Why Use a Marimekko Chart


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Why Use a Marimekko Chart

  1. 1. Why Use a Marimekko Chart? Private Equity Investment in Emerging Markets $10B Total = $173B $107B $25B $23B $9B $174B100% 100% Other $28B O the r $ 4B Other $68B Other 80 80 $10B Other 60 South Africa $5B 60 $17B Othe r $10 B Russia $6B India $37B Brazil $15B 40 40 South Af rica $ 5B India $37B Brazil $15B 20 20 China $42B Russia China $42B $6B 0 0 Emerging Market Emerging Asia Latin CEE & Sub-Saharan America & CIS Africa Carribean Middle East & North Africa With a simple 100% stacked bar on the right, you can see that China, India and Brazil account for over 50% of the emerging market private equity investment. The Marimekko (left) adds more geographic detail. You can see both regional differences as well as key individual countries. Source—Bain and Company 2012 Global Private Equity Report. Here is the link to the blog post that discusses these charts. Copyright 2012 © Knowledge Management Associates, LLC. All rights reserved .