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New wolverzine2011 december


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New wolverzine2011 december

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 1 From the CommandFRGMEETINGS: HHC FRG - 5:30, 2nd Tues, Piney Hills Comm. Cen- ter Wolverines, several ranges at Ft Leonard Wood On top of all this, the 232nd, with and finished up a month of world the help of FSC will be ever ready FSC FRG - 5:30, 1st Tues, Stonegate Well team, as promised, class construction at to respond to the nation‟s Comm. Center the sprint is over! This battalion Ft Riley. call should a disaster executed a phenomenal amount of We strike here in America. 77th FRG - 5:30, 1st training, construction and family capped off the year Changes in the Tues, Specker Chapel events in the last three months. with a tremendous head-shed include the loss And we did it exceptionally well. Winter Ball and of LTC Winkler sometime 103rd FRG - 5:30, We all should be proud of our some great company in January to Brigade staff 1st Thurs, USO accomplishments. The October FTX Christmas parties. and the loss of CSM Keel 232nd FRG - 5:30, was a resounding success. We These were some of in late March. Those will 2nd Tues, Company trained hard in a realistic scenario, the best holiday be painful losses as we and did it all without accident. events I‟ve seen. Thank you so have come to depend on the exper- Three weeks of training, construction, much to all the volunteers who tise, professionalism and impactINSIDE live fire events, and well over 1,000 made these events possible for us these two make every day on thisTHIS ISSUE: vehicle-miles. This level of success and our families. battalion. has never been accomplished since Next quarter‟s theme is We will be busy againHHC 3 we moved here to Ft Leonard Wood. to get ready for the summer con- soon, but now is a time to pause Bravo! struction season. We will execute a and celebrate the holidays. PleaseFSC 4 Other kudos for this construction university for our lead- relax, spend time with loved ones. quarter include 270 drug and alco- ers as well as continued training on Please be safe as winter is undenia-77th 5 hol incident free days in the 232nd, our individual technical skills. We bly upon us. If another Wolverine an awesome Turkey Bowl, solid will fix our equipment and sharpen is in need, please let us know, and inspection results from 4th MEB, 1ID our blades. We will conduct a we will help in whatever way we103rd 6 and Ft Leonard Wood on everything weapons qualification week here at can. from arms rooms to reenlistment. Ft. Leonard Wood and survey, plan232nd 7 We‟ve trained NCOs at a CSM Keel and design the summer‟s projects. Happy Holidays designed junior leader development In addition to 103rd‟s three road Wolverine 6Operation 8 course, combat life-savers, drivers, projects in Nogales, Arizona this LTC Gary CaleseHome Front and hand to hand combatants. spring, we are researching construc- We‟ve built an outdoor classroom for tion projects for this summer at Ft.Milestones 9 Thayer Elementary, an addition to Riley, Ft. Campbell and Ft. Chaffee. the Crocker Animal shelter, improved
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Spouse Greetings Laura and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We have so much to be thank- ful for, friends, family, and the Battalion is not deployed. With cold days ahead of us and 2012 approaching quickly, we hope you all are safe and have a Happy New Year!! Sheree Keel and Laura Calese Chaplain’s Blessings I recently saw an exciting movie starring Nicholas Cage, titled “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” It‟s a movie about stealing expensive exotic cars. I wondered what it would be like to own a car like that.. Then, in keeping with the spirit of the movie, I wondered, what if that treasured, one-of-a-kind Maserati Barchetta Corsa was suddenly stolen, gone in sixty seconds? Luckily for most of us, our lives aren‟t tied up in tremendously expensive cars. We are, however, deeply invested in other transitory Chaplain Chad Davis FRG Leader Contact Info things. Our careers form a significant part of our identity, but careers don‟t (573)433-1672 HHC last forever. The Psalmist wrote, “It is better to take refuge in the LORD thanShelly Hughes to trust in man.” Let‟s face it, the things we work so hard for and by which 4th MEB Bible we define ourselves are transitory and fragile. Wednesdays 1130-1230 Two years ago, a young man in his early thirties suddenly came Specker Chapel FSC down with an aggressive cancer. Thank God he came through it and is Lunch providedMelissa Simulcik healthy, but he could have died. Soldiers deploy to dangerous places, childrenRobin Edwards leave home, and marriages fail. This is reality. Fortunately, there is a foundation of hope, namely, our faith. 