not have enough visibility into the pipeline to track deals (29% of companies) 2. Sales Reps are not converting enough leads into sales (48% of companies)Occulus Inc. 6
    7. 7. Why is this happening? Lack of definable and Sales Cycle Suspects measureable KPI’s. Lack of visibility of opportunities 25% Prospects once they are in the pipeline. No methodology to track the ? 50% progress of the opportunity. Qualified 70% Highly subjective assessment of Prospects the quality of opportunities. 80% Inconsistent definitions of quality of opportunity across sales force. 90% No methodology to identify low probability opportunities. Closed 100% CustomersOcculus Inc. 7
    8. 8. Sales Management Problems/Concerns 1. Low forecasting accuracy. 2. Not enough qualified opportunities in the pipeline 3. Too many “No Decisions” 4. Too many opportunities slip into next Quarter 5. Too much time wasted on low quality prospects 6. End-of-Quarter panic/challenges 7. Not enough NEW business 8. Not enough time to coach sales reps 9. On-Boarding of new hires takes too longOcculus Inc. 8
    9. 9. How do you fix this Problem? By tracking opportunities from Sales Cycle Suspects first contact, to close. Phase I Prospects By providing assessments based Phase 2 on quantitative analysis. Poorly Qualified Phase 3 By qualifying opportunities on Moderately Winning and Close Date Phase 4 Qualified Qualified By identifying low probability Phase 5 opportunities quickly. Phase 6 Well Qualified By Identifying KPI’s (define) to track Phase 7 Extremely Well Qualified individual & group progress. By creating a consistent set of Closed 100% Customers definitions across sales force.Occulus Inc. 9
    10. 10. How does your CRM fix These Problems? It doesn‟t! Your CRM was designed to capture customer information and account activity by sales, support. Not to track individual sales Opportunities through the pipeline. CRM‟s are for data, not strategy.Occulus Inc. 10
    11. 11. Occulus Inc. 11
    12. 12. A strategic sales management system that will fundamentally improve how your sales teams sell and how you coach and manage them by allowing you to tracks & measure individual sales Opportunities from first contact to Close;Occulus Inc. 12
    13. 13. Occulus provides major benefits at all levels of the sales force: • Sales Rep • Sales Manager • C-Suite / ExecutiveOcculus Inc. 13
    14. 14.  A Sales Tool that: ◦ Provides a quantitative & qualitative analysis of sales opportunities ◦ Provides an objective assessment of where the sales rep is with an opportunity (Prob. of Winning, Prob. of closing by Close Date) ◦ Provides coaching advice to sales reps and helps them close more business (Missing Information, Action Items) ◦ Improves forecasting accuracy and reduces Close Date Slippage (CDS) ◦ Identifies low probability opportunities quickly ◦ Identifies opportunities that have stalled ◦ Allows the sales rep to close deals with fewer calls ◦ Allows for better and more efficient communication with sales management on specific opportunitiesOcculus Inc. 14
    15. 15.  A Sales Force Management Process that: ◦ Allows for better management the forecast & pipeline ◦ Eliminates subjectivity from opportunity assessments ◦ Provides a consistent team-wide assessment of opportunities ◦ Eliminates Close Date Slippage (CDS) ◦ Eliminates End-of-Quarter surprises ◦ Allows for more effectively engagement with the Sales Reps on specific deals ◦ Provides a more effective means to manage & coach the sales teams ◦ Provides Key Performance Indexes to improve sales management & increase efficiencies ◦ Provides early identification of potential problem areas and riskOcculus Inc. 15
    16. 16.  C-suite Sales Management Process that: ◦ Provides visibility into the sales pipelines ◦ Provides more accurate sales information ◦ Provides more accurate forecast ◦ Eliminates End-of-Quarter surprises ◦ Allows for better management of the sales force ◦ Provides KPI‟s to measure and compare sales force performance ◦ Reduces the cost of closing a sale ◦ Reduces sales rep on-boarding time ◦ Increases new hire revenues ◦ Provides a significant year-over-year ROIOcculus Inc. 16
    17. 17. Occulus Solves These Problems 1. Low forecasting accuracy. 2. Not enough qualified opportunities in the pipeline 3. Too many “No Decisions” 4. Opportunities slip into next Quarter 5. Too much time wasted on low quality prospects 6. End-of-Quarter panic/challenges 7. Not enough NEW business 8. Not enough time to effectively coach sales reps 9. On-Boarding of new hires takes too longOcculus Inc. 17
    18. 18. By Measuring: Phase of the Suspects Sales Cycle DEGREE of KEY PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATION INDEXES Phase I Suspect To Prospect Prospects Phase 2 Conversion Ratio Poorly Qualified Phase 3 Qualified Pipeline Ratio Phase 4 Moderately SKEW Ratio Qualified Phase 5 Close Date Slippage Ratio Qualified Phase 6 Current Status Well Qualified Phase 7 Forecasting Accuracy Extremely Well Qualified Win / Loss Ratio Closed 100% Customers Prob. of Winning Prob. of Closing (Time)Occulus Inc. 18
    19. 19. How Does Occulus Solve These Problems? 1. Forecasting accuracy is low. Occulus improves forecasting accuracy by providing an objective analysis of opportunities along 2 axes, • Prob. of Winning • Prob. of closing by the forecast Close Date thereby eliminating subjectivity and guesswork from the forecast. 2. Not enough qualified opportunities in the pipeline. The Occulus Prospecting Module allows you to define up to 5 pre- qualification criteria ensuring that only „real‟ opportunities make it into the sales pipeline. Occulus‟ ongoing and iterative analysis ensures that only those opportunities where the sales rep has a realistic expectation of success remain in the pipeline.Occulus Inc. 19
