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Mekko Graphics Marketing Highlights


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Mekko Graphics has many features that are useful for marketing professionals.

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Mekko Graphics Marketing Highlights

  1. 1. TOOLS FOR MARKETING David Goldstein President, Mekko Graphics
  2. 2. Introduction • Mekko Graphics is used by marketing managers at consumer goods and B2B companies • Category managers use it to develop data-driven insights to share with retail customers • Marketing staff use it to explore market opportunities and report to senior management • Mekko Graphics supports chart types and features that are valuable for marketing analyses and not found in PowerPoint or Excel: • Marimekko chart • Bar Mekko chart • Cascade, waterfall or bridge chart • Data rows, data columns and CAGR columns that align with the chart • Axis breaks, growth lines and comparison lines • Mekko Graphics has over 15 years experience satisfying the charting needs of: • Strategy consultants • Private equity firms • Strategy and marketing professionals at Fortune 500 companies 2
  3. 3. Showing Year Over Year Changes 3 0 50 100 150 200 Last Year's Revenue 100 Incremental Advertising 30 Incremental Promotions 20 Line Extensions 10 This Year's Revenue 160 A cascade (aka bridge or waterfall) chart captures factors that caused changes from one period to the next. Changes can be positive or negative. The changes can also be represented as stacked bars to divide them by customer segment or product line.
  4. 4. Highlighting Overall Growth 4 0 50 100 150 Year1 40 20 60 Year2 50 60 110 Year3 80 50 130CAGR +47%CAGR +47% Vertical2 Vertical1 Adding a growth line to a stacked bar chart highlights the percentage change over time. Mekko Graphics can calculate an absolute, percentage or CAGR (computed annual growth rate) change.
  5. 5. Computing Growth by Product, Channel or Vertical 5 0 50 100 150 Year1 40 20 10 70 Year2 50 60 15 125 Year3 80 50 15 145 26% 36% 14% Year1-Year3 CAGR Adding a CAGR column allows you to show growth by product line, channel, or industry vertical. The column is automatically aligned with the appropriate data series. Mekko Graphics includes a formula for CAGR calculation.
  6. 6. Focus on Year Over Year Changes 6 0 50 100 150 Year1 40 20 10 70 Year2 50 60 15 125 Year3 80 50 15 145 +16% +79% +16% +79% Bar comparison lines focus attention on changes between any two time periods. They can be shown as an absolute vale or a percentage.
  7. 7. Add Related Data to the Chart 7 0 50 100 150 Year1 40 20 10 70 Year2 50 60 15 125 Year3 80 50 15 145 22% 24% 25% Overall Market Share Add a data row to show a measure that relates to your chart, but doesn’t fit in your chart. The row will automatically align with your bars.
  8. 8. Manage Outlier Data 8 0 1,000 1,010 1,020 1,030 1,040 1,050 1,060 Last Year's Revenue 1,000 Incremental Advertising 30 Incremental Promotions 20 Line Extensions 10 This Year's Revenue 1,060 An axis break helps you focus on the data most relevant to your analysis. In this example, the revenue changes are highlighted by reducing the size of the overall revenue bars.
  9. 9. 0 20 40 60 80 100% Region1 My Company $184M Co4 $67M Co5 $92M Co6 $51M Co8 $58M Co9 $56M Co10 $76M Others $43M $627M Region2 My Company $142M Co2 $30M Co3 $50M Co5 $69M Co6 $63M Co7 $35M Co8 $41M Co10 $73M Others $28M $531M Region3 My Company $62M Co2 $36M Co3 $35M Co4 $33M Co5 $50M Co6 $39M Co7 $45M Co8 $41M Others $24M $365M Region4 My Company $37M Co4 $43M Co6 $49M Co8 $52M Others $103M $284M Total = $1,960M Map Your Market 9 Map a market along by region and competitor or along any two dimensions with a Marimekko chart. The bar (column) widths are proportional to the region size and the segment areas are proportional to the sales by competitor and region. Find the biggest competitors in each region and identify ‘white space’ opportunities.
  10. 10. Learn More To learn more about creating persuasive charts, download the free Mastering Chart Selection Guide, which includes a 30-day trial of the Mekko Graphics software. Questions or Comments? Join us on Facebook or Twitter and say hello!