77th The one thing that will never be gone in sixty seconds is ourJCPT. Ashton, James relationship with God. Houses and cars are nice, families are important our health is priceless, but our real security is found when we base our hope and our identity upon our relationship with God our savior. Jesus said, ”Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into prac- 103rd tice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down,Sarah Alber the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”[ We tend to amass goods, build strong families, and watch our 232nd blood pressure. Still, we need to know that trials really do come and ourMara Tate faith must be where we find our identity. We need to nurture and our faith and friendship with God. As the Proverbs say, “A man of many com- panions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter Headlines training. We conducted a Convoy son served in the J7 for U.S. Forces- Live Fire Exercise, a Mass Casualty Iraq. If you seen them around, be Exercise, and individual and crew sure to give them a warm welcome. served weapons ranges. We experi- enced amazing weather, which con- Lindsay and I want to wish you all a tributed to the success of the exer- Merry Christmas and a Happy New cise, and most importantly, we made Year. Headhunters!! The winter months are finally here it all back to FLW safely. As weand we are all preparing to have a transition to our Holiday half day You can keep in touch and staymuch deserved break during the schedule, we have been enjoying the informed by checking out our Face-holiday season. The last couple of four day weekends as compensation book page: have kept the entire BN busy for the time spent at Fort Riley. SFC pages/94th-Engineer-HHC-and the Soldiers within HHC have met Skillings and CW2 Anderson recently FRG/178770138816962each challenge head on. In October returned from their deployments. SFCthe Battalion went to Fort Riley, Skillings served as a Mentor for Af- CPT Aaron FergusonKansas for a Field Training Exercise; ghan Army Explosive Ordinance Dis-this was the culmination of months of posal (EOD) soldiers, and CW2 Ander-FRG Leader Nook This is what has been going on in“Headhunter‟s” land. We had our 1st AnnualSweet Potato Pie Drive From the end of Here is my contact information;October to the middle of November. It went email – rachelle-very well. We had a Breakfast Burrito/Chili or phone –Dog/Bake Sale at the 470 building. Everyone (573) the building truly enjoyed it. MajorWinkler was promoted to LT. Col. Winker.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We are now planningon having an awesome Christmas Party andbring in the New Year right. Wolverine Olympics Day 9/1/11 FRG volunteers , Shelly Hughes & Tina Balvanz working a fundraiser
  4. 4. PAGE 4 FSC Spartan Word Thank you to all Spartans and Spar- road by a truck. They were very nearly 500 Wolverines for the entire tan families for a safe and well- appreciative and so am I that the exercise. We have continued to train executed quarter. First quarter has Spartans were willing and able to since we returned with such events as certainly been a busy one, as the leap into action emplacing safety the Chili Cookoff and the Turkey Bowl Army prepares itself for winter and markers, directing traffic, stabilizing Officers vs. NCOs football game. The the holiday season. The Soldiers did and freeing the driver, and preparing Wolverine Ball is the 2nd of December an outstanding job as we conducted the landing zone for the medical and I look forward to seeing many of our autumn FTX at Fort Riley, KS. evacuation helicopter. The mainte- you there. They drove over 900 miles just nance platoon took decisive control of getting there and back, and the the sparse motor pool facilities of distribution platoon completed over Fort Riley and was able to put our 2100 miles while conducting resupply company way ahead of our peers. missions to the Wolverines. We did Headquarters section was not slacking this with no accidents, and even either, as they established accounts stopped on the highway to help a for multiple classes of supply and fed couple who had been pushed off the CPT Joshua Simulcik a constantly changing population of FRG Leader Nook The FSC FRG has had a busy fall, to suggestions for future events and hope all of our Spartan Families with more activity to come! We things you would like to do. In have a safe and happy holiday! have had some great and informa- 2012, our FRG will continue to tive FRG meetings, two fundraisers focus on providing the information Melissa Simulcik (chili/bake sale and gift-wrapping at you need and want, mixed in with the PX) and one community service some fun and social time for every- (410)790-8115 activity (visiting the veteran‟s one. I hope even more family Robin Edwards home.) As always, the Families of members will choose to become (870)688-3833 the FSC have come together to active in the FRG. We will con- support each other and our Sol- tinue to meet on the first Tuesday diers. I hope you have all enjoyed of each month at 5:30 pm. We our activities – we are always open THE WOLVERZINE