    20. 20. How Does Occulus Solve These Problems? 3. Too many “No Decisions” Occulus identifies low probability opportunities early in the sales cycle before time and resources are wasted on them. 4. Opportunities slip into next Quarter (CDS) By qualifying opportunities along the time axis, Occulus will inform the sales rep (and sales manager) of the probability of an opportunity closing by the forecasted Close Date, thereby significantly reducing Close Date Slippage (CDS) 5. Too much time wasted on low quality prospects Occulus identifies low probability opportunities early in the sales cycle before time and resources can be wasted on them.Occulus Inc. 20
    21. 21. How Does Occulus Solve These Problems? 6. End-of-Quarter surprises By combining Occulus‟ 2 dimension analysis (Win & Time) with Occulus‟ SKEW measurements, end of quarter challenges and risk can be indentified early in the quarter and remedial action can be implemented. Note: SKEW is a measure of the degree to which opportunities are forecast to close in the last week of the quarter. SKEW is also known as the „hockey-stick‟ effect. 7. Not enough NEW business Occulus identifies and measures new business opportunities and allows sales manage to set goals and track new business achievement.Occulus Inc. 21
    22. 22. How Does Occulus Solve These Problems? 8. On-Boarding of new hires takes too long Occulus is a simple and straight-forward sales process that is both highly intuitive and self-calibrating that will reduce the on- boarding time for new hires by up to 30%. In addition to saving time and money Occulus will also increase new hire revenues and maintain market share in new hire territories. 9. Speed of deployment. As Occulus is simple and easy to use, your sales reps can up and running in a matter of hours as opposed to days or weeksOcculus Inc. 22
    23. 23. Integrated with your CRM or standalone, Occulus will provide you with ability to measure critical attributes of the opportunities in your pipeline and manage them more effectively.Occulus Inc. 23
    24. 24. FOCUS: Selling TOTAL VIEW By Opportunity - Status Contact Information C - Strategy - Next Steps U - RISK C History S T R O M Customer Analysis M E Sales, Support, Marketing etc R Opp Status Forecast Data KPI’s - SPR - QPR - SKEW - EtcOcculus Inc. 24
    25. 25. By combining the analytic strength and opportunity focus of Occulus with the Account focus of your CRM you will be providing your sales force with an integrated process that will allow them to not only manage their accounts more effectively but close more business, maintain market share and provide more meaningful and accurate information to sales management.Occulus Inc. 25
    26. 26. FOCUS: By Opportunity - Status C - Strategy - Next Steps U - RISK REPORTS Forecast Data S KPI’s - SPR T - QPR - SKEW O - Etc EXPORT M E ROcculus Inc. 26
    27. 27.  Simple question & multiple choice answer format.  Easy to use: intuitive & Graphical.  Immediate: results are available immediately.  Tactical: focuses on deals currently in the forecast & pipeline.  Accurate: analysis is based on the accumulated knowledge and experiences of thousands of sales professionals, sales trainers and sales coaches; combined with rigorous statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms.Occulus Inc. 27
    28. 28. Occulus Iterative Analysis Occulus Outputs Step 1: Enter Type of Win/Close Probabilities Opportunity Data Project Name Sale Low Score High Contact, WIN 76% 82% 88% Amount Close CLOSE 62% 73% 84% Date Step 3: Degree of Step 2: Answer the Run Analysis Qualification Questions Proposed Confidence Solution Analyze Factor Decision Opportunity Process Competition Description WIN / CLOSE Chart Relationship Timing SWOT Chart Step 5: Update Answers Detailed SWOT & Re-Run Analysis Analysis Velocity Missing Chart Action Information Step 4: Review Items Analysis & ImplementOcculus Inc. Guidance 28
    29. 29. Actual End User Survey – determine value of Occulus in normal use over 1 year period  Sales reps (95+) – gave 8.9/10 rating ◦ Win more business & engage prospects at higher level ◦ Helped closing and forecasting accuracy, in particular the accuracy of close date ◦ provided important guidance as to how to close a sale  Sales managers (8+) – gave 9.9/10 rating ◦ 40% increase in forecasting accuracy ◦ 12.5% improvement in Sales Manager productivity ◦ 17% increase in new hire revenues ◦ 30% reduction in new hire ramp-up time ◦ 32% reduction in No-Decisions deals ◦ >300% ROI using OcculusOcculus Inc. 29
    30. 30.  “Occulus is the first tool Ive ever used that has actually helped me close a deal”  “Best sales software I‟ve ever used”  “Forecasting accuracy is a lot better”  “Occulus has made me more productive”  “Makes me a differentiator with the customer, and gives me an extra edge over the competition”  “A brilliant tool, that identifies the GAP, monitors my status”  “Critical in financial planning and forecasting, for the first time I have a trusted view into the sales process”Occulus Inc. 30
    31. 31.  Improved sales rep „Win Ratios‟  Increased revenues  More accurate forecasts  Reduced Close Date Slippage (CDS)  Fewer sales calls to close a deal  Faster ramp-up time for new hires  Increased Sales Manager productivity  Better financial results  More accurate reportingOcculus Inc. 31 31
    32. 32. Phone: 416 907 - 5902 Email: Info@OcculusSales.comOcculus Inc. 32