Mekko Graphics Training June 2012


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Mekko graphics training jun 2012

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  • Welcome to the Mekko Graphics 5.5 webinar training! Thank you for taking the time to join us this morning. It is a great time to join us as Mekko Graphics 5.5 launched earlier this year to great reviews. In the next 90 minutes we will give you the tools that will empower you to use Mekko Graphics 5.5. Let’s get started with a quick poll to find out where you are in this process so I can better tailor this presentation to you: *****toggle Content / Poll*****It looks like a majority of this group *******, so I will spend more time *******.*****Click Content Desktop******QUESTIONSJust a quick side note on questions: If you have a question, please send them via live meeting on the Q&A tab, that way we’ll keep moving along and have time to get through the prepared content. If we don’t have time to get to all the questions, I will respond privately. PACEIn addition, I’ll be checking in to see if I am moving at the right pace. To help with this, there is a green button in the upper right corner of your screen where you can indicate whether we need to slow down. If that is the case, please select the appropriate option.VERSIONSAlso, I will be doing this training using Mekko Graphics 5.5 and Office 2010. On your screen you will see the agenda . Let’s get started!
  • Mekko Graphics software allows you to create compelling charts with just a few clicks of your mouse, even using large, complex data sets. With seamless PowerPoint integration and strategy-oriented features, Mekko Graphics can significantly reduce the time you spend creating and editing charts. Features of Mekko Graphics:32 chart types including: Marimekko, Bar-Mekko, Cascade (Waterfall) and many varieties of bar, line, bubble and scatter chartsExclusive ability to convert among 32 chart types to find the one that best tells the storyOur custom Mekko Graphics PowerPoint ribbon and Quick Launch feature allow you to add a complex chart to your slide with one mouse clickMekko Graphics 5.5:Insert one, two, three or four charts to a slide with ONE clickQuick launch ANY of our 32 chart typesNEW! Automatically computed average linesNEW! Growth lines that highlight the percentage change in your data with ONE click. NEW! Color shade options that allow you to produce your charts in shades of red, green, blue and gray.
  • Mekko Graphics is easy to use!Open PowerPointClick on the Mekko Graphics TabNotice all the new Mekko Graphics buttons!!Click the Chart Type you wish to useAdd your dataFine tuneLet’s go ahead and do that so you can see it in action!
  • Go to the Mekko Graphics TabYou’ll notice a whole host of new buttons pertaining to charts. Simply click on the chart that you wish to create or click on “New Mekko Chart” to bring up the chart wizard. NOTE: You can now “quick launch” any of our 32 charts!! If you wish to include more than one chart on a page, click on “New Mekko Chart” From there you will be able to place 1, 2, 3 or 4 charts on a page. Double Click on ChartSelect a chart (bar chart)Click okay. You’ll notice the chart now inserts pre-populated with sample data. The next step is to replace the sample data with your own data either by entering the data, copying/pasting or linking to Excel.
  • Let’s go over one method of inserting a chart.Go to the Mekko Graphics TabNew Mekko Chart Double Click on Chart and choose stacked barPaste in new dataPASTE DATAIf you are completely new to Mekko Graphics, three of the most important buttons are: Default Format View/Data View/Combo View. (Toggle between the three.) I like to stay on the combo view so I can see my chart dynamically draw.Copy/paste data –Notice “multi-color” Format. Later in this presentation I will demonstrate how you can set these values as defaults. Axes title and units – “Footwear Sales in $Million”Series Comparison LinesBar Totals – format to $Show Labels Show all labelsFormat Numbers – segment values to $Show Legend / Order / AppearanceNEW Show Growth Lines – Highlights the percentage change in your data with ONE click. Can manually edit. NEW Show shading – color option.
  • The next chart I am going to review is the Cascade or Waterfall chart. A note about the Cascade Chart: It is unique chart to Mekko Graphics – not avail to ExcelCategorize revenue or cost components of a market segment, as defined by the data series being measured. Each bar in the chart is related to and affected by surrounding bar values.
  • Don’t use Quick Launch. Again go to Insert Mekko Chart and choose CascadeCopy/paste dataAgain, “Multi Color” is selected as the default in the Preference ManagerFormat SeriesChange color of a segment to dark blueAxes title and units (“Sales by Category in $Million”)Format Segments TabTotal Cascade Bars – select the segment you would like to go to zero – Click on TOTAL (The total bar will start on the X axis)Format NUMBERS – change to 2 decimal places and make the units “B” for billions for bar totalsLabels – BARS drop down  HIDE ALL SEGMENT LABELS and then SHOW LEGENDFormat Labels/OrientationRotate all X axes labels You’ll notice that some labels are not placed. Go to the Label Manager and smart place all Unplaced labelsChart/Type:Change Chart type to Cascade Horizontal and back again
  • Marimekko: - is not available in Excel or PPT.Compare values along two variables: segment height (Y axis) is percent of bar total and bar width (X axis) is percent of summed bar totals (percent of Grand total). For example: The Marimekko Chart provides an excellent vehicle for displaying a market map—sales by competitor by market segment. Think of it as a 100% stacked bar that can be stretched, so the bar width provides additional data. The same data is also displayed in a 100% stacked bar and a horizontal cluster bar.