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 5 77th Rock Steady Report Soldiers to spend more time at home. Other than our SNAIR (Snow and Ice Removal) require- ments we have a great opportu- nity to have a lot of time with our families. As ALWAYS I am grateful for the opportunity to beOUTLAW FAMILIES around so many great men andMERRY CHRISTMAS! As you all women and serve this Great Na-know, the Outlaws are just wrap- tion! Thank You!ping an extremely busy few months equipment structures while 2ndand deserve a MUCH needed break. platoon built a „SEA-Hut‟ for a CPT Ben AshtonFortunately, the Holidays have ar- multipurpose range. Despite, along with a few extra long the prep work, conducted by (573)-596-3102weekends. During the Battalion FTX others, being uneven, not level,in October, the whole Company and support beams not inline;performed magnificently. There the platoons did a fantastic jobwere some long convoys and some of overcoming these obstacleslate nights but the success of the and ended up with great re-FTX was based on the individual sults. Thanks to them all theefforts of the Soldiers. 1st and 3rd assigned tasks and constructionplatoons constructed some overhead missions were completed on time and, once again, the Out- laws have made a name for themselves. Great Job, Soldiers! The next few months hold a chance for us to focus on some maintenance and company pro- cedures, which should allow for
  6. 6. 103rd Viper BytesPAGE 6 Hello again Vipers!!! Winter is here and we were not idle through the fall the Officers for the second year in a efforts really helped the company months. The company deployed with row. In addition, we had our Battal- plan activities and pass information the battalion to Fort Riley for three ion Ball and the Company Christmas to everyone who needed it. Now we week for a great FTX. We trained party. For those of you who were say welcome to Sarah Alber who will on convoy procedures, job site secu- able to make the Ball, thanks for be replacing Amanda as the FRG rity, and even got to do some small coming!! I know 1SG Miller and Leader. She is very excited to be construction projects. Everyone did myself had a great time due to all here and her help in planning and an amazing job and the efforts they the wonderful people at the event. executing the Company Christmas put into it allowed us all to return If you were unable to make it hope- party was crucial. I hope you all safely and in a better position to fully you can come next year since have a wonderful holiday season and deploy if necessary. Upon returning, they are always a lot of fun. The I look forward to seeing you all 3rd Platoon went right back to work Christmas party was a great success again after the New Year. on Range 21/22 here at FLW. The and it was great to spend time with weather has really slowed them down all the family members who were CPT Dennis Hines but the progress they have made up able to make it. In closing I want to this point is looking outstanding. to take a minute to say thank you We also had the Turkey Bowl, which to Amanda Almeida for being the FRG I am proud to report was won by Leader for the last several months. She did a wonderful job and her FRG Leader Nook Sarah Alber Vipers!! (253)-666-2259 My name is Sarah Alber. I am the new 103rd FRG Leader. I want to express a huge thank you to Mrs. Almedia for all of her hard work and thought- fulness during her time as the FRG Leader. We have many great activities coming up for our Soldiers and their families. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with these great Sol- diers and families. I look forward to keeping you updated with the Viper news. THE WOLVERZINE
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review our CBRN Response Mission that will both mentioning is our current record of over continue through September 2012. During 270 days without alcohol or drug related the last couple of months, the Warriors incidents. This demonstrates a level of prepared for and executed an out- discipline in our unit that is rare across standing field training exercise in Ft. the Army and I am proud to serve with Riley, KS. We demonstrated to ourselves such men and women of excellence. As and the battalion that we train hard and we wind down from an extremely busy remain a ready force whether it pertains yet enjoyable year, let all of us take to construction, CBRN missions, convoy time to enjoy our holidays with the movement, or ranges. This was apparent friends and family that we love and careTo the Soldiers, Families, and Friends of as 6 Soldiers were recognized for out- about. Let us keep in mind the expan-the 232nd Warriors: As always, I want to standing achievements during the training sive opportunities we as Americans arethank the families, friends, and Soldiers exercise and a total of 32 Soldiers re- able to enjoy and the freedom that thisof the 232nd for their continued support ceived first and second place during the all-volunteer military force fights making this unit an outstanding outfit. Convoy Live Fire Exercise, earning the Happy Holidays and have a great NewWe continue to remain engaged in our title of the Battalion‟s “Top Guns”. Year! WARRIORS!current construction mission