An Anthology Interlude - The Grand Tour


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An Anthology Interlude - The Grand Tour

  1. 1. Anthology Interlude A Tour
  2. 2. Welcome to the guided tour of the Anthology Estate, I am Meialin and I shall be your guide this evening. Fictional Anthology bought this piece of land with nothing to his name over fifty years ago, from humble beginnings his legacy grew in strength to the estate you see now. Tragedy struck this family in the form of the current Mr Anthology's sisters tragic death. The elegant design of the house as you see it now is dedicated to her tastes. Lets proceed.
  3. 3. We are now standing in the Great Hall, this grand entrance looks out on a hand carved fountain. The fountain was commissioned by Fictional Anthology in memory of his beloved daughter, if you look closely you can see her face carved into the center piece of the fountain with the inscription ' Never thee stop believing in the Big Good Thing and knowing the world's full of it...The Magic' All the doors coming off the hall are Stain Glass with Walnut frames allowing light from each room to illuminate the hallway. To your left is the Library lets take a closer look.
  4. 4. The library, thus named for the extensive collection of works accumulated by twins Colin and Mary. The size of the room is more akin to that of a private study however. As neither Fictional nor Jan are strong readers this room was designed and crafted by Colin Anthology the current Lord of the manor. The library is modeled off the grand library at Academie Le Tour where Mr Anthology spent many hours devoted to his education. Previous family photographs show that the wall paper donning the the walls is the same paper previously adopted by the founders for their hallway. The eastern wall with its built in floor to ceiling bookcase contains the collections of two generations from gothic fiction to gardening manuals. The varied interests of the family ensures that there is always at least one book on any given subject.
  5. 5. As we walk through the library we come to Jan's art studio. This studio houses some of the works that appear in galleries across the country. The ivy print wallpaper was chosen to compliment the theme of natural serenity, portrayed in Jan's latest project. The family portraits were all painted on the first easel Fictional bought for his wife as a wedding present. That easel is the same one we see here.
  6. 6. Now we come to the family room, the spacious design was inspired by the personalities of the founding couple. Fictional and Jan are known in their community as trusting and open with neighbours, friends and business owners. Despite their wealth Jan and Fictional have remained close to their simple tastes and roots, many of the rooms in the house reflect this temperament with clean walls and hardwood floors. The whole room is focused on the central rug. This rug is a family heirloom, inherited from Fictional's grandfather on his coming of age. Little is known of the Anthology family before Fictional, unfortunately records don't reveal much detail about his parent but they do show the date of purchase of this estate.
  7. 7. As we come back into the great hall, we come to the Dining Room. The floor length windows facing onto a view of Anthologia and the sea. Fictional started a tradition of buying fresh roses for his wife everyday from the day they rekindled their romance, that tradition is as strong as ever with the Roses taking center place on the dining table. A royal blue rug frames the table setting the tone of calm and serenity with cool rich colours, this aura is complimented natural light allowing for elegant dining from Breakfast through to five course dinner parties.
  8. 8. The dining room is adjoined by the kitchen, separated by an oak archway. The country style counters are homage to the humble roots from which the family came. The kitchen has Italian marble flooring and rich tiled walls. The kitchen and southern wing are undergoing renovation as Colin moves back into the home and establishes himself as the head of the household. The east windows look out onto the kitchen garden where the Mrs Anthologys grow fresh vegetables. The gardens are a particular favourite of Jan as she and her late daughter tended the gardens constantly.
  9. 9. Having seen the principle rooms on the ground floor Let us now proceed to the first floor. The furnished rooms you see here are the current resident bedrooms. If you will follow me we shall enter the master bedroom, seen here in the northern wing.
  10. 10. The romantic tradition of presenting roses to ones spouse has been passed to Colin Anthology, following the example of the happy marriage of his parents. The roses you see here are a homage to that marriage and a dedication of undying love for Sandy. Victorian style wallpaper lends a feminine touch to a sand colour scheme. The theme of this room is demonstrated by smooth lines and maple wood features. The room is sparsely decorated as the future Mrs Colin Anthology is yet to establish herself in her new station. Through the red wood door we have the ensuite, if you will follow me.
  11. 11. This quaint room holds every possible convenience a person would desire. Natural light streams in in the mornings allowing for a warm glow to fill the room. The floors were recently stripped to reveal the natural grain. The ensuite is one of three bathrooms in the house, catering specifically to the master bedroom. The main bathroom across the hall we shall go to shortly, with the third just off the grand hall. A simple facility available for the convenience of visitors.
  12. 12. Designed for comfort and convenience, the nursery doubles as a play room for future generations. The doll house you see in the corner was custom made for the family to celebrate the nuptials of Colin and Sandy. The nursery is one of two bedrooms reserved for the offspring of the Anthologys with the North Wing being constructed adjacent to the nursery.
  13. 13. As we come across the landing we come to Fictional's pride and joy, the great bathroom. From the marble bath and toilet, to the welsh slate floor each item in this room was hand selected to complete his desires. The family have enjoyed many relaxing experiences in this room with luxurious bubble baths and pirate adventures for the fun loving sims. The mirror you see here is an original piece from the first house, having once taken pride of place in the hall it now sits here.
  14. 14. We now come to the last room on our tour. This is the elder sims bedroom, adjacent to the main bathroom. The founding couple have come a long way from the humble beginnings of a small hut on a large plot of land to the grand estate we have just had the pleasure of viewing here today. In accordance with the design of the principle rooms in the house the rustic flooring and furniture reflects the beginning of the couples life together, complementing their tastes and heritage in one flawless motion.
  15. 15. This is the end of our tour, feel free to pet the penguin as you leave. I recommend taking a tour of downtown whilst your here. I have been Meialin and this has been the home of the founding family of Anthologia.