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Prophet suleiman nashita 9 g1


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Prophet suleiman nashita 9 g1

  1. 1. The Greatest Prophet KingPROPHET SULEIMAN (PBUH)
  2. 2. Solomon inherited Davids prophethood and dominion.After his fathers death, Solomon became king. He begged Allah for a kingdom such as none after him would have, and Allah grantedhis wish. Besides wisdom, Allah had blessed Solomon with many abilities. He could command the winds and understand and talk tobirds and animals. Allah directed him to teach both men and jinns to mine the earth and extract its minerals to make tools andweapons. He also favored him with a mine of copper, which was a rare metal in those days.SULEIMAN’S INHERITANCE
  4. 4. And indeed We gave knowledge to David and Solomon, and they both said: "All the praises and thanks be to Allah, Who haspreferred us above many of His believing slaves!"And Solomon inherited (the knowledge of) David. He said: "O mankind! We have been taught the language of birds, and onus have been bestowed all things. This, verily, is an evident grace (from Allah)."And there were gathered before Solomon his hosts of jinns and men, and birds, and they were all set in battle order(marching forwards).(Ch 27:15-17 Quran).SOLOMON AND ALLAHSBOUNTIES
  5. 5. And indeed We gave knowledge to David and Solomon, and they both said: "All the praisesand thanks be to Allah, Who has preferred us above many of His believing slaves!"PROPHET SULEIMANS WISDOMProphet Muhammad (saw) said, “There were twowomen, each had her child with her. A wolf came and tookaway the child of one of them. One woman said to hercompanion: „The wolf has taken your son.‟ The other said: „Ithas taken your son.‟ So both of them took the dispute toProphet Dawud (David) (alaihis salam) who judged that theboy should be given to the older lady. Then they went toProphet Suleiman (Solomon) (alaihis salam), son ofDawud, and put the case before him. Prophet Suleiman said:„Give me a knife so that I may cut the child into two and giveone half to each of you.‟ The younger woman said: „Do notdo so; may Allah bless you! He is her child.‟ On that ProphetSuleiman decided the case in favor of the younger woman.”[Sahih Bukhari Hadith]
  6. 6. And Solomon inherited (the knowledge of) David. He said: "O mankind! We have been taught thelanguage of birds, and on us have been bestowed all things. This, verily, is an evident grace (from Allah)."LANGUAGE OF BIRDS
The Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) was gifted withthe knowledge of understanding the speech of birds, animalsand insects. He was also capable to talk to them.God taught Prophet Solomon (pbuh) to speak the language ofbirds, and because of this, he formed an army squadroncomposed of birds. Thus, he established a relationship withthem that allowed him to command them as he wished. Fullyaware that this ability was the result of Allahs mercy, heexplained to his people that this knowledge came from Allahand was not the result of his own effort. In this way, he clearlyexpressed his submission to, and need for, Allah.

The Prophet Suleiman (peace be upon him) inheritedmany virtues from his illustrious father. He wasendowed with special gifts. Wind was madesubservient to him and he could easily perform longjourney in the twinkling of an eye. The Holy Quranaffirms:"And (We made) the wind subservient to Suleimanwhereof the morning course was a monthsjourney and the course a months journey." (54:12)"So We subjected the wind to his power, settingfair by his command withersoever he intended"(38:36)"And unto Suleiman We subdued the wind in itsraging. It flows by his order towards the landwhich We had blessed And of every thing We areaware." (21:81) 

