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Bdi mei-lee-013013-final

  1. 1. Case Study:Video Content for SocialMedia RankingsMei Lee Twitter: @himeileeBDI Search and Social Leadership Forum PresentationNYU | January 30, 2013 Twitter: @himeilee
  2. 2. What Is Video Content Marketing “Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” ~ WikipediaSocial Media Platforms:Search Engines:Content Sharing Tools:Syndication Partners: Twitter: @himeilee
  3. 3. How Videos Feed Into Social MediaYouTubeVideos•  800 millionmonthly UVs•  4 billionhours of videoconsumptionper month•  500 years ofvideo watcheddaily onFacebook•  700+ videosshared onTwitter eachminute Twitter: @himeilee
  4. 4. How Videos Feed Into Social MediaTwitter Videos•  Twitter does not hostvideo files•  Direct post of videoURL on• (“Twitter forvideo”) organize videosinto collectionsregardless of source Twitter: @himeilee
  5. 5. How Videos Feed Into Social MediaPinterest Videos•  Online pinboardto organize andshare your favoritevideos (endlessly)•  Like, Tweet,Embed, Repin,Comment Twitter: @himeilee
  6. 6. Case Study: Gangnam StyleIf you still don’t get why video is the NEW “big deal” in marketing… L ET ME SH OW YOU Twitter: @himeilee
  7. 7. First Video In Internet History To Be Viewed More Than A Billion TimesVideos often drive the highest socialengagement out of all media types Twitter: @himeilee
  8. 8. A Search For “Gangnam Style”"   YouTube: 492,000 video results"   Google: 395,000,000 search results"   Bing: 4,460,000 search results" Facebook: endless public posts and pages"   Twitter: endless scrolls of tweets" Pinterest: endless scrolls of pins Twitter: @himeilee
  9. 9. Twitter: @himeilee
  10. 10. Video Optimization Basics"   Video Asset Tagging "   File name "   Title "   Tags "   URL "   Link text"   Video Transcript"   Video Feeds To Search Engines"   Video Syndication To Social Media Platforms "   Distribution to video-sharing sites as well as social media sites "   Link building with other videos in blog posts and relevant web pages (embed)"   Video Advertising "   Drive call-to-actions (like, share, subscribe, comment) Twitter: @himeilee
  11. 11. Key Takeaways"   Video is the King in content as we continue shifting from a static Web to a dynamic digital ecosystem"   Video gives you instant feedback to optimize your strategy"   Video drives traffic to site and increases social media rankings through a higher level of user engagement Don’t get left behind without a video presence across key search engines and social media platforms! Twitter: @himeilee