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A slideshow presentation of social media marketing in business: How and where it began, current landscapes, opportunities and benefits, the different types of social media, what social media and social media marketing are, and how to find success in social media based marketing

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  • Hello and Welcome! The following presentation will cover Social Media in a Corporate World, how it is currently utilized within the industry, and the opportunities and benefits that go along with incorporating it.
  • Social Media is simply media that is used for social interaction. I’m sure we have all seen one, more, or all of these social media icons before whether it has been on a website, the actual website itself, or through an advertisement. Social Media sites can be joined or connected to a parent site to establish an online community which can in turn boost sales and gain followers of the brand.
  • Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing. Once an online following has been established, the company can then connect with the audience on a much deeper level to form bonds that can last a lifetime.
  • There are many answers to the one question, where did it all begin? The most popular answer you will find is Ebay. In 1996, Ebay opened their customer feedback forum which quickly developed into a community forum. Creating a community for customers to share ideas provided feedback of what works and what doesn’t, increased interest in products and services the site provided, and educated the audience on those products and services. .Businesses started seeing the rapid growth in Ebay and began to do research studies. These studies showed that the longer someone stayed on a website, the more money they would spend. Therefore, began the birth of social media in business mainly because one business decided to open a customer based forum and began to see a growth in customers and customer satisfaction that had never been seen before.
  • With the creation of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses began to see the amount of traffic these sites where getting. Companies soon realized that they could reach the masses (millions and even billions of people) with little to no cost and see an even greater return of investment. The current Social Media Landscape is vast, with many different types of Social Media in which can be used to establish a community and distribute a brand to that community. Blogging is a way to post comments, pictures, videos, etc to others and allow them to comment on it.Blogging tools include WordPress, Joomla, OpenDiary, Typepad, and LiveJournal to name a few.Micro Blogging is short text-style messages that are generally 160 characters or less. This type of blogging is generally done through social networking sites such as Twitter.Social Network Sites are online communities with a wide variety of audiences. Examples of social networking sites include MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Twitter.Photo and Video Sharing through sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Slideshare, and YouTube is a great way to connect with the audience on a more personal level. Viewers can view and/or upload pictures, videos, and presentations and comment on them. Multi Platform Collaboration is when several types of social media is used to promote one brand. The collaboration provides content to create useful information provided by multiple users.
  • The leader in the Social Media Marketing field, at the moment, is the automotive industry. How do they do it? Interaction with their audience and their potential audience is the main reason they are number one. Posting photos, videos, and messages and giving one-on-one responses to customers make it easy for the customer to relate to the company and establishes a more personalized and human-to-human experience. Honest customer reviews of the products and services also help the business in several different ways. Customers can visit the social media site to learn about products and services and are allowed to read other customer reviews so that they can come to a personal conclusion if the product may be right for them or not. Customers enjoy reading the feedback on products and it helps the business owner as well by letting them know which products and services are doing good and which ones need improvement. These companies that are on top of the social media marketing food chain all realize that revealing and delivering their brand to a wide range and variety of people can boost sales and establish a tight-knit, family style community that can last a lifetime.
  • Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows the user to share and organize everything they find interesting on the web. Pinterest, like Facebook and Twitter, has millions of users which constantly share and search for new and exciting things found on the web today. The way pinterest works is that the user downloads a small program into the task bar of their browser – a simple button which allows them to “Pin” and “Share” anything interesting they find on the web. The “Pin” is then placed on their pin board and is shared with their friends. The “Pin” is also categorized and can be viewed by search or by viewing the category the “Pin” is placed in. there is a constant stream of pins that are updated instantly to each category and board. Pinterest is visual which users love.Pins are allowed to be commented on and “Liked.”Every image, comment, and pin has a link to it which takes the viewer to the actual website. This means that the more pins a site gets, the more visitors it will have. Pinterest is very addictive to its users and is geared toward females of all ages (However there is an automobile, motorcycle, and men’s fashion section).Pinterest can be directly connected to Facebook and Twitter.All of these reasons explain exactly why Pinterest should be utilized in the Social Media Marketing plan. Oh, and it’s also free!Implementing it is simple. Simply visit the Pinterest site and request an invitation or ask a friend to send you one. Then set up an online profile which displays in great detail about the company, product, or service you want. Then install the “Pin it” button into the browser’s task bar. After completing these steps, begin uploading pins or searching the internet for pins to add to the board. After pinning or uploading items, link the page to Facebook and Twitter. It’s just that simple – so why not give it a shot? The possibilities are endless and the user base/popularity is growing daily.