here at Ft. Another outstanding milestone worthLeonard Wood at Training Area 74A and CPT David McKelvinFRG Leader NookDear 232nd Friends and Family, in various service roles at the MP Ball. bers of 232nd, we are able to have an This opportunity to help serve at the MP amazing Christmas party filled with gifts,I am excited to announce that we have Ball allotted us the majority of our food, fun and fellowship for everyone.9 new volunteers that are currently funding for our Christmas dinner that will I look forward to the New Year and allserving in our FRG! The past few months take place on December 15th. I‟m very that it has in store for us!have been very busy for us as we have excited about our new volunteers because Our FRG Meetings are currently every 2ndbeen planning and preparing for our we could not have conducted all the Tuesday of the month, starting at 5:30pm.upcoming Christmas Party. We have preparing and planning alone – So I If there are any needs, questions or con-raised all the funds for our Christmas would like to say THANK YOU to all our cerns, please feel free to contact me atParty with our bake sale fundraisers and volunteers who have helped with our your convenience.our motor-pool cookout. We also partici- FRG! With the help of Operation Home Blessings,pated in a fundraiser where we assisted Front and the friends and family mem- Mara Tate (314)-496-7719
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Operation Homefront - Missouri & Southwest Illinois MISSION: Operation Homefront (OH) proach every challenge with a determina- provides emergency financial and other tion to succeed. assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In 2010, we met 167,348 needs for military families, includ- VISION: Through generous, widespread ing active duty, Guard and Reserve mem- public support and a collaborative team bers from all branches of service. Since its of exceptional staff and volunteers, we inception, Operation Homefront has pro- aspire to become the provider of choice vided more than $92 million dollars of for emergency financial and other assis- funding to programs to benefit military A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Opera- tance to the families of our service families. tion Homefront was formed in February members and wounded warriors. Where 2002. It was developed to support the there is a need we do not provide, we KEY SERVICES: Operation Homefront pro- families of deployed service members imme- will partner with others for the benefit of vides direct services to alleviate a military diately following 9/11. Operation Homefront our military families. family‟s or individual‟s actual/complete is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and emergency financial burden, as well as has evolved into a major nonprofit. The VALUES: Honor Patriotism and Service to counseling and/or recovery support. Emer- organization currently provides services to Country: We believe those who wear our gency financial assistance is in the form of military families across the nation with 25 countrys uniform do so with a sense of checks paid directly to mortgage lenders, chapters serving 30 states. The national duty, knowing they support the causes of auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, office handles cases in states that do not freedom. We serve by serving them and doctors, dentists and other providers. Other have their own chapters. The majority of their families. emergency funding assistance, which an our clients are the lowest-paid service applicant receives within 24 to 72 hours, members, the E-1 through E-6 enlisted - Do Whats Right: We are committed to includes the following: ranks. the highest standards of ethical conduct Financial assistance The target population is American military in all that we do. We believe that hon- Emergency food personnel and/or their families who have esty and integrity engender trust, which is Emergency home repairs unmet needs due to financial hardship, the cornerstone of providing our services. Critical baby items: formula, food and death, injury, or physical or mental detri- We are careful stewards of the resources diapers ment as a result of service in Iraq or provided by our donors. We strive to be Home and appliance repair Afghanistan. These may include active duty, good citizens and we take responsibility Furniture and household items Reserve, National Guard and veteran service for our actions. Local moving assistance members. They are a diverse ethnic group Community events (64 percent are minorities): approximately - Respect Others: We recognize that our Wounded Warrior Transitional Family 20 percent are African-American; 5 percent success as an enterprise depends on the Housing Asian-American; 34 percent Hispanic/Latino; talent, skills and expertise of our people 5 percent Native American; and 36 percent and our ability to function as a tightly Email: Caucasian. Roughly 75 percent live at an integrated team. We appreciate our missouri/ income level 80 percent below the median diversity and believe that respect - for income for the communities in which they our colleagues, clients, partners, and all Operation Homefront - Missouri & Southwest reside. those with whom we interact - is an Illinois essential element of all positive and 1306 R. West Lark Industrial Dr We‟re proud to earn the highest rating – productive relationships. Fenton, MO 63026 four stars – for five straight years from Phone: 636-600-0096 Charity Navigator, the nation‟s top inde- - Perform With Excellence: We understand Fax: 314 315-4834 pendent evaluator of nonprofit organizations. the importance of our mission and the Toll Free: 888-799-1470 Nationally, $.95 of every dollar donated to trust our clients and donors place in us. Operation Homefront goes to programs. With this in mind, we strive to excel in Our Mission every aspect of our activities and ap- THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My Friend 103rd - SPC CLEWIS, ROCKY, SPCSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, FSC - SSG. Guy, Michael, SSG. Bullock, Sean, HERBER, ANTHONY, SPC REED,Good-bye. To all of you who are leav- PVT. Jiminez, Racheal, PFC. Villarreal, Leticia, SHELBY, SGT ROGERS, SGT ENNS,ing to move on to bigger and better PFC. Hruby, Dorothy, PFC. Marchman, Jennifer, LAURA, SGT ENNS, BRANDON, SPCthings we wish you good luck in your SSG. Oneal, Roger CORMICAN, WILLIAMlife and career. 77th - SFC Keaton , SSG Collins, SSG Harris, 232nd - 1LT Brooks, 1LT Cooper, SPCHHC - SPC McKinney, SPC Butler, SFC SGT Juneau, SGT Martin, SGT Needham, SGT Cook, SSG Velez, SPC Glen, SSG Marciniak,Jones, SSG Jaramillo, SGT Flemming, SPC Roberts, SGT McGill, SGT Dixon, SPC Wood, SPC CapersHenning, SPC Kennedy SPC GomezlopezSpecial Deliveries HHC - CPT Hamilton & Ms. Hamilton, baby, Danielle Correll, born on 4 Nov 11. SPC Norby & Ms. Norby, baby, Liam Brian Norby, born on 29 Nov 11. FSC - None 77th - PFC Aubin & Ms. Aubin, baby, William, Alexander Phillip, Aubin, born on 30 Sep 11. 103rd - SPC AFAULO-ROBINSON, JENIFFER: BABY:NAME: MIKAYLA ROBINSON BORN AT 1133 ON NOV 09 2011; 6LBS 14 OZ, 19 INCHES LONG SGT VANWINKLE, JARROD: BABY: NAME: CALYSSA VANWINKLE BORN AT 0700 ON NOV 16 2011; 6 LBS 12 OZ, 19.25 INCHES LONG SPC HERNANDEZ, ALFONSO: BABY: NAME: ARIANA HERNANDEZ BORN ON 01 NOV 2011; 7LBS 4 OZ, 20 ½ INCHES LONG 232nd - SPC Talley, Travis & Shelena - Baby Silas, SPC Desotel, Brian & Kenya - Baby Sebastian, PFC Jordan, Mat- thew & Lauren - Baby Liam, PV2 Hisatake, Elizabeth (no spouse) - Baby Alaimoana, SGT Pintar, Brandon & Corrie - Baby Greyson, SPC Conrad, Robbie & Nicky - Baby Emily, SPC Raymond, Benjamin & Joyce (Expecting), PFC Moran, Maurico & Elise (Expecting), SPC Nyonga, Cliff & Peris Moturi (Expecting), SGT Everts, William & Misha (Expecting)Welcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the McCarthy, Jasmine MARIQAWolverines the following Soldiers andFamilies: 77th 232nd PFC Miller, PFC Scott, PV2 Marteloze, PV2 2LT Tiegs, 1LT Minor,HHC Zhou SGT Harmon, SGTPVT Yoo, SGT Galbreth, SPC Norby, SGT Manivong, PVT BrinsonRatliff, PVT Sostrom, 1LT Magnaye 103rd SGT KRABACHER, ANDREW, PFC SIMMONS,FSC CHRISTOPHER, 2LT SHEA, KYLE, SGT BRIM,SPC. DeLa Cruz, Julio, PFC. Quinterosilva, ANTHONY, SSG DAILEYWOODARD, PAMELA,Andres, PV2. Shuermann, Ryan, PFC. SGT PATRICK, ROBERT, PFC SANTOS,
  10. 10. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member concerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness. 94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate communica- James V. Dunz tions and resources to help Family members stay in- formed, knowledgeable, and educated. Tamika S. Tukes We will reach out personally to all Family members Family Readiness Support Assistant with genuine concern and appreciations in order to sustain, support and motivate them throughout their Phone: (573)596-0131 ext 6-3968 Wolverine tours. Cell: (573)433-1671 We will act responsibly with the financial assets and E-mail: resources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promise E-mail:,mil to use these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as a whole. Join us on Facebook! Battalion “Building Firm Foundations” FRSA Note Family Advocacy Program (FAP)The purpose of the FAP is to develop programs and initiatives to prevent spouse and child abuse and neglect, encourage reporting of all in-stances of abuse, ensure prompt assessment and investigation of all reports, provide safety for victims of abuse and provide support servicesand treatment for victims, family members and offenders. FAP supports soldiers and their families in managing personal and family problems.For soldiers involved in family violence FAP referral reduces risk, establishes safety limits, and provides treatment for victims and offenders.Respite care services are available to eligible military families that can assist with childcare fees up to 20 hours per month for each child inthe family. These families are usually experiencing stressors that may place children at risk for abuse.For further information call 573-596-0212. The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.