  8. 8. And there were gathered before Solomon his hosts of jinns and men, and birds, andthey were all set in battle order (marching forwards).JINNS ARE SUBDUED TO HIM
He was also given the power over Jinns and Devils. He utilized them in his service. Theycarried out his orders ungrudgingly and were punished when they became refractory TheHoly Quran affirms:034.013 They worked for him as he desired, (making) arches, images, basons aslarge 
as reservoirs, and (cooking) cauldrons fixed (in their places): "Work ye, sonsof David, with thanks! but few of My servants are grateful!”It is stated that the Jinns were subjugated to the Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) tohelp him in the construction of the Holy Temple - Baitul Muqaddas (Masjid Aqsa).
  10. 10. The area which now comprises Yemen and is known as Saba wasruled by a queen. It was a prosperous kingdom. The queenenabled its people to attain a high degree of civilisation. One dayHud informed the Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) of theflourishing kingdom of Saba. It said:"The ruler of Saba is the queen upon whom, God has bestowedHis unlimited favours. Her throne is magnificent. She isdepraved. The inhabitants of her kingdom worship the sun and themoon. They do not make obeisance to Allah and refrain fromthanking Him Who has created all these objects."Sulaiman, the Prophet of Allah and the King wrote a letter andhanded over to Hud to be conveyed to the queen of Saba. Hewarned her not to be arrogant of her power. He advised her tosubmit to God and abide by His Commandments. The queen readthis letter and was much puzzled. As she was a prudent lady, shecalled her chiefs and sought their counsels. Some proud chiefssuggested to fight tooth and nail against the Prophet Sulaiman(peace be upon him) whereas the others left the matter for her todecide. The Holy Quran says:She said: O chiefs! Advise me in this affair for I neverdecide an affair until you are in my presence. They said: Weare endowed with strength and ale possessors of mightypowers but the command is thine. Therefore see what youwill command." (27:29-33)THE QUEEN OF SHEBA
  11. 11. The queen did not like to embroil her country into war because it would causedestruction. She thought of a plan and arranged for precious gifts for themonarch. She planned to germinate cordial relations and pacify her warlike subjectsby using this device. But wealth had no value for the Prophet Sulaiman (peace beupon him). He was annoyed at the delivery of the presents. He returned them withharsh words and said to the messenger:"I do not hanker after wealth. I, therefore, attach no importance to there Costlygifts. I wish that the queen and his followers should submit to God and follow thetrue faith. I shall invade your country if the queen does not come to me insubmission.After some time the King marched with an army and passed through the Valley ofAnts on his way to the kingdom of Saba. In the Valley he overheard the conversationamong the terrified ants who hurried towards their holes for fear of being crushedunder the feet of the marching army. The King was moved to pity and learnt thelesson to protect the life and honour of the humble creatures. He thought that thequeen and his people are just like humble ants. They should not be trampled upon andkilled to win Fame in the world. An account of this incident is related in the followingVerses:"At length when they came to a valley of ants, one of the ants said: 0 ants! Getinto your holes lest Sulaiman and his hosts crush you without knowingit. Thereupon he smiled at her speech and he said: 0 my Lord! So order thethat I may be grateful for Your favours which You have bestowed upon me andmy father and that I may work the righteousness that will please Thee andadmit me by Your grace into the ranks of Your righteous servants. (27: 18, 19)THE QUEEN OF SHEBA
  12. 12. The King did not proceed further because hedid not like the massacre which would resultin case of clash between two armies. His aimwas to reform the queen and the inhabitantsof Saba. He desired to bring them to the rightpath. He wished to save the depraved peoplefrom seduction.When the queen got wind of an expectedattack of the Prophet Sulaiman (peace beupon him) she proceeded towards him topatch up differences. When the King came toknow of her departure, he ordered one of theJinns to bring the magnificent throne of thequeen in the twinkling of an eye. Thecommand was obeyed immediately.THE QUEEN OF SHEBA
  13. 13. When the queen arrived at the court of ProphetSulaiman (peace be upon him) after a long journey, shewas asked to identify her throne. She recognised thethrone and said:"I am already aware of your power and majesty. I havecome to you as your submissive servant."The Holy Quran states:"So when she arrived she was asked: Is it yourthrone? She said: It was just like this and we weregiven the knowledge before it and we were alreadysubmissive and he diverted her from the worship ofothers besides Allah, for she was Sprung of a peoplethat have no faith." (7:4L, 43)THE QUEEN OF SHEBA
  14. 14. The queen was taken to the lofty palace. Its floorwas made of slabs of polished glass that deceivedthe eyes and looked like water. The queen tuckedup her shirt to pass through it. She was remindedthat that was not water. She then realised thatreality did not lay at the surface and it needed eyesto see. According to the Holy Quran she said:"O my Lord! I have indeed wronged myself; Ido submit with Sulaiman to the Lord of theWorlds." (27:45)The queen of Saba felt penitence and acceptedthe religion of God.THE QUEEN OF SHEBA
  16. 16. Once, while supervising the jinn atwork, prophet Suleiman (a.s)suddenly died and stayed in hissitting position for a long time. Noneof them knew of his death until aworm nibbled through the staff hewas leaning on, eating the lower partof it until it fell out of his hand, andhis body collapsed to the ground.The jinn then realised that only Allahknows the unknown.The Prophet Sulaiman (peace beupon him) ruled for thirty years. Hedied at the age of eighty-nineyears. After his death Rohoboam, hisson became a king. He led aluxurious life and yielded to pleasureseeking temptations. The peoplerevolted against him and soon theglorious chapter of the reign ofProphet Dawuds family came to anend.PROPHET SULEIMANS DEATH