  • There are many opportunities to Social Media Marketing. Social Media can amplify your content and make you stand out from the “plain Jane” sites that may be part of your competition. Any customer would rather do business with a company that they can reach and interact with on a personal level rather than feeling that they are treated as “just another number in a crowd.” Social Media Marketing can accelerate the spread of the company’s brand by reaching so many people at one time. The larger the following – the larger the community – the larger the conversations – the more people the brand is able to reach and touch on a more personal level. The business can also self-grow because the customers will be busy at work even when the social media sites are not being managed. Customers make up the online community and therefore they can provide around-the-clock support and a network for other customers – almost creating an online family of followers that can feed information off of each other. Being able to create this trust and family-feel between the company and customer/client can make even more people want to be a part of the business’s online community.
  • As if the Opportunities weren’t enough, there are plenty of benefits to go along with them. There is little to no cost to begin Social Media Marketing. Yes, the business would have to employ a social media manager, but the ROI or Return on the investment of hiring one person and creating an online community that can reach the masses, greatly outweighs the investment costs. Once the relationship is established and a trust and bond has been made, it should be fairly easy to provide content to the customer and continue to keep their attention. It is all about establishing a relationship and staying committed to the customer’s needs and wants.
  • Social Media is simply media that is used for social interaction. Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.Ebay’s dedication to their customer’s wants and need with the creation of a customer feedback forum and online community increased their sales and customer satisfaction. This made other businesses realize the potential of Social Media in business.There are many types of Social Media outlets available to grow the company’s brand: Blog, Micro Blog, Social Networks, Video and Photo Sharing, and Multi Platform Collaboration.Other successful companies that utilize Social Media Marketing do so by providing interaction on a personal level, getting honest customer reviews, and revealing their brand to a gigantic audience.Can anyone tell me some of the benefits or opportunities to utilizing Social Media in Business?Great answers!Review answers and comment on topics that were missed in the question and answer portion.If there are no more questions/comments, I would like to take this time to thank you all for joining this presentation! Now let’s all go out there and begin to utilize Social Media Marketing into our business plan and begin to grow a community of customers we can keep for a lifetime! Thank you.
  • Social Media Marketing in Business

    1. 1. Social MediaGoes CorporateMelissa CummingsProfessor KurpeMedia Design Concepts5 August 2012
    2. 2. Emergence of Social Media in Business  What is Social Media?  Social Media is simply media that is used for social interaction.
    3. 3. Emergence of Social Media in Business  What is Social Media Marketing?  Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.
    4. 4. Emergence of Social Media in Business  Where did it all begin?  EBAY  Customer Feedback Forum  Online Community  Increase in interest of products and services  Increase in sales
    5. 5. Current Social Media Landscape  Types of Social Media  Blog  Micro Blog  Social Networks  Video and Photo Sharing  Multi Platform Collaboration
    6. 6. Current Social Media Landscapes  How do other successful companies utilize Social Media effectively in their business marketing plan?  Interaction with prospective and currently established customers at a more human and personalized level.  Get honest customer reviews of products and services.  Revealing the brand to a wide range and variety of people.
    7. 7. Current Social Media Landscape  Something NEW!  Pinterest  What is Pinterest?  Why should I use Pinterest?  How can I add it to my Social Media Marketing Plan?
    8. 8. Opportunities and Benefits  Opportunities  Social Media can amplify your content.  Can make you stand out in a crowd.  Can accelerate the spread of the brand.  Can allow for self-growth of the business.  Can provide trust between business and client.
    9. 9. Opportunities and Benefits  Benefits  Little to no cost with large ROI.  Ability to reach millions of people.  Ability to establish a community between the business and the audience.  Ability to establish relationships that last.
    10. 10. Review  Questions and Comments?  What is Social Media and Social Media Marketing?  Where did it all begin?  Different types of Social Media?  How do other companies find success in Social Media based marketing?  Opportunities and Benefits of Social Media in Business?
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