  • This time, we’ll use the Quick Launch menu. Go to the Marimekko drop down and choose MarimekkoCopy/paste dataAxes title and units _ Footwear Sales in $MillionSeries (Rows)Sort – biggest on the bottom/topBars (Columns)Sort – biggest on the left/rightShow #.# Totals click on/offOther: (Designate particular segments or series to be part of the “Other” series) Format/Series/Other SeriesCreate newSegment value less than: 500View by series (if nec)Format /NumbersShow currency and unitsLabelsSmart place all unplaced labelsRight click to restore allIn-place label editRotateAnnotate (NOTE: don’t annotate from label placement. Place and draw.)To Calculate Width = Width Bar = Total Bar / Total Chart (Can see a percentage of the whole)
  • PREFERENCE MANAGERNow that you are familiar with Mekko Graphics, I want to show you the Preference Manager, which is a tool that will help you set up your preferences like:- Your color palette - Your default font and size - Your region and apply regional settingsIt will also help you adhere to your company brand standardsLet’s begin by opening the Preference Manager. We have given you the freedom to select endless colors and variations and the ability to add these to your chart to give you flexibility and also help maintain brand standards and aid compliance. ColorsMG Extended paletteBlack & WhiteNo ShadingGantt Colors NOTE: custom colors will stay when the color palette reverts to demonstration machineSettingsDefault Chart StyleDefault – to Multi Color Pattern StyleRegionAsian FontLet’s move onto the Mekko Graphics Charts
  • X-Y Linear Bubble ChartBubble charts are great for showing correlational data.Linear Bubble charts allow you to plot 3 variables simultaneously on a linear scale. X and Y variables indicate how one item (X) varies in relation to another (Y), and bubble size indicates relative scale.You can identify the high growth companies in each market segment and determine if these also are relatively big or small. The reference bubble provides information on the meaning of bubble size.
  • Quick Launch  Mekko Bubble X-Y Linear Bubble ChartCopy/paste dataAxes title and units – Y axis – International Sales Growth 2010-2011 Change the units to % X axis – US Sales Growth 2010-2011 Change the units to % Reference Bubble - SalesSeries (Rows)Outlier – (FILA)Demonstrate: Go to Fila and make it an outlier (FormatSeries->Outlier-> Fila). Quadrant linesAxesReference Bubble – Value Computed / Hide bubbleShow Labels / TextShow Series NameOutlier Series:Outlier has values that are very different from the rest of the group and is skewing the data. . They might be genuine properties of the data or may be due to some measurement error or other anomaly. So, in order to best demonstrate the message of your chart, you can designate any data point(s) as outliers. Doing so will automatically adjust your chart scale according to the remaining data. You may set that point as an Outlier on your chart to acknowledge that it exists but that it is not taken into account when calculating the other data. You may also remove that data point from the Normative Band. The numbers appearing in the Outlier bubble represent the XY coordinates of the outlier.
  • Here is a basic Cluster Bar Chart . Cluster Bar: Display data along the X axis as it changes over time or cluster bars together to illustrate comparisons among items for a given data series, or multiple series.
  • Create Cluster Bar ChartFormat Legend dialog – make font size 12.Stretch legendMove margins within chartShow Bar totalsDemonstrate Gaps and PlaceholdersMake a Manual Axis to $5,000 and title to Sales in Millions
  • 2Y Stacked Bar Line: Combine the dynamics of a stacked bar chart and a line chart. Use the 2Y axis when the range of values vary greatly for different data series, or when you are showing mixed types of data (e.g. price and volume) where one or more series is plotted against the secondary axis.Business Application Why do we use a 2Y chart?2nd Axis is only for Lines
  • DEMOing LINK TO EXCELDO NOT USE QUICK LAUNCH – insert 2Y SBLAdd Mekko 2Y Stacked Bar Line chartCopy/paste dataChart: “multi color” Format SeriesShow as Line – Net Income (must do this first or 2Y won’t show up)Hide/Show/Data Row – Net Income as “both”Set 2Y Axis – Net Income Sort – Biggest on TopFormat AxisInsert Y axis titleInsert 2Y axis titleLabels - BarShow last bar onlyFormat Line – Yellow Right click on Line / Series StyleLink to ExcelData only through 2010. Need to add 2011 YTDGo to Excel, name a rangeGo to Mekko Chart – Link to Excel buttonNotice how easily it populatesRemove (breaks link to Excel chart – does NOT remove data)RefreshLink to Excel Tutorial on Mekko Graphics website
  • X-Y Linear: Display clusters of quantitative data at uneven intervals on a linear scale. Plot either two groups of numbers as one series of XY coordinates or display the relationship (regression) among numeric values in several data series.
