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This is a sample of a weekly dashboard manage generated using Mekko Graphics and used by a professional services firm to manage its utlization, backlog and sales pipeline.

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Professional Services Dashboard

  1. 1. Mekko Graphics-Based Professional Services DashboardDavid GoldsteinJanuary 2013
  2. 2. Purpose of this Presentation• The following slides are a sample of a weekly dashboard thata professional services firm can use to track its performance.• The dashboard was created by extracting data from our timemanagement and CRM systems, analyzing it using ExcelPivotTables, and presenting it in PowerPoint.• The data are disguised and are based on a company withabout 50 billable consultants.• The charts are described in several blog posts in:
  3. 3. Notes on Consulting Process• Each consultant enters timesheet information weekly.• Management forecasts hours for each consultant by project for theupcoming four weeks.• The sales team divides opportunities into fours phases. We assign dollarvalues to opportunities in the last three (need identified, pre-proposal andproposal) and track these.• When a project is started we add its estimated hours to our backlog anddeduct from this as we complete work.• From a technical perspective, data were collected using:– Microsoft CRM to track opportunities– Edison’s Attic’s Bigtime for project and time tracking– A home grown Excel macro to extract data from CRM and Bigtime’s SQL Serverdatabases and populate Excel PivotTables
  4. 4. 1,0001,1001,2001,3001,400303540455055606570758085%Billable Hours8/171,2578/241,3488/311,2969/71,3929/141,3879/211,3549/281,37010/51,41163% 68% 69% 71%67% 65% 87% 69%UtilizationUtilizationBreakevenTargetBreakevenTargetUtilizationUtilization and Hours Workedactual budgetUtilization is a good indicator of profitability. We compute it by dividing billable hours by available hours. We also includebillable hours in the graph to tie this graph to upcoming graphs and so that employees can see the relationship between thetwo variables.
  5. 5. Consulting Hours by Clientactual budgetWith this 100% stacked bar, you can quickly see what percentage of your business comesfrom your biggest clients and how this is trending over a two month period.020406080100%8/171,2578/241,3488/311,3929/71,3929/141,3879/211,3549/281,37010/51,411Large ASPRegional Law FirmGlobal ConglomerateNational EnergyLocal HospitalGlobal Consumer ProductsLocal BankRegional TelecomPrivate EquityBoutique RetailerHigh Tech MfrNational Cable
  6. 6. Consulting Hours by Project Week of 9/7ActualThis marimekko chart provides information on the mix of clients and projects from theprevious week. It can identify if we’re spread too thin or are overly dependent on largeprojects of clients.020406080100%Large CPGKM System246.0ProcessAutomation65.0Office Productivity10.0321Regional TelecomFormsManagement263.0263NationalEnergyCompliancePortal187.0187GlobalConglomerateBIDashboard95.0Intranet86.0181PrivateEquityDealTracking143.0143LocalHospitalBIDashboard72.0Extranet26.098OtherLocal Bank:ProcessMgmt 40.0Boutique Retailer: Sw Eval 0.5NationalCable:EnterpriseSearch71.0LargeASP:Workflow87.0199 Total = 1,392
  7. 7. Billable Hours by Project Actual VersusBudget Week of 9/7Row Labels ACTUAL BUDGET VarianceLocal Hospital: BI Dashboard 72 24 48Local Hospital: Extranet 26 83 -57Large CPG: KMSystem 246 252 -6Large CPG: Process Automation 65 81 -16Large CPG: Office Productivity 10 0 10Local Bank: Process MGmt 40 68 -28Regional Telecom: Forms Management 263 223 40Private Equity: Deal Tracking 143 127 16Boutique Retailer: Sw Eval 0.5 0 0.5National Cable: Enterprise Search 71 73 -2Large ASP: Workflow 87 84 3Global Conglomerate: BI Dashboard 95 109 -14Global Conglomerate: Intranet 86 62 24National Energy: Compliance Portal 187 183 4Grand Total 1391.5 1369 22.5We use the stop lights in Excel to highlight differences between actual and budget for theprevious week. This is a good check on our estimation process and it helps identify projects thatcould be behind or could go over budget.
  8. 8. Consulting Hours by Project Budgeted forWeek of 9/14Like the previous marimekko chart, this chart displays project/client mix. In thisinstance for the upcoming week.020406080100%Large CPGKM System 287Process Automation 65Office Productivity 46398RegionalTelecomFormsManagement201201Private EquityDeal Tracking187187NationalEnergyCompliancePortal 176176GlobalConglomerateBIDashboard90Intranet20110OtherLocal Hospital: BIDashboard 71Local Bank: ProcessMgmt 65Boutique Retailer: SwEval 32National Cable:Enterprise Search 82Large ASP: Workflow 65315 Total = 1,387
  9. 9. 020406080100%BacklogConsulting Graphics1,667.5Financial Reporting1,288.0Tech Office Auto 218.0Pharma SharePoint 200.0Tech Slide Tool 191.5Bain & Company:MCM 129.0Bank Portals 94.0Projects Under 80 Hours 325.54,571Projects Under 80 Hours BacklogPharma Extranet 63.0Pharma Request forPublic Disclosure 55.5Financial MOSS Review55.0Tech MOSS 2007Consulting 45.5Consulting BCX 40.0Workflow & Document Reposit 21.5SharePoint Intranet Phase 2 17.0Portals:CBR-Treasury 16.0326Consulting Backlog By Project in HoursThe 100% stacked bar provides a summary of backlog by project. The second baris an explosion of the data for our smaller projects.
  10. 10. Sales Pipeline as of 9/14The Marimekko chart captures the each significant project in the pipeline,organized by stage. You can see the relative importance of both individualprojects and the stage itself.020406080100%Need IdentifiedBVPS $15,000Pharma BI $10,000Apex PartnersSharePoint Consulting$25,000James Intl ProjectServer/Sharepoint Integration$15,000MOSS intranet$40,000Pine Street Inn - CompliancePortal Pilot $10,000SDMC MOSS miscassists $14,000Health - QDS Survey integration$6,000WellPet SharePointportal $20,000$155,000Pre-ProposalPJs follow up $300,000Life Sciences - Sharepoint planning $25,000Long River SharePoint Consulting $20,000College - custom dev web app (SQL) $12,500MOSS architecture $10,000Vistaview -- SharePoint consulting services $7,000$374,500ProposalCaprio MOSS 2007 consulting$17,500SDPS / BVPS perf mgt 360 feedback solution $4,000Micropower - SharePoint Work $5,000Healthcare -- DACC ClinicianInfo Repository $100,000ANC -- SharePoint consulting $12,000Inventive -- WSS tuning $5,000API Enhacements $10,000Compliance Portal $10,000Non-profit - SharePoint InfoArchitecture $41,500$205,000 Total = $734,500