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Meisystem company presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Meisystem company presentation

  1. 1. November 2011
  2. 2. Here is our philosophy: innovating the workingprocess in the optical field, providing new solutionsthat allow the labs, lenses and frames manufacturersto increase their flexibility and production rate, bysimplifying the process and reducing productioncosts.
  3. 3. • Founded in 1985• In the beginning, Mei designed and provided customized machineries for factory automation and for electronically controlled multi axe machining.• In the ’90s the main Italian eyewear manufacturers asked the first industrial edger for solar lenses and masks• In 2002 the MonospheraRX-DD was born: the first milling technology industrial edger for ophthalmic lenses• Now the company is totally devoted to the Optical Industries
  4. 4. Headquarter in Valbrembo (Italy).Department: Management, Production, R&D, TechnicalAssistance, Accountancy, Purchasing, Sales &Marketing45 employees – 3.000 sq.m.Branches:• USA (Chicago): Technical Assistance, Sales8 employees• Hong Kong: Technical Assistance, Sales3 employees
  5. 5. Turnover: 2009: 9,8 mln € 2010: 13,5 mln € 2011: 19,9 mln €2520151050 2009 2010 2011
  6. 6. Sales x field: Eyewear20% Eyewear Ophthalmic80% Ophthalmic
  7. 7. Products portfolio:Sphera2PlusXL industrial edger, working 2 lenses or masks at any one time, with automatic loading systemSphera3 industrial edger, working 2 lenses at any one time – 4 spindles with automatic loading and unloading system3D Framer industrial milling edger for front frame
  8. 8. Figures:Nr. of machines:Sphera2Plus: 174Sphera3: 33D Framer: 8Nr. of clients: 42
  9. 9. Figures: EuropeMachine localizationEurope: 50% AmericaAmerica: 23% AsiaAsia: 27%
  10. 10. Products portfolio:Mei641 manual loading edger, working 1 lens x cycleMei641auto automatic loading edger, working 1 lens x cycleBisphera-XDD automatic loading edger, working 2 lenses x cycleDoubler-XDD automatic loading edger, working 2 lenses x cycleMB01 blocker manual blockerEZ Marker CO2 laser for invisible and visible marks
  11. 11. Figures:Nr. of machines:MonospheraRX-DD: 76Mei641 / Mei641auto: 95Bisphera-XDD / Doubler-XDD: 154Nr. of clients: 130
  12. 12. Figures: North America SouthMachine localization AmericaNorth America: 55%South America: 4% EuropeEurope: 34%Middle East: 2% Middle EastAsia/Oceania: 5% Asia/Oceania
  13. 13. Increasing Production: thanks to the milling technology Meiedgers have the best cycle time.Reducing cost: the production rate and the accuracy (no need torework the lens manually, no rotation or damages in coated lens) givethe best cost x lensIncreasing Flexibility: thanks to the milling technology all Meiedgers have the flexibility to edge any standard job as well as specialand sport jobs
  14. 14. Long term investment: updating the software you catch up withthe optical fashion trend, reliability due to the industrial design.Easy to use: OMA standard protocol allows connection with themost common software and devices.
  15. 15. Continuative investment in R&D allows topropose new solutions to ourclients, simplifying the process and reducingproduction costs (see TBA Unit)
  16. 16. Thanks for your attention!November 2011