  • X-Y Linear Scatter chartCopy/paste data.Notice the change in Data StructureFormat SeriesShow Lines (- connect your scatter chart – new line chart) Check only 1 boxShow Regression Check only 1 boxFormat AxisInsert Y axis title International Sales Growth 2010-2011Insert X axis title US Sales Growth 2010-2011Label ManagerSmart place all unplaced
  • Bar Mekko: Variable width stacked bar. Compare values along two variables, the X and Y axes. Two types exist:- Single variable: displays a single data series (e.g. sales) plotted against the X and Y axis- Double variable: displays two data series (e.g. ROS and sales). ROS is plotted against Y axis and Sales is plotted against X axis as a 'user-defined width'.
  • Add Bar Mekko chartCopy/paste dataChart: “multi color” Format SeriesHide/Show/Data Select “Pairs “ and “Sales” and make data row not in chart. Format the data rows separatelyFormat BarsWidth – Select Bar WidthSort – sort biggest on leftFormat Average LinesAdd automatic average line – should come in at $36.22Labels – hide all series labelsFormat NumberAdd $ to all labelsFormat AxisInsert Y axis title – Average Price per PairLabel ManagerSmart place all unplacedNEW! Automatically computed average lines. Previously manual. Now if the data changes, the line automatically moves!
  • Insert Native PowerPoint Table (5 columns X 8 Rows)Once the table is placed, you will notice that all of the Harvey balls & check marks will appear in the ribbon under “Table Tools“Table Tools / Design - uncheck header rows (Table Style Options)Copy and Paste info from excel spreadsheetEdit sizes / increase font size / bold headersResize ChartClick on Add Ins - Show Mekko Graphics custom tool bars (little table icon and little pie icon) - Show little pie icon, show 1st four “pies” are for size Set headers as Value Chain Remove 1st header column Insert Stop Lights and Check boxes
  • Absolute Gantt: Display a project's task and timeline information using calendar dates.Relative Gantt:Display a project's task and timeline information using integers that indicate the relative number of days among tasks (no calendar functionality).
  • Relative Gantt: Display a project's task and timeline information using integers that indicate the relative number of days among tasks (no calendar functionality).General – Display Date line – show milestoneHeaders – Header ShadingL1 Monthly M1L2 Weekly W1Automatic – start at 1 end at 120 (milestone will not be on line) (also if data prior to start date arrows will appear denoting that data exists)Gridlines – Horizontal/Vertical <show only>Format TasksHighlight series to determine colors, patterns, weight for lines and start and end markersTasks – can shade certain task levelsShow: How to change the items that automatically appear in the first row of excel. If you want to change “Resource 1” you must do it on the chart and NOT in excel.To show Milestones: remove end date and the number and triangle will automatically appear on chart.Convert to Absolute Gantt Chart
  • Finally – I wanted to make sure you all knew about the ways we make it easy for big companies to use Mekko Graphics. If you are a big company and want to make this a corporate solution: we can customize Mekko Graphics, we can do upfront projected volume purchase plan, along with support and upgrade assurance plans. If this is something that you are interested in and want to learn more, please email:
  • Okay – I have one final poll for you to take before we jump to the Q&A portion of this webinar. Jump to the second poll
  • And finally, we’ve been monitoring incoming questions…if we don’t get to your question, we’ll send you a personal reply with the answer to your question. Optimize for dark background2-charts on one pagePreference Manager – Color / Axes placement / Font
  • Mekko Graphics Training June 2012

    1. 1. Mekko Graphics 5.5 Training Conference dial-in number: (530) 881-1300 Participant Access Code: 236106This information is confidential and was prepared by Knowledge Management Associates solely for the use of our client; it is not to be relied on by any 3rd party without KMA’s prior written consent.
    2. 2. Click to edit Master title style Empower!• Overview• What’s New with Mekko Graphics 5.5• How to get started with Mekko Graphics• Preference Manager• Tips & Tricks• Tools & Resources• Engage with Mekko Graphics• Mekko Graphics Corporate Solutions• Questions and Answers 2
    3. 3. OverviewClick to edit Master title style 3
    4. 4. Click to Getting Started style edit Master title 4
    5. 5. Click to Getting Started style edit Master title 5
    6. 6. Click to edit MasterExample Stacked Bar Chart title styleFootwear Sales in $ Million $8,000 13% $7,486 $6,651 Others $1,785 6,000 Others $1,622 Adidas $675 Adidas $575 Reebok $1,229 4,000 Reebok $1,193 2,000 Nike $3,797 Nike $3,261 0 2008 2009 6
    7. 7. Click to edit Master title style Create Stacked Bar Chart 7
    8. 8. Click to edit Chart Example Cascade Master title styleSales by Category (in $ Billion) $15B $2.3B $14.8B $0.8B $0.9B $1.2B 10 $1.8B $2.3B $2.5B 5 $3.0B 0 Basketball Cross Running Athleisure Walking Hiking Tennis Other Total training 8
    9. 9. Click Create Cascade Chart style to edit Master title 9
    10. 10. Click to edit Master title style Marimekko Chart ExampleFootwear Sales in $ Million $7,189 $3,381 $3,217 $1,984 100% South America South America Europe Asia South America Asia Europe 80 Asia Licensed Intl Europe Europe 60 Licensed Licensed Intl 40 Intl Intl U.S. 20 U.S. U.S. U.S. 0 Nike Reebok Adidas Fila 10
    11. 11. Click to edit Master title style Create Marimekko Chart 11
    12. 12. Click Preference Manager style to edit Master title 12
    13. 13. X-Y Linear Bubble Chart Example Click to edit Master title styleInternational Sales Growth 2010-2011 40.0% 30.0 Fila Nike 20.0 Reebok Adidas Converse 10.0 New Balance ASICS 0.0 $1B Puma Sales -10.0 -20.0 0.0 20.0 40.0% U.S Sales Growth 2010-2011 13
    14. 14. Click toX-Y Linear Bubble Chart Create edit Master title style 14
    15. 15. Click to edit Master title style Cluster Bar Chart ExampleSales in Millions $5,000 4,000 3,797 3,000 2,640 2,000 1,229 1,172 1,098 1,000 Licensed 490 488 407 International 308 285 212 136 165 140 U.S. 0 Nike Reebok Adidas Fila Converse 15
    16. 16. Click to edit Master title style Create Cluster Bar Chart 16
    17. 17. Combination 2Y Stacked Bar-Line Click to edit Master title style Chart Example 10,000 9,553 9,489 1,000 9,187 8,995 8,953 8,777 8,000 800 6,471 6,000 600 4,761 3,931 4,000 3,790 400 3,405 3,004 Net Income 2,000 200 U.S. 0 0 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20Net Income 200 100 365 299 400 553 796 400 451 579 590 300 17
    18. 18. Create 2Y Stacked Bar title ChartClick to edit Master Line style 18
    19. 19. X-Y Linearedit Master title style Click to Scatter Chart ExampleInternational Sales Growth 2010-2011 1.0 Vans Brooks Fila Reebok Nike New Balance Foot-Joy Adidas Diadora Hi-Tec Converse 0.0 Puma Etonic Mizuno ASICS K-Swiss LA Gear Keds Lotto -1.0 Airwalk -2.0 -1.0 -0.5 0.0 0.5 U.S. Sales Growth 2010-2011 19
    20. 20. Click to edit Master title styleCreate X-Y Linear Scatter Chart 20
    21. 21. Click to edit MasterExample Bar Mekko Chart title styleAverage Price per Pair Total = 14,482.9 $60 $51 $41 40 36.22 $30 D o u b l e c l i c k h e r e t o c r e a t e a c h a r t . $22 20 0 Womens Mens Juniors InfantsSales (in $ billion) $6.7 $6.1 $1.5Pairs Sold 162.6 119.0 48.7(in millions) 21
    22. 22. Click to edit Master title style Create Bar Mekko Chart 22
    23. 23. Mekko Tables OverviewClick to edit Master title style Nike Reebok Fila Converse Relationship with Customers Relationship with Suppliers Cost Financial Strength Manufacturing Technology Information Technology Survey Complete
    24. 24. Gantt Chart Example Click to edit Master title style M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 Task Resource1 Resource2 W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10W11W12W13W14W15W16W17W18W19W20W21W22Project Jack ClientKick-offApproval BradyBegin Jack CameronProgrammingTesting TestingPhase Team • Test 1 - Test 2 4 Test 3Review Brady Client 51Deliver to Brady Clientclient 111 24
    25. 25. Create Relative Gantt ChartClick to edit Master title style 25
    26. 26. Click to edit Master title style Helpful Tools!Email support@mekkographics.comWeb Support FAQ Presentation Finder Started with Mekko 26
    27. 27. Click to editEngage title style Master Mekko Graphics Mekko Minute Mekko BlogSlide Share LinkedIn Twitter Discussion Forum 27
    28. 28. Mekko GraphicsMaster title style Click to edit Corporate Solutions• Customized Live Training• Webinar Training• Mekko Graphics customization• Tell a colleague!! (or 2 or 20!!) 28
    29. 29. Click to edit Master title style Polls 29
    30. 30. Click to edit Q&A title style Master 30
    31. 31. Click to edit Master title style Thank you from Mekko